Rieka Varon PoV:

Its a gorgeous, clear Sunday morning. I was always the last member of my family to get out of bed. Because of how things are, I really value the rest I am getting because you never know when your next sound sleep will come.Ah, I see now that you are unfamiliar with me. Rieka is my name. Im a 25-year-old college student right now. My older brother Ethan is a little older than I am and definitely more obnoxious than I am. Out of everyone, he has the largest ego and is self-absorbed. Lets just say that we don get along very well. Would we die for one more.I would definitely give it some thought. He believes he will obstruct our Fathers path. The leader of our pack is our father. To avoid any confusion, yes, we are werewolves. Imaginary, huh? But don worry, we are completely harmless—well, except for vampires. Yes, they do exist. My family moved to this lovely country side, a bit outside the city near the forest because it appears that there haven been any vampires in the area of our city in decades. However, we remain available to defend the populace if necessary. Returning to my family My father Takoda, who is our Alpha and, most importantly, our guardian, is next in line. He was, at least. He became ill after aiding our relatives in a foreign country years ago. He was cut with a poisend knife by someone. Vampires are naive. Since that incident, especially, I detest them with all of my being. He is getting weaker every day, which means his time is drawing near, leaving me to take over as the next Alpha. We never found a cure, and it doesn get any easier. Since his ego is already on cloud nine, my brother doesn know, but he also doesn care about our father. Ethan is only holding out for his final breath in the hopes that he would succeed as the alpha and then be given the go-ahead to hunt the vampires down in the sake of vengeance. My mother and I long ago gave up on my brother. It broke her heart, but she chose to focus her efforts on my father rather than some ungrateful son who can even show her the courtesy she deserves. My mother Adira, the best comes last. She is our familys soul. She always looks after everyone in the family and is well-known in the city for her childishness and supportive demeanor. She is, without a doubt, the best mother I could ask for.

”Rieka, come down here for breakfast! ” Oh, no. Okay, I forgot to mention that she can be a fiery woman if she so desires. Even more so if you ignore her the first time. I get out of bed and put on some baggy shorts and a sports bra, then a shirt. The aroma of freshly made pancakes fills my nose as I descend the stairs. As I walk into the kitchen, I see my father sitting at the table and my brother stuffing his face with pancakes and fruits. I just roll my eyes at him before walking over to my father and kissing him on the cheek and saying a quick good morning. As I approach the kitchen, I do the same to my moth

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