Li Xinyi was a rich second-generation girl.

Many people wanted to befriend her and envied her for having a good family background and a lot of money since she was young.

Especially when she was also stunningly beautiful, at least that was what others said.

This kind of stunning appearance alone made many boys fall in love with her at first sight since she was young.

There were many descriptions when people mentioned her, such as a cold but beautiful lady, a wealthy young lady, a typical Bai Fumei, their white moonlight (boys), etc.

In conclusion, she seemed to live an extraordinary life since she was a child and was a perfect woman that many people loved and envied.

But only she knew how much she wanted to live an ordinary life like other girls so that she could enjoy her familys accompaniment and care.

Before she was born, her parents were each other childhood sweethearts. After the war had ended at that time, they decided to get married when the world finally returned to peace.

And her mother unexpectedly became pregnant with her soon after. It took only a year from their marriage to her mother giving birth to her.

Later, they started a mobile phone company together when she was only three years old, with her father becoming a president while her mother chose to be her fathers secretary at that time.

Over time, the company they established together grew bigger and stronger, and her parents got busier naturally. In the end, they left her alone at home with a nanny when she was a child.

Five years later, when the companys development became more stable, they finally started to return home on their own initiative but only returned when it was late at night.

Then for the next ten years, she would wait for her parents every night to return home. It took her a lot of effort to stay awake, but it was worth it when she finally had a chance to meet her absent parents.

When she was 18 years old, her parents company finally became a multinational mobile phone company, which manufactured Lizi mobile phones and became one of the most popular brands of mobile phones in the world. At that time, the Lizi mobile phone company had a net worth of tens of billions.

At the same time, it was time for her to choose what department and university she wanted to apply for.

Finally, she decided to go to the department of computer science and technology of the imperial university. As for her college entrance examination score, she could even fight for the top ten positions in the country, so it wasn a problem for her.

Why did she decide to study here?

Well, it was mainly because during her childhood, her mobile phone became a part of her life. While she was using her mobile phone to contact her parents before, she later started to become interested in many kinds of applications on her mobile phone.

Finally, one day, she told her parents that she wanted to start a business and develop another type of application that had never appeared in the world.

They laughed when they heard it but still encouraged her while telling her not to have too much expectation.

She was still confused about what her parents meant, but later she knew it. It was because the so-called another type of application that had never appeared in the world wasn that easy to develop. It required imagination to a certain extent. As she became more and more mature, she slowly gave up and forgot about her unrealistic childhood dream.

Now, she finally graduated from the university. Her rank could be considered the top among her peers. She was a talent many companies in the country wanted but couldn ask for. However, she decided to start her own business instead of joining the company.

There are three main reasons why she chose to start her own business.

1) As a wealthy young lady, she had her arrogance. She didn consider herself to join the company of others and work for others at all.

2) She won join her parents company either because she wasn interested in developing mobile phones. And her parents didn have the heart to force her either.

3) As a result, she chose to start her own business and even her company, an app development company.

To start a company, she must prepare many things in advance.

First, she must find a location for her future companys office for her employees to work. As a wealthy young lady, this task was too easy for her. She directly bought a three-story building in the imperial capital city for this purpose.

Then, she discussed with the interior design company to design and decorate her companys office based on what she and other future employees might need.

Finally, after taking a long time to decorate the office, she went to register a company so that the company could officially start a business. And she completed it without any problem.

As for the name of the company, she had already thought of it. Her company will be called Xinyi company in the future because Xinyi was both her name and had a very good meaning.

Both characters in her name mean happiness. She hoped that her users would feel happy when using her company products in the future.

When she finished registering the company, it was time to recruit her first group of employees.

She could ask her father for someone to come and work in her newly registered company. However, she thought she had already grown up, so she couldn rely on her father at this time. She must learn to be independent, thats it.

As for how to recruit? Well, she chose the easiest and most efficient way of all, which was to post her job requirements and a way to apply on the most used job search website in China.

Finally, she just needed to wait until those talents applied for her job and then interview them.

Hopefully, someone who was talented would apply to join her company soon because she didn want to wait too long.


Another month has passed…

In the past month, Chen Yize experienced what many graduates also experienced. It was an experience that made many graduates feel depressed and desperate.

Searching and applying for many jobs only resulted in failures and rejections.

His resume might have no working experience, but he had already replaced it with many of his advantages. So, it shouldn have any problem.

He didn want to admit it, but he could only admit that he was a complete failure, a person who didn even get a chance for an interview after those people read his resume.

He didn understand why, in this world, his resume discouraged them so much. He had already graduated, so why he didn even get a chance for an interview, he didn know.

Maybe, his resume was indeed too bad. Or maybe, it was those companies problem.

Anyway, he would continue to find a job to apply for on this job search website. He didn want to give up on his ambition yet.

No, forget about his so-called ambition first. Now he just wanted to get money to pay the rent. He didn want to get kicked out and live on the street.

Hmm… lets see. The most recent job post was from the Xinyi company. It was an app development company.

The company needed many job positions now, including one chief designer, one marketing manager, one financial manager, one HR & administration manager, five programmers, and three artists.

And the company president was Li Xinyi… Wait a minute.

Li Xinyi?!!

Looking at the profile picture of this companys president again, he confirmed that he didn recognize the wrong person.

Wasn this the person he knew?

When he had just entered the university, he met this woman who also chose the same department as him. At that time, We also greeted each other.

Later, she gradually climbed and became the departments top position while he rapidly fell to the bottom at the beginning of his first year. We didn talk with each other much since then. At most, we could be called each others acquaintances.

Although we didn communicate with each other much, he still had an impression of this woman deep in his mind.

After all, The two of us were called an outlier in their department during their four years of study.

Think about it. Two persons both had an outstanding appearance in this group of computer nerds. They were also the two extremes in ranking, one at the top and the other at the bottom.

It was inevitable that the two of us would be bound together for others to gossip.

It was surprising for him to meet her again this way, on the job search website with her being a president while he was just a desperate graduate.

Anyway, lets just give it a try?

With that thought in mind, he decided to send his resume to apply for a programmer position in her company.


Inside the Xinyi company building…

With nothing else to do, Li Xinyi could only wait for others to apply for a job in her company, sitting on a bosss chair and playing with her mobile phone.

She thought it would take a while for someone to apply for a job in her company. After all, her company was just a new company without any history.

For those people who were talented or had an ability, they wouldn consider applying for her company at all.

As for those who didn have any ability she wanted, she wouldn consider hiring them herself.

While playing with her mobile phone, she received a notification that someone had sent her a job application.

When she opened her mailbox, she found a job application someone had sent before.

Clicked to read the details, and the first thing she noticed was the profile picture of the applicant. She was startled when she recognized who he was.

Chen Yize?!!

She knew this person.

Why? Because the first impression he gave her was that his appearance was very handsome.

Later, she found out that this guy was still in the same department as her.

So, they became classmates.

However, our relationship didn develop further than that. We only remained an acquaintance for four years without any change.

Now a month had passed since the two met each other, and she did wonder if he still remembered her.

Wait a minute, why did she care so much about her memory with him?

Shaking her head to forget about it, she continued to look at the resume he sent to her.

Umm… how to say? His resume was worse than what she had expected.

Just by reading it, she knew how bad he was to send her this kind of resume and why he didn get any job until now.

He did successfully graduate from his university.

However, his resume was so hard to read. It looked unprofessional when he put in these unnecessary and distracting graphics and even some pictures.

In addition, why did he also fill in many good things he had done, making the text look very dense? Was it necessary?

Anyway, she believed that every company that received this kind of resume would not give him a chance for an interview at all. Anyone who didn rule him out was simply a fool.

But she still hesitated whether she should immediately dismiss him from consideration like most companies.

Although he was just an acquaintance, he was still an acquaintance after all. Being an acquaintance was an advantage because, when working together, they could get started more quickly.

And because she knew him, she also knew that his skills weren too bad either. Its just that something went wrong with his resume, which wasn much of a problem.

Therefore, she finally made a decision and replied to him that he could come to the company for an interview later.

Hopefully, he would be able to give her a surprise.

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