Forbidden Day

a forbiden day love

Due to the panic in the village, many people decided to leave the village, some women returned to their parents villages and some men remained single. My nephew, listen to me, pull my ears and open them wide. Given the condition of the village no brave man went to look at what had landed on the ground after the rumble of thunder. the village made 3 months without noise the men did not go hunting and the women did not go fishing nor the children in the bush nor in the river to wash themselves. for 3 months there was no more days nor night all the days were dark without a noise of animal in the corners. My nephew even the rain did not fall any more nor the sun nor the wind nor the songs of the birds nor the noise of the rivers everything was quiet as in a morgue. But great aunt, you still haven told me what your story has to do with the woman and her baby in the moon. My son, calm down and let me explain step by step.

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