Forbidden Day

forbiden decision2

one morning on my way from the market i always passed the young woman with the face of an angel my heart was full of love for this woman seeing her all the time filled me with hope and peace. one day i went to greet her saying hello lovely lady i see you often every morning when i pass by its been a month already that my heart overflows for you an overflow of love and full of happiness just by seeing your smile. the lady still didn answer my words but i was so caught up in her unanswered action. she still smiled and closed the door. i felt bad as if i was not good for her but i still had a voice telling me to be brave. one saturday morning after dreaming about her everything was hopeful in my heart my walk my joy and even my words. when i arrived at her door i knocked once and then twice but she didn open the door. all of a sudden i went to the window and she was in her underwear lying on her bed and i could see her beautiful body which was soft and my hands were shaking and my body was in a hurry to squeeze the body of the young lady. all of a sudden she turned around and looked at me through the window admiring her and she covered her sheet and smiled.

and then she got up and went to the door i ran to the door and she opened the door and a beautiful scent of her body invaded my nostrils and i asked her why don you answer my words what do you think they are lame. she looked at me smiling and gestured for me to come in and sit down without saying a word with her pretty and cute mouth. I sat down and still asked the question why don you talk you just smile or do you think Im no good for you the young lady shed a tear and I started to wipe the tear from her face she grabbed my hand and her palm was so soft I could hardly pull my hand away. and she got up and went to get a diary that was in her chest and gave it to me without saying a word but I was really overwhelmed by the fact that she didn say anything and I got up to leave and then she held my hand and waved at me saying open the diary I looked at the diary and what I saw on the first page touched my heart and it made me sad and made me love her even more let me tell you what is written in that diary

to be continued

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