Forbidden Day

forbiden decision

I was young, younger than that when I saw many people living love and enjoying it and everything seemed to be magical and supperbe when I saw couples always tight between them. one day in a very beautiful morning with the songs of the birds where the sky was more blue than these other days the nature lived and the vend was blowing everywhere. I saw a beautiful woman full of beauty and charisma and above all with a look full of ambition. I threw myself towards her and when our eyes met I found it difficult to talk to her. I told myself that I was in a dream where everything seemed to be true around me. I was in a dream where everything around me seemed to be real. With love for her I ran towards her but when I got to her I lost the use of my mouth. as time went by my heart filled with love for her oh oh because I didn know it was the forbidden day. one morning I woke up and stood at the path where the beautiful woman often passes to wait to see her hips move and to see the movement of her feet because for me it had become a crisis and a real dream. One day I was walking by and I didn plan to meet her on the way, she came out of the shop and we met at the door when my face hit her chest and I found myself standing still like a robot and she smiled and said sorry sir, have a nice day. The fact that she had spoken to me made me feel happy and I thought she had seen me and spoken to me and it was like a victory.

to be continued…

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