” The setting is Beautiful , isn it Chisato ! ”

these were the last word my uncle said before he closed his for good sitting on his favourite armchair. He was the one who take care of me after I was released from the Prison & been abonded by my family so essentially with loosing him I lost my place in this World.

well first before dragging my inner monologue I should introduce myself no???

Name :- Misuki Chisato

Gender :- Male Age :- 35 year old

Hobby :- Manga , Novel, Anime [ no gaming bcZ no money (ب_ب) ]

Things I hate :- Living beings

thats my introduction in short, Today I am reading my favourite author new Light Novel first volume in a park , despite being late at night why I in a park ? well because after uncle died his son kicked me out , thats to be expected who will keep a criminal in his right mind , my uncle was a freak in his own right ….. but Midori ( uncles son duh ) is a good kid he gave me a pretty hefty sum ,well it is me so there is pretty good chance I will spend all his money in booze so sorry ಠ﹏ಠ .

Back to novel comparing to Author other works its genric huh! A powerfull Protagonist , his female counterpart being a Saintess from a lost bloodline , Antagonist with tearjerking backstory blah blah blah ….. Hey but there is no magic, hey author if you are doing a fantasy novel then magic is important you know ?? pretty much only things female lead do in fantasy story is heal Male lead , get cuptre by big bad villain to give our hero little bit of character development you know ? And here you are taking way half of her job ತ_ʖತ , if you are not going to include magic then why she is a pristess and she should be damsel distress not some freaking Daughter of a Marquise & if you are giving her a Nobel background then she should be a illegitimate child not a shining star in scripture…. ahh did I tell you about scriptures ??? probably not. They are not type the scriptures we Know they are the power system of this World of Warriors , Author describe it as a living beings but I am half way through the Book but when are they going to be alive???? oh back to female lead , what you thought my complain about her is over hehe naive, she set to marry Protagonist Big brother then she fell in love with protagonist!!!! What it this ntr ? netorare ? freaking NETORARE????????????? b*cth sl*t isn this supposed to be PG13 ?….. but well I understand Lil bro is better option so can be helped but as a fellow person who got ntred I can feel your pain big bro & you never got a chance to settle the score dude {well technically you did but you can beat the overpower protagonist with your measly skill you can beat out protagonist} then died in the very first war dude …. sad didn survive half of the book .

And now I am going rant about protagonist, huh ? you thought I am finished? hehe naive ୧(^ 〰 ^)୨ …. so where were

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