The void is filled with darkness but also light. Constantly traveling over thousands of light years just to reach a planet and be seen! At this moment all Jake could see was these little specks of light as he is pulled towards the sun.

”Damnit. Damnit. DAMNIT! How can I be so unlucky to be thrown towards the sun instead of another **ing planet! Out of all the possible outcomes I get thrown into the worst one! Damnit! ”

His thoughts where all over the place, after all he was just thrown off earth with its detonation and instead of going off towards Mars or Saturn he was thrown towards the sun! If Mercury or Venus hadn been the first planets to detonate then maybe he would have had some hope! Now all he has is despair as he inches closer to the worst pain he is going to feel in his entire life.

”Lets look at the bright side! Maybe my body will get a lot stronger once it adjusts to the sun! Then maybe I won have to worry about the fire… ahh who am I kidding. I would still need to worry about being on the Sun itself. I will have to spend so much time just sitting on the Sun waiting for it to explode just to get a chance to leave! ”

He sighed to himself even though none of his words could be heard out in the vacuum of space he still went through his thoughts thinking back at the time of his wish.


”What is this?

Jake had been holding a weird ring, he looked at it carefully as it had the image of some kind of actor/spokesperson on it showing a sign saying ”spin to win! ” Of course he didn believe anything was going to happen as he grabbed the ring and spun it on a table close by. To his surprise something did happen! A dark mist filled the room as a devilishly handsome man appeared sitting on the table in front of him!

”W-who are you! How did you get into my house! ”

Jake yelled out as he fell back onto his ass looking at the man sitting there.

”I have many names! Some call me a genie others call me Satan but you can call me Lucifer~! Its a pleasure to meet you Jake! Ive been dying to see what your wish will be! ”

The handsome male quickly pulled out a card and threw it in front of Jake before a transparent screen appeared in front of him. A keyboard underneath as the words ”type your wish here ” blinks across the screen.

”W-what! Lucifer!? As in the devil! Why would I ever make a wish to you! Wouldn you just take my soul in return! ”

Jake quickly backed up only to find his back hitting a transparent wall leaving him no room to get away.

”Now now Jake don be like that~ I won be taking anything from you! The ring you just spun is very special you see~ once you do what it says I am forced to give you one wish. You can thank your ancestors for that. Anyways make your wish~ if

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