The matriarch soon stood up from the throne slowly walking down the steps with elegant movements before standing before Jake with a indifferent expression on her face.

Matriarch: ”Tell me who you are, how you got here, and what do you seek in my herb garden. ”

She had a tone as if she wasn playing games with him. A demanding tone befitting a leader as her blue eyes looked directly into his own.

Jake: ”My name is Jake, I don know how I ended up in your garden, and I don want anything from your garden. Actually what I want is this plant pulled out of my body. ”

He had no reason to lie, he honestly didn see a point in digging a deeper hole for himself so he was honest with her.

Once she heard his words the look in her eyes slightly flickered for a second as she looked him up and down. He was skinny to the point of basically being skin and bones, his eyes where green, while his hair was red. At first glance with his current appearance he looked like a beggar who has been starved for a very long time. At a second glance anyone with a keen eye could tell that he would be a very handsome man if he didn look like a walking corpse at the moment.

Matriarch: You don seem to be lying. At least you have no point to lie to me, if you did I would have cut your head off where you stood. Since you want to be honest with me then Ill give you 2 choices. The first one is to join my sect or at least attempt to. The second is to leave the walls of my sect and find another place that will accept a starving mortal. Before you answer let me take care of this! ”

He couldn see a thing. Her movements where way to quick to even react to as she grabbed the stem of the Yang Flower and forcibly ripped it out of Jakes body. At first he didn feel anything but with the large pull he could feel the roots that where deep inside his body along with his veins suddenly ripping out of his body. Strangely enough there was no blood, instead it seems to have been stopped from leaving the body with some kind of weird energy. That didn stop the pain though.

Jake: ”OMG!!! Holy shit!!! Damnit that hurts!!!! AHHH!!! ”

He couldn help but fall to his knees holding his side as he spasms on the ground gritting his teeth as his whole body shudders from the feeling of his veins slowly reforming inside his body as he laid there like a corpse with no bones for a minute or two.

Matriarch: ”Whoops… looks like I was a little to impatient and ended up ending your life. Oh well hope you have a more exciting after life ”

She soon turned around as the ring on her finger flashed, a jade box appearing out of thin air as the Yang Flower was quickly placed inside.

Jake slowly began to scream less and less as the pain faded before finally his body was back to normal. He quickly stood up a little dizzy as he looked over to the matriarch.

Jake: ”Is that really how you are supposed to treat someone you just met? If I didn have my own methods I would have died just now. I don even know your name yet and you
e already trying to kill me? ”

He quickly began to whip off the sweat from his face while waiting for her reply.

To his surprise she turned around quickly and looked at him with a surprised look in her eyes. She was honestly shocked at how someone could survive after having their veins torn out. That was until this blue energy started to form in front of her eyes giving her a even bigger shock then the last.

Matriarch: ”H-How!? How are you still alive! First your veins where torn out of your body but I can barely even look at your body with my [Spirit Eyes]! Every time I look at you its as if I am staring straight into the sun! How do you have so much Yang energy and still be alive! You should have blown up or turned to dust ages ago! ”

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