Game Designer: Starts as Her Only Employee

Chapter 5: [Choice of Robots]


Did he hear it wrong?

[…seventy percent, eighty percent, ninety percent, one hundred percent.]

[Ding! the game development system is successfully bound!]

Suddenly, Chen Yize saw a high-tech virtual screen appear before him.

When Chen Yize realized that the thing in front of him was real, it filled his heart with shock and excitement.

Damn it!

The system does exist!

Chen Yize, who had read some online novels in his previous life, knew what it meant when the system appeared in front of him.

His golden finger is finally here!

Finally, after living in this world for more than four years, he could lie down and win like those protagonists.

With this system, he was also one step closer to his financial freedom and early retirement.

Chen Yize felt very excited when he thought about it, and he couldn wait to know more about what kind of system he got.

”Hello, system? ”

Chen Yize first decided to call out to the system with his mouth to test if he could communicate with the system.

[Hello, host. The system must first remind the host that the host doesn need to speak with his mouth to communicate with this system. The host can just think about what the host needs in his mind, and the system will know.]

Okay, the test showed that it was indeed possible. Chen Yize closed his mouth speechlessly before thinking about what kinds of questions he wanted to ask the system.

”So, what can you do for me? ”

After thinking for so long, Chen Yize finally realized that he didn know anything about this system yet, so he decided to ask it directly what benefits it could give him. He didn care where it came from or why it chose to bind with him. He just wanted to know what it could give him.

[This system can help the host develop games.]

The system gave Chen Yize a short but precise answer, making him unable to find any fault, but he couldn learn about anything else. So, he decided to ask the system more.

”How can you help me? ”

[This system will automatically calculate credits collected from several players who have played the hosts games.]

[The host can also do the tasks received from the system to get a certain amount of them.]

[The host can then convert a certain amount of them into a chance to draw a lottery.]

Great, now he had two more things he didn know.

”What are the so-called credits. And what can I get from the lottery? ”

[The credits are the values calculated by the system based on how much the hosts games contribute to the video game industry, how many players recognize them, how many players immerse in them, and how many players have an emotional fluctuation because of them.]

[The lottery can give the host a chance to strengthen the hosts attributes. It can also provide the host with some special abilities and items.]

The systems answers only gave Chen Yize a rough idea of how this system worked. So, he thought it was better to put it into use rather than keep asking it like this.

[Host: Chen Yize]


Programming: 9 (D-level)

Screenwriting: 4 (D-level)

Art: 1 (D-level)

Music: 1 (D-level)

Numerical values: 0 (F-level)]

[Special abilities: None]

[Items: (x1)]

[Credits: 0]

Looking at his status, especially his attributes, Chen Yize could only sigh at how bad he was.

According to the system statement, having a D-level attribute meant that he only knew some of its foundations, while having an F-level meant that he knew nothing about it.

The system divided the attributes into several levels.

F-level (0), D-level (1-20), C-level (21-40), B-level (41-60), A-level (61-80), S-level (81-100), and SS-level (>100).

As for the lottery, when Chen Yize checked it, he found that it required a total amount of 100,000 credits to draw a lottery one time, and ten times required 1,000,000 credits.

Chen Yize hadn received any task from the system yet, and he didn want to bother about it either.

Instead, Chen Yize was more interested in the novice gift pack on his items list.

[Novice gift pack: A gift pack for the host who was still an outright novice.]

Reading the description, Chen Yize didn think much before choosing to receive it.

[Ding! The host decided to receive the novice gift pack from the system.]

[Congratulation to the host for receiving the ability and the item (x1).]

Okay, the gift pack didn contain only one thing like many online novels he had read, which showed how generous this system was for a novice like him.

Hmm, lets see.

[Translation lv1: This ability currently allows the host to be proficient both in English and Chinese and can translate any of them into the other language without any error.]

Umm, this abilitys name also has lv1 at the end of its name. Does it mean that he can still upgrade this ability later?

And with this ability, doesn it mean he can translate those English language games into Chinese language games without any problem?

Anyway, lets continue to look at the other one.

[Players memories: This item allows the host to receive the memories of every player who has played the hosts previous life game. Only limited to one game for each item used.]

So, it was the perfect item for him to copy the games from his previous life.

The only problem was that he could only know the games contents from the players perspective without understanding the developers thoughts when they developed their games.

With the descriptions of both of them, Chen Yize had a rough idea of what they meant. However, he might need to use them later to have a deeper understanding.

Putting these things aside, Chen Yize continued to order a takeaway to celebrate without bothering too much.

For Chen Yize, having a system is good, but he wasn in a hurry to succeed. Lets wait for more colleagues to join the company, and then he could decide what to do later.

(System: You just want to be lazy!)


The next day…

Chen Yize came to the companys building precisely at 10 a.m.

Thats right, from yesterdays contract, he had learned that the employees here started working at 10 a.m. and ended at 6 p.m.

This company was too humane that he couldn believe it himself.

Of course, Chen Yize didn know that the labor contract law here stated that employees should not work more than 8 hours a day and no more than 44 hours a week on average.

And because of this, Li Xinyi decided to open the company at 10 a.m. because she didn want to wake up too early, which had caused Chen Yize to wait for her for two hours yesterday.

Entering the company, Chen Yize saw Li Xinyi playing with her mobile phone behind the front desk.

Li Xinyi still wore the same clothes as yesterday. Maybe, she regarded them as her only working clothes style?

Anyway, Chen Yize didn need to care about this thing. With nothing to do, he sneakily walked on tiptoe towards Li Xinyi, wanting to scare her.

When Chen Yize thought he was about to succeed, Li Xinyi suddenly spoke while she was still staring at her mobile phone screen.

”Hello. How are you today? ”

Chen Yize stopped his action after hearing Li Xinyi asking him. Hiding his disappointment, he answered her honestly.

”Im fine, without any problem. What about you? ”

”Im fine too. ”

Li Xinyi replied without thinking about it too much. She did notice what he was about to do, but she didn want to care about this small matter.

Yet, Li Xinyi didn notice that she didn regard herself as the boss of this company. She was still young and inexperienced as the president. Like this small matter, she could ask him, ”Do you still want your job? ” and this problem would end and never happen again.

Now, Li Xinyi treated him more like a friend than a subordinate, and Chen Yize also treated her the same way.

Although their relationship wasn close enough that they could regard each other as close friends, it had improved during the past two days that they could still call each other friends.

After Li Xinyi replied, the reception area returned to silence without any sound.

And Chen Yize didn care about it, nor did Li Xinyi. Without work, when staying in the company, they were both idle. Li Xinyi played with her mobile phone, and Chen Yize did the same.

After another three hours had passed, without anything else to do and feeling bored, Chen Yize, who didn have a game to play, couldn bear it anymore.

With the help of the system, Chen Yize decided to start making a game now and let others make them for him later so he could finally play a video game he had missed for so long.

Thats right. The reason for Chen Yize to develop his first video game in this world was just to rescue himself from being bored to death.

But when Chen Yize thought about which game he wanted to develop first, he discovered a problem he had ignored before.

He could recall many games he had seen in his previous life. However, he couldn develop any of them he had thought of so far.

His programming skill wasn that good, not to mention his art and music skills. And the company hadn recruited any more people yet, so he should forget about those games that were too difficult to develop.

As for outsourcing, don think about it. He could still outsource the art and the music of the game, but he didn have the heart to ask Li Xinyi for money since he was too poor, not to mention if she would agree. After all, he couldn guarantee that he would have money to pay her back later.

And even if she did agree, he still needed to do the programming himself because only he knew what the finished game would look like.

With his lack of programming skills and unable to test and adjust the numerical values in the game, he still can develop any of them even if he outsources the art and music of the game.

Finally, just when he felt desperate, a games name suddenly flashed through his mind.

Umm, wasn that the perfect game for this kind of situation? The situation when he found it hard to develop a game.

And it could indeed be called one of the simplest types of video games for people to develop.

With a perfect plan in his mind, Chen Yize felt excited just by thinking about it.

Without much delay, Chen Yize stood up from his place and asked Li Xinyi directly.

”Can I borrow your companys computer? ”

Li Xinyi glanced at Chen Yize, noticing his excitement. She thought for a while before withdrawing her gaze and replying to him.

”Sure. ”

With Li Xinyis consent, Chen Yize rushed to the second floor and directly started one of the companys computers.

He had already thought of the first game he wanted to develop in this world. And with that, he typed the games name into the computer, which showed on the computer screen.

”Choice of Robots ”

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