Game Designer: Starts as Her Only Employee

Chapter 10: Su Mei\'s Analysis

Su Mei was an app reviewer who usually lived stream on the Jinyu platform.

Most of the time, Su Mei usually finds one or two apps herself and reviews them through live streaming for her audience.

With her cute appearance and her excellent reviews, many viewers were attracted and turned into fans.

Later as her popularity rose, the Jinyu platform eventually offered her a contract, and she decided to sign it to obtain more recommendations.

And Jinyu was an online video platform for everyone, although it currently isn the most popular one.

However, Jinyu was still one of the most popular platforms.

People could either live streamed or uploaded their videos on this platform.

And viewers could also support someone they liked by following them and giving them some gifts.

There were various gifts for viewers, with being the most expensive.

One could cost 100,000 yuan. And ten of them cost 1,000,000 yuan.

And according to the contract Su Mei had signed with the platform before, she could obtain half of them.

Thats mean. Su Mei could obtain 500,000 yuan from the gift Li Xinyi had just given.

At this moment, whether it was Su Mei or the audience, all of them were stunned by this reward.

Then, the chat went wild!

[Welcome local tyrant to Su Meis live broadcast room!]

[Damn it! Another local tyrant appeared!]

[Ten all at once. That was one million!]

Su Mei soon recovered from the shock she had received.

Before today, she had received many gifts from her fans and sometimes from passersby.

However, never before had someone given her such a generous reward.

Are rich people so generous these days?

Su Mei didn know that rich people could be even more generous.

Although Su Mei did have some fame, she wasn that popular yet to attract those local tyrants and let them willingly enter her live broadcast room.

So, this was Su Meis first time receiving such a generous gift.

The local tyrant asked her if she would be interested in reviewing the app called [Choice of Robots]?

Of course, it isn a problem to review at all!

The local tyrant gave such a huge reward, and nothing is a problem!

Without delay, Su Mei started searching for this app called [Choice of Robots].

”Dear all audience friends, today we will change our plan to review another app called [Choice of Robots]. I hope you won mind. ”

Su Mei also announced her new plan to the audience and immediately received responses.

[We won mind, and we have never before.]

[For local tyrant, we understand.]

[Am I the only one curious about what kind of app this local tyrant personally recommended?]

[Im also curious. +1]

Soon Su Mei found the app and immediately downloaded it after checking that it was free.

Su Mei opened it, and the first thing she saw was still the description on the first page, which Li Xinyi had seen earlier.

The chat also became active at this moment, and the audience discussed it openly.

Most audiences understood each description. However, when put together, they couldn understand what they meant.

After all, they had never been in contact with any video games before.

[Umm, sorry. I did not understand.]

[Not understand. +1]

[So, does it mean that with this app, I can play the role and control the story myself with choices?]

[Lets wait and see.]

As a self-proclaimed professional app reviewer, the first thing Su Mei did was to check the functions of the four buttons above.

When Su Mei noticed that one of the testers of this app had the same name as the local tyrant, she didn rush to say it.

The local tyrant only asked her if she would be interested in this app and maybe just wanted her to help publicize it.

It wasn good to let the audience guess that she might, at most, review it for the sake of money.

Announcing that she received the task to promote the app from the very beginning was fine.

However, doing it for the sake of money without telling the audience wasn .

And it would make her reviews look partial in the eyes of the audience.

So, Su Mei didn rush to say it, but her audience also noticed it at a glance.

[Damn! One of the testers has the same name as the local tyrant!]

[Doesn that mean this is just a task our streamer has received before?]

[Miss, is this true?]

[It must be true. Or else, what kind of explanation can explain this?]

Noticing the chat, Su Mei still tried to explain.

She knew that sometimes it was better to explain than to remain silent.

”Although someone won believe it, I need to explain that I have never received any task from others before. ”

And after giving the audience some explanations, she didn continue to pay attention to it.

Instead, she continued to concentrate on the app itself.

As a reviewer, Su Mei chose to [Play Now for Free] even if the app warned her that she could only play the first two chapters.

It was her duty not to spoil the audience too much. So, they could go to support the app with their own money later.

After Su Mei chose to play it for free, she encountered the first four choices that Li Xinyi had also met before.

Looking at these choices, which were so abstract, Su Mei became confused.

There was a question that asked her [Where are you?].

And the chat also discussed these four choices while telling others which one they would choose.

[Choose the first one! I wonder what kinds of sins ”my sins ” refer to.]

[The second one looks so cool. My blood boiled just because of the war it mentions.]

[The third one also looks very nice. It is undoubtedly the most romantic one. Please choose the third one.]

[Am I the only person who prefers the fourth one, wondering what a ”godlike cloud of robots ” would look like?]

Overall, everyone preferred different choices, and Su Mei also noticed it.

So, Su Mei decided to start the vote. And she would choose the most popular choice among the audience because she didn know which one to choose.

As it turned out, the first one became the most popular. So, Su Mei chose it. The one that read:

[In the court of the Egyptian god Anubis, answering for my sins.]

And when the page turned, another text appeared.


[ ”Tell me your sins, robot maker, ” Anubis says.]

And another three choices appeared before Su Mei and the audiences eyes.

[ ”In life, I created robots that could think but not feel. And so they turned against us. ”]

[ ”I made a robot to love me unconditionally, but never offered love in kind. ”]

[ ”Your scales balance because I gave my robots neither heart nor minds. My minions obeyed me without question as I conquered Alaska. ”]

This time Su Mei didn continue to let her audience vote, and she chose the third one herself.

Just because the third one somehow gave her a different feeling from the first two.

And yet, when the page turned again, there was a text that appeared and attracted her.

[ ”You mistake me for someone who cares, ” you say. ”I traded my humanity for power. ”]


As Su Mei had expected, when she checked the stats, it showed that the Military stats had increased from 1 to 5.

And when Su Mei chose to continue, the next page showed her the same philosophy from Epictetus that Li Xinyi had seen before.

[Some things are in our control and others not.]

A large button appeared below with the text [Chapter 1: Assembly].

Su Mei clicked it and officially started the game.

And then, as the story progressed, Su Mei and her audience started to immerse themselves in it.

Sometimes, Su Mei even forgot to interact with the audience as she did before.

It took Su Mei an hour to play it through [Chapter 1: Assembly] and [Chapter 2: Machine, Learning].

Because Su Mei still needed to interact with the audience, even though she sometimes forgot to do it, it took her so long to reach this point.

And now, a large button with the text that read [Chapter 3: The Camera Eye] finally appeared.

When Su Mei subconsciously clicked it, the next page showed the text she and the audience didn want to see.

[Remember earlier how we told you that the first two chapters are available for free? This is the end of the free content.]

[To find out what happens next, please purchase the remaining chapters.]

There were also two large buttons below.

One was [Buy It Now for RMB20.00], and the other was [No, Thanks].

Finally, to not spoil the audience, Su Mei unwillingly chose [No, Thanks] before the page turned to the next page.

The page just showed her and the audience with only one simple sentence.

[We hope youve enjoyed playing Choice of Robots.]

There were also two last choices for Su Mei.

[Play again.] and [Share this app with friends.]

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