GOSSA : The Advanture Girl

Characters Of The Story

The kidnapper took Gossa to Malaka Pura and put her in a small housing estate in the village( Forest interior ).

He left the gossa for a while because of some business and she was left by the kidnapper.

Time began to pass and Gossa began to wake up from her beautiful dream, but there was something odd about what she saw like…

” W-Where am I??? Why am I here?? ”

The question that was in her mind made Gossa a little confused because of this different atmosphere. While looking around, she saw something that wasn her house and then in a fright Gossa shouted for her grandmother..


For several minutes, she called her grandmother loudly but in vain, no answer was heard. For a while, there was no sound and it was silent until there was the sound of approaching footsteps.


Even with a loud voice, there was no answer. Then after a while someone came in wearing a mask and it made Gossa panicked and scared.

” w-Who you aree?? Why did you bring me here? Please don do anything to me ” Gossas body is shaking and the gaze is directed downwards

The mask kidnapper drew closer to the gossa, the gossa backed away feeling threatened. Until the kidnapper was in front of the gossa and said,

” If you want to survive, marry me ”

Gossa panicked even more because his shoulder was grabbed and suddenly the kidnapper hugged Gossa tightly.

Gossas heartbeat suddenly beats very fast. Her fear disappeared instantly because she was hugged.

The hug was too long and Gosaa began to short of breath. She started to breathe with stuttering.

” Ehhh, Sorry. I-i just Hug you so hard ”

” Aanuu, No problem for me ”

And then, the Kidnapper Continuing the talk

” ahh okey. Ill going to leave here for a while. And if you need foods or something you can check at Stockroom. You can eat it whatever you want to eat. There will be someone here later, you can ask that person for help because I have other activities ”

” but….. ”

” Don hesitate. Think of this as your home ”

”but, where is my granma located?? I just scared If something happened to my gramma ”

” No problem. Your granma is safe. Don worry. Ive moved it to a safe place ”

” For what you move it? Its something happens? ”

”ohh no. But, probably just conflicts so i wanna all my yahh its all safe ”

”but….. ”

”don worry bout it. You can trust me over all happens. So byyee ” While leaving and going out the door

” ahhh, i just want to know his name. But, him just going out. Ahh ”

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