One day, Gossa wanted to have a kebaya (princess dress), but she didn have enough money. because her desire was too strong, she then asked for the kebaya she wanted from Loupas grandmother.

”Gramma, i need kebaya is nice and beautiful which many people have. but, i don have enough money. can you buy it for me? ” she asked

”My childa, gramma wanna buy it for you but gramma also doesn have a lot money ”

”what?? why? Didn Momma or Fathha send money? ”

”not yet, dear. your momma said she has not received a salary in the Sungaipura ” while sitting

”What the hell?? ” while running out of the house

”Gossaaaa!!!!! ” Shouted gramma

Angry and furious Gossa left her village, Indopura. this has become a habit of gossa when she sulks. she went to the big city to meet his costly friend in the famous city, mollukas which is right in the center of namleapura.

her friend is a boy, cute, rich, cool and of course famous. he is known as a cool, handsome and rich man. His name is Raffael.

raffa is gossas hidden boyfriend (Backstreet). he met gossa when gossa was crying on the side of the road because at that time gossa was angry with his grandma because she didn buy a belanda apple…

”Raffael, You really tease me. I don know. Why are you so hihi ” Reveal the princess who is full of romance

”Not my little baby. I really feel, you are a princess who came down from the sky to Enlightening my dark night sky ”

”XIXI, You can just tease me, prince ” While shaking her hips.

After lingering together in the boarding house owned by raffael with making out and gossiping passionately. Gossa finally lefting cause time was getting late.

”my prince, Im back, because its getting late. Bye my love muahh ” While kissing passionately

”yes, my cute baby ” While holding back the desire

The long and rocky road hit the gossa who was on a long journey in the accompanying pitch darkness.

The hair on the back of her neck that stood up straight cause there was something that scared Gossa. But she still walks with face down so that she is not afraid of that terrible night.

But, suddenly…. DUUUAARRRR…

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