Abigail let out a sigh of relief. She recoiled her spine and lowered her shoulders. Could it be that its only all in her head? Her imagination was running wild to think that he would attack her.

”Youve gotten skinnier. ”

The statement held no emotion nor sympathy. It just sounded like a comment. She may have lost a few pounds but she had always been a skinny frail girl with long wavy hair. Her pearly white skin was even mistaken for being pale and sick.

”Im sorry? ”

On the top drawer of the island, he took his tie, rolled it up, and neatly placed it in. He batted his luscious lashes and looked at her with the same expression. The coldness and emptiness of his eyes made her question everything she was doing from her words to her breathing pattern.

Without ever leaving eye contact, he started to remove his outer jacket and placed it on the island. Then, he attempted to unbutton his white collared shirt. She saw a glimpse of his rock-hard chest of bronzed caramel skin that looked like it had been in the sun. Suddenly, there was a flash of ripped abs.

”Wh–what are you doing? ” Abigail muttered and looked away. She was still cornered in the back of the room.

”Are you questioning why Im changing in my own closet? ”

”I– ” She hated how he could turn everything she said against her.

There was a short silence that made her body start to heat up. From the corners of her eyes, she saw him tear open his shirt, exposing his flawless torso of defined muscles. She didn want to see more than what she already did and turned her whole body around to face the corner.

”You are welcome to leave at any moment, ” Lucass deep voice still held no emotions.

As soon as Abigail heard this, she bolted for the door and didn even bother to retrieve the rack. She raced out of there, still in fear that he might be right behind her. It took her a full minute to make it out of the left-wing and only then did she feel safe. The amazing thing about being in this giant castle was that she could easily pick a room and hide herself in. Her back was against the wall in a small office room on the first floor.

Her body temperature was hot and her heart was racing faster and faster. She felt lightheaded and her mouth was parched. She was telling herself not to panic over and over. Her eyes were closed as she took deep breaths consecutively. Heat crawled up her neck and blushed her cheeks. It took her a few minutes but she managed to calm herself from shaking. She decided to stay in that room for a while until her heartbeat was reduced back to normal.

When she felt like shed had enough time to herself, she brought herself out and thats when her pager went off. She took it out and there was a small message to attend the meeting with the chefs she was supposed to have two days prior. The meeting was rescheduled and its crucial that it must happen.

The meeting lasted all afternoon and felt like it took forever. The large kitchen staff consisted of seven Michelin-star chefs. Each chef had their own team but they all worked together to prepare the hundreds of fine dining dishes for the wedding.

She went over many of the details to make sure everything was as perfect as can be.

Its fair to say that ever since Abigails mother passed away, she was the acting Head of Housekeeping. Despite her young age, everyone in the Manor listened and catered to her every need. Abigail did work hard to earn that respect, however. She learned everything that had to be done diligently. During the day, she attended the academy, and then in the evening, she would finish her schoolwork as quickly as possible before studying the housekeeping book record. She would ask the maids, chefs, groundskeepers, and even her Father the duties as Head of Housekeeping.

Abigail barely had memories of her mother and if not for pictures, she wouldve forgotten what she looked like. Everyone also knew that Mr. Barrington doted on Abigail ever since she was a little girl, giving her the nickname Missy. The Barringtons hadn had a daughter in the last five generations, making her the closest one they could ever have. Maybe that was why she was specially treated with favor.

A blue notebook was closed with a thud and Abigail stood up. She stretched from her seat, followed by the sound of chairs pulled apart.

”We will do our very best, Missy, ” Chef Brian nodded with a quick smile.

Abigail thanked all the chefs for their time and effort and adjourned the meeting. She was the last one to leave the room but not before bumping into her brother on the way out.

”Damn it, Abigail. I was looking for you everywhere! ”

Abigail saw a hint of terror in his eyes but it was lifted as soon as he saw her. He was out of breath and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

”For what? Did something happen? ”

He composed his body and this time, shrugged his shoulders as if he wasn in a frenzy just now.

”Nothing. Claire sent you pictures of her dress but you didn answer. So I texted you, but you didn reply. I just wanted to know where you were. ”

Almost immediately, she felt around herself and realized that her phone wasn with her. Beckoning her brother to come inside, they searched every seat in the room until the chairs were pulled out and the floor empty. Whats left was overturning the table.

”Call it, ” she requested.

He dialed her number and put the phone to his ear. They waited to hear the ring but were disappointed by the silent air.

Her shoulders slouched. Her eyes ran back and forth, tracing her steps from today in her head. Losing a phone in a house this big would take days to recover. Where could she have put it?

”Abigail? ” Johns voice changed into a soft tone.

She looked up, surprised at the unexpected mood change.

”You know the Young Masters returning? ”

Her eyes broke contact and naturally trailed down at the mention of his name. She nodded her head. There was a small moment of silence.

”Are you in distress? ”

”Of course not, ” Abigail choked. She forced a smile. ”Its understandable why he should be back. Naturally, hell be there to congratulate you. ”

John snorted sarcastically. ”I would very much prefer his absence if I could. But we can go against the wishes of Mr. Barrington. Hes our benefactor in every way we look at it. ”

Abigail nodded. That much was a fact. Mr. Barrington had paid for Johns higher studies, which was the most expensive private institution in the whole country. Even now, he was already asking her whichever university she wanted to go to after she graduates this year, he will fully pay for it.

”Hey, ” John muttered. One side of his lips pulled up into a warm smile. ”Youll be alright. ”

She looked at him with crossed brows and grinned back. ”Of course. Why wouldn I? ”

”Because you lost your phone already. ”

She bit her bottom lip to prevent herself from the embarrassment.

”I saw that eye roll, by the way, ” John joked.

”Im going to excuse myself from talking with your annoying self, and go find my phone so I can look at Claires dress. ”

This time, she exaggerated the eye roll with her whole head and left. Abigail retraced her steps and fortunately, she didn do much today. The next stop after the small, secluded office was literally Lucass living quarters.

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