In front of the Xinyi company building…

Chen Yize came for an interview.

Looking at this three-story building in front of him, Chen Yize felt nervous for no reason. But he couldn retreat because the day he would be kicked out of the apartment was approaching.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Yize entered the building.

When Chen Yize entered, he first looked around at the environment of this building.

The environment here looked very comfortable, with a front desk being the first to meet Chen Yizes eyes and a nice seating area on the side without blocking the way.

Li Xinyi had already waited for Chen Yize behind the front desk, making him wonder if she didn have a receptionist to welcome him yet.

Anyway, for Chen Yize, it didn matter, so he walked straight toward Li Xinyi without any more delay.

”Hello, Im here for an interview. ”

It was the first sentence Chen Yize said to Li Xinyi after a month had passed since the two met. He gave her a confident smile, and she also returned him with a smile.

”Hello. Please follow me. ”

Without saying anything more, Li Xinyi walked to the side before pulling a keycard from her trouser pocket, tapping the card on the reader, and entering through the glass door.

Looking at Li Xinyis leaving back, Chen Yize quickly followed without saying anything. It seemed that this company also had its security measures.

Turning right at the corner, Chen Yize could finally see what it looked like behind the door.

Walking past the elevators on the side, they came to the office space on the first floor.

It was a public collaborative work area with many sofas and tables where people could communicate about work freely.

On the other side, there was also a canteen that provided food and snacks for the companys employees.

Approaching the remote corner, Li Xinyi sat on one of the sofas while Chen Yize sat on the opposite side.

They sat there for a while and looked at each other without speaking before finally, Li Xinyi started their conversation.

”Well, please introduce yourself. ”

Here it comes. Chen Yize thought.

”Hello, my name is Chen Yize. I graduated with a bachelors degree in computer science and technology from Imperial University. While in the university, I have joined… ”

He had already prepared for these common questions that usually appear in many interviews. It wasn a problem for him to answer them at all.

Looking at Chen Yize, Li Xinyi nodded while recording them with her pen and notebook.

Then for the next 40 minutes, Li Xinyi asked Chen Yize all kinds of questions while he answered them one after another.

Although he had prepared for some questions, some questions also caught him off guard. So, he racked his brain as fast as possible to answer them and demonstrated how professional he was in dealing with these unexpected questions.


”What is your greatest strength? ”

”Of course, it is my handsomeness. ”


”Are you applying for other jobs? ”

”… ”

”Yes, I did apply for many of them, but I have never passed. ”


”Tell me about a time you failed. ”

”… I have already said it. ”


”Are you planning on having children? ”

”… ”

”Are you? ”

”… Not yet. ”


”Then, do you have any questions you want to ask me? ”

”Yes, how much is my salary? ”

”What are your salary expectations? ”

”The more, the better. ”

”… ”


Finally, the interview ended. Chen Yize had already answered all the questions professionally without any problems. At least, that was what he thought.

”So, did I get a job? ”

When Chen Yize was about to leave the company, he turned his head back and asked Li Xinyi the last question.

Li Xinyi rolled her eyes before giving Chen Yize an answer.

”Just wait for further notice. I should be able to tell you by tomorrow morning at the latest. ”

”Okay, I will wait for it. Thank you, I appreciate your time in interviewing me. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with you. ”

With that, Chen Yize waved goodbye to her as he walked away and arrived at his home 30 minutes later.


Li Xinyi also returned home.

Unlike Chen Yize, Li Xinyi lived in a villa worth more than a hundred million yuan.

When Li Xinyi arrived at her home, it was already nighttime.

After dinner, Li Xinyi took a bath and changed her clothes into pink pajamas.

While sitting on the edge of her bed and dangling her legs, Li Xinyi took out her notebook that she used to record the interview today.

Looking through it again, Li Xinyi found that Chen Yize could answer most of the questions very professionally, and sometimes he also answered too perfectly.

However, some of his answers made him look like a guy who didn want to get a job.

Based on her understanding of him, if he didn copy those answers from others who succeeded in their job interview, she wouldn believe it.

While sighing that he was still the same as before, Li Xinyi thought about another important thing.

Until now, except for Chen Yizes job application, she didn receive any applications from others, not a single one.

Yes, thats right. That cheap guy was the only one who had applied for a job in her company.

So even if she felt a bit dissatisfied with his attitude, she still chose to accept him into her company.

With that thought in mind, Li Xinyi sent Chen Yize an email to notify him that he had passed the interview, waiting for him to report to the company tomorrow.

And within less than a minute after Li Xinyi sent it, Chen Yize also sent her a reply.

[Thank you, boss. Guarantee to report to the company tomorrow.]

Li Xinyi snorted and didn reply, just prepared to fall asleep. Today, it was too tiring for her.


Chen Yize looked at the recent email he had received with a silly smile on his face.


Finally, he got a job he had wanted for so long.

And his company also had a beautiful female president for him to work for.

Most importantly, he would have money to pay his rent soon.

Okay, stop dreaming. Before that, he should sleep early and wake up early.

He couldn be like in the past when he woke up late every day and still had no job.


The next day…

Chen Yize woke up very early.

After some preparations, Chen Yize went straight to the company to report.

When Chen Yize arrived at the company, he discovered a serious problem.

He couldn enter the company because he didn have a key to the front door.

Without being able to do anything, Chen Yize called Li Xinyi to ask her directly.

The phone went through, and then Chen Yize heard a sleepy voice come from the phone.

”Hello, who is it? ”

Listening to the voice, Chen Yize knew Li Xinyi had just woken up from bed. Without any complaint, he continued to speak.

”Hello, its me, Chen Yize. May I ask you, can you come and open the companys door for me? ”

”What time is it? ”

Hearing Li Xinyi answered him with a question, Chen Yize still answered her honestly.

”Its 8 a.m. ”

”Okay, wait for another two hours, and I will be right there. ”

With that, Li Xinyi hung up the phone without any chance for Chen Yize to speak, leaving him standing speechless.

Damn it!

If he had known that she still didn come at this time, he would have come later rather than coming so early and waiting for two hours just like this.

But regret couldn change anything, so Chen Yize waited for Li Xinyi for two hours just like that.

Two hours had passed before Li Xinyi finally arrived.

Li Xinyi wore a pure white shirt paired with black high-waisted trousers, highlighting her slender legs to the fullest. And with that pair of black high heels, she now looked no different from those female elites.

When Li Xinyi arrived, she stepped forward and inserted a key into the door before opening it.

”Come in. ”

Without waiting for Chen Yize, Li Xinyi walked into the company and said only these two words, leaving him looking at her resentfully behind her.

Despite that, Chen Yize still followed Li Xinyi closely without falling behind.

Li Xinyi walked behind the front desk before she opened the drawer containing a contract, a pen, and a pure white card.

Putting a contract and a pen in front of Chen Yize, he knew what to do without Li Xinyis teaching.

Reaching out for a contract and reading contract terms one by one, Chen Yize found this contract to have no problem for him.

However, just to be safe, Chen Yize still took a picture of the contract and sent it to the law firm with money. He wanted to hire a lawyer to check the contract terms for him.

After they replied that the contract had no problem, Chen Yize signed it directly.

Seeing Chen Yize finish signing, Li Xinyi smiled happily. Then she handed the white card over for him to receive.

”This is your temporary keycard to enter those restricted areas in the company. It may take some time to make your exclusive card. During this time, you should use this first. ”

”Thank you. ”

Chen Yize thanked Li Xinyi and received the card from her hand.

”By the way, there are three floors in this building. On the first floor, you have already seen it all, so I don need to introduce you to the first floor anymore. Let me introduce you to the second and third floors. ”

”Okay, I will be in your care. ”

After hearing Chen Yize agree, Li Xinyi smiled and brought him to the elevator.

Later, they arrived on the second floor.

The second floor was generally an office space for each department to work, such as the development department, the marketing department, the finance department, and the HR & administration department.

There were all kinds of furniture and equipment that were necessary were all here without anything missing. Maybe they would add something later, but for now, these were enough.

When they came to the third floor, Chen Yize discovered that the third floor contained a presidents office and five conference rooms with a purpose for the companys meetings.

There was also a restroom on each floor on the side for the companys employees to use.

After a while, the Xinyi company tour by Li Xinyi had finally ended.

”Okay, thats all for the company building. Do you have any questions you want to ask? ”

Now that Li Xinyi allowed Chen Yize to ask questions, he wouldn mind asking her a few.

”Um, excuse me. May I ask where my colleagues are? ”

”There was no one joining the company before you. So, now the company had only two people, me and you. ”

Hearing Li Xinyis answer, Chen Yize thought someone would join the company later anyway, so he didn need to care about it now.

”What do I need to do now? ”

Li Xinyi thought about it for a while before answering.

”You don need to do anything. The company still needed to recruit people. Without those people, the company didn have a specific plan to develop anything. And if you want, I can allow you to go back home. ”

”Okay. I will ask for leave then. ”

Scratching his head, without anything else to do, he wasn interested in staying here either. So, he just wanted to leave quickly and went home to lie down.

”Good luck then. ”

Li Xinyi waved her hand without caring much. Chen Yize also said goodbye to her before leaving her company.

Finally arriving at his home, Chen Yize thought about it and decided to order a takeaway to celebrate his success in signing a contract.

Just when he was about to pick up his phone, a sound came into his mind.

[The game development system is binding, the progress is ten percent, twenty percent, thirty percent…]

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