100 Points Physique

Zhonghai City, Longyang County.

As the top three top-tier cities in China and a well-known international metropolis, Zhonghai City is located at the estuary of the sea, backed by the vast inland, facing the sea, where countless trade ships gather here, making it a top city in the world.

Therefore, in the county under the jurisdiction of Zhonghai City, everyone always wants to come and live the colourful city life in Zhonghai City eventually settling in.

Even though all the temptations of city life, the people who stay in Longyang County are all crooked melons, unwilling to leave, they belong to the category of people who eat and wait to die, devoid of any life aspirations and dreams.

15th February, Zhicai High School, Grade 12- Class 14, mock exam.

”Student Li Yun, wake up! ”

The invigilator, who was also the physics teacher of Class 14, knocked on the desk of a boy who was sleeping on the desk with a helpless expression.

The 3rd semester of high school just started, and the school organized a school mock exam, the purpose was to let students enter the state of preparation for the college entrance examination as soon as possible.

Of course, the mock exam seemed to be nothing to do with class 14. Class 14 was the weakest in the whole Grade 12. It consisted of a bunch of students who suffered poor grades and the school had given up on them long ago. What was expected of the students from class 14 was to get minimum marks to get High school Diplomas. They were warned to not cause any trouble during the period and to behave until the college entrance examination.

However, Li Yun was audacious enough to nod off on his desk during the exam.

Physics teacher could safely overlook those who crane their necks and want to peek at other peoples answers because this classroom was full of poor students and they couldn copy them if they wanted to.

But if the Chief Invigilator were to come across a sleeping examinee, then he would definitely be get scolded and warned against his careless inspecting.

”Student Li Yun! ”

Nudged by the teacher, Li Yun finally woke up, rubbed his eyes, stretched himself and yawned.

The physics teachers eyelids twitched furiously. This student was not bad in appearance. He was 1.78 meters(511 ”) tall, had good facial features and a well-proportioned body. It belonged to the level that girls would look more at when walking on the road.

However, his lazy conduct had marred his otherwise dashing persona.

”Teacher ”

Li Yun nodded at him drowsily, to covey that he had already woken up.

The teacher snorted and said, ” Take the test properly. ” and then continued to patrol with his hands on his back.

He didn ask Li Yun to get a passing score, which was simply impossible for the poor class students. They would have at most two or three multiple-choice questions, and a double-digit score was considered a high reputation for Class 14 students.

Li Yun could tell what the teacher meant and he had no other choice but to behave accordingly.

Li Yun grew up in an orphanage, and when he was 6 years old, he was taken in by a kindhearted elderly man.

Also taken in with him, was another person whom Li Yun attaches great importance, and also his god-sister, Li Feng.

The old man passed away a few years ago, leaving Li Yun and Li Feng, as well as his two granddaughters. A family of four was facing distressing economic problems. Li Yun had to carry over the responsibility of supporting the family and choose to work part-time to earn living expenses and tuition.

Therefore, Li Yun had nothing to do with this indefinite physics multiple-choice question in the test paper and was in no way capable of answering.

”Three shorts and one short election are the shortest, and three shorts and one long election are the longest. ” Li Yun said silently, ”Its you, I choose D ”

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the God-level selection system. The system is initiating…1%…100%, and the binding is successful]

What? system?

He picked a D in the MCQ exam and got a system?

Li Yun frowned, wondering if he had a hallucination. Nothing happened next, Li Yun gave a wry smile, there is no system in the novel in the world. He should continue to do the problems.

”As shown in Figure a, a lightweight spring…A: When the object is separated from the spring…B: The spring stiffness coefficient is 7.5Ncm… ”

Seeing this indefinite physics problem with an exploding difficulty, Li Yun frowned.

The so-called indefinite multiple-choice questions are that there are multiple correct answers in the answer. All the correct answers get 6 points, the correct but incomplete choices get 3 points, and the wrong choices get 0 points.

Therefore, multiple-choice questions in physics were the most difficult in theory.

At this time…

[Ding, triggered the option event, host please choose between these options]

Option 1: Write nothing, no reward.

Option 2: Write the correct answers A and B on the test paper, and get two novice gift packs as a reward]

”Goodness, This System is for real? ”

Li Yun opened his mouth wide in shock, his heart beating wildly.

There was really a system in the world, and it was bound to him.

In this way, he would soon become the CEO, marry Bai Fumei, and let his sister and twin sisters live a happy life and reach the pinnacle of life.

”Student Li Yun, concentrate on doing the problems ” The physics teacher frowned slightly. Is this student stupid?, he thought.

”Yes ”, Li Yun replied in a loud voice, making the boring classmates in the classroom look sideways.

”What is he doing? ”

”I think he is crazy, right? ”

”Hehe, Im absolutely sure, even his family is very poor. ”

Li Yun ignored the jeerings of those students who had bad relations with him and despised the discussions of his classmates. With the god-level selection system, he wanted these people to look at him with admiration!

”A and B ”

Li Yun carefully wrote down the answers on the test papers and made the choices given by the system.

[Ding, the host has made a choice, and the reward (novice gift package×2) has been issued, please check it]

Suddenly, two packages appeared in Li Yuns mind, and the two newbie gift bags had been stored in his inventory.

”Open the newbie gift package ” Li Yun chose to open it decisively. Whether he was hallucinating or not, depends on what the system rewarded him at this moment.

[Ding, the opening is successful. Congratulations to the host for acquiring all the subject knowledge from elementary school to high school]

In an instant, countless knowledge poured into Li Yuns brain.

From junior high school functions to high school collections, numbers, and derivation, from junior high school biological producers, consumers, etc., to high school biological cloning, platelets, hematopoietic stem cells, and so on.

Including all the knowledge of high school physics, Li Yun grasped everything in an instant.

Li Yun looked at the test paper in his hand again and almost came up with the answer to a fill-in-the-blank question in the blink of an eye.

”Oh my God! This system is amazing. ”

Li Yun was so excited that he temporarily put down the second novice gift package and tried his best to do the problem.

The three subjects of physics, biology, chemistry, and science and synthesis are assembled in one test paper. Li Yun had a headache before, and now he can get the answer with a glance and a little calculation.

Only the final finale made Li Yun think for a while.

”My God! Really? ”

The students around saw that Li Yuns whole spirit was refreshed, and he wrote on the test papers and drafts, just like those rich geniuses in school.

”I think its fake. Li Yuns poor family is going to jingle, and he still has to work at night, so how come he has time to study? ”

”Hehe, I can roll the dice too. ”

”Brother is awesome, move the test paper aside and show me too. ”

Everyone was whispering because of Li Yuns performance. The teacher frowned and glanced at Li Yun, motioning to stop the commotion in the classroom.

After the classroom quieted down, the physics teacher walked up to Li Yun. He didn believe that this student who could sleep in the examination room would write a comprehensive question.

”What? ”

Just one glance, the physics teachers eyes are almost staring, and they were all right?

While he was bored during the duration of inspecting the test, he roughly did a question in his mind and compared it with Li Yuns answer. The other partys answer turned out to be the same as his mental arithmetic answer.

”How is it possible… ” The physics teacher looked shocked, ”Is this student a genius, so he only got up for the exam after a nap? ”

Seeing the teachers expression, the students were dumbfounded. Did Li Yun do this topic?

Some people who wanted to cheat were ready to move.

”Hey, show me the test paper! ”

Li Yuns chair was kicked behind him, but he turned a deaf ear to it, and finished answering fluently, and passed the question paper to the teacher in advance.

”How dare you ignore me? Do you have a death wish? ”

Sitting behind Li Yun, the menacing-looking student also turned in his papers and also walked out of the school after Li Yun.

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