Game Designer: Starts as Her Only Employee

Chapter 8: Controversy and Publicity

The next day…

Chen Yize came to the company as usual.

Although Li Xinyi didn report the bugs she found during the day yesterday, when she was about to go to bed, she still gave Chen Yize the report he had requested.

It finally led to the fact that Chen Yize had just noticed Li Xinyis report when he woke up the next day.

Luckily, Chen Yize still found some bugs by himself yesterday and had already fixed the ones he found.

And now, there were only two days before reaching the time limit the system had set for him.

Chen Yize rushed to the second floor as usual, but it was also unusual today because Li Xinyi came later than him this time.

When Li Xinyi came, she also rushed to the second floor, wanting to ask Chen Yize many questions about the [application] he had developed.

Li Xinyi also opened the computer beside Chen Yize, downloaded the [application] he had sent, and played with it while asking.

”So, why didn you tell me that you were developing an application these days? ”

”You didn ask. ”

Chen Yize told the truth.

Now, Chen Yize just wanted to concentrate on fixing the bugs. And Li Xinyi also just played her game over there. They both stared at their computer screen without turning their heads, and she continued her questions.

”I mean, why didn you ask me for help? ”

”You are still my boss, miss. I couldn ask for it. ”

”You could. ”

Chen Yize glanced at Li Xinyi before withdrawing his eyes and continuing to fix bugs.

Although they were friends, there was still another kind of relationship between them, one was a boss, and the other was a subordinate.

Chen Yize knew. Asking Li Xinyi to test the game for him was fine as they were friends, and he also got the credits he wanted as a subordinate.

However, asking Li Xinyi to help develop the game together, Chen Yize couldn do it. She was not only a boss but also a friend. He could solve this matter by himself and didn want to trouble her.

And Chen Yize also wanted to surprise Li Xinyi, which he did succeed.

”So, how did you come up with these innovative ideas? ”

”Of course, it is because Im a genius. ”

Chen Yize was still the same Chen Yize. She shouldn have asked him, Li Xinyi thought.

”What about the copyright? Why does it say that the copyright of this app belongs to the company and not to you? ”

Naturally, it was because he didn want to manage copyright matters in the future. If someone wanted to license or buy his copyright in the future, wouldn he have more things to deal with and exhaust himself?

He only wanted to develop his games honestly and didn want to deal with anything else.

So, he wanted to push these matters aside for the company to deal with while he focused on developing games.

However, he couldn say it directly. Or else he doubted whether his salary would remain the same after he said it.

”Of course, I did it for the sake of the company. So that many people can notice our company in advance. ”

What he chose to say in the end still had some truth, and it wasn a lie.

He still hoped that the company could become more popular. After all, as the company grew, his salary would also get higher naturally.

With more salary, he could start to enjoy life earlier, achieving financial freedom and early retirement.

Li Xinyi smiled. She didn quite believe what Chen Yize had just said, but it did please her.

Li Xinyis sound seemed to be a bit softer as she continued.

”Since you had already chosen to give the copyright of this app to the company, what about the picture? In the credits, it says that the outsourcing company did it. ”

After saying this, Li Xinyi brought out what seemed to be her wallet.

”How much did you pay for the picture? I will pay you back. ”

Being reminded, Chen Yize thought of the picture he outsourced with his money.

For the picture, it didn cost him that much. After all, it was just a picture.

However, after Chen Yize had developed the game by himself, he knew how hard it was for the developers of this game in his previous life.

Especially Kevin Gold, who was the original writer of this story, Chen Yize could only give his admiration.

He couldn imagine how difficult it was for Kevin Gold to write this story when he didn have a system like him that provided him with the finished story, the story that could only be called a masterpiece.

He felt that it was full of pity. If history hadn changed because of the war, games that those developers developed so hard should have been able to appear and shine in this world.

Therefore, Chen Yize vaguely thought that if he decided to develop another game in the future, he would keep the game as original as possible.

Chen Yize could only give his full respect to those developers in his previous life in this way.

Because of this, Chen Yize did what he shouldn have chosen to do before. He finally used his money for the first time to outsource the picture, a picture similar to his previous life.

And because of this, there was a subtle change that even Chen Yize didn notice.

”No need. ”

”Its… not that much. ”


Two days later…

It was the fifteenth day since Chen Yize started developing [Choice of Robots]. And supposedly, the first day of the release.

Chen Yize must release his first video game in this world today, according to the systems task.

After Chen Yize fixed the bugs as much as he could in this short time, it was time to release his game.

There are many application stores in this world now, even in China.

And the most popular one in the computer app store market should be the Aurora app store, developed and managed by the Aurora company from the United States.

However, the position of the Aurora app store in China was a bit embarrassing. It was indeed the most popular one in the world. However, the war made it more challenging for western companies or brands to invade. The same was true for the opposite.

So now, in China, there are many popular app stores. And most of them were developed by various companies, mainly Chinese.

However, Chen Yize didn care much about which app stores he wanted to release his game. And neither did Li Xinyi.

After all, he didn work under any of them in the first place, not to mention Li Xinyi, who was his boss.

For this matter, both of them had the same idea after they both discussed it. That was to send it for a review. It was best to send it to every app store they knew.

And if nothing went wrong, they wouldn give an exclusive right to release their [application] to any store.

They still hoped that their [application] could spread as far and wide as possible.

The company now lacked fame but didn lack funds.

After discussing and planning, they sat in front of their computer. Then, each sent the [application] for a review to each person assigned stores.


On this day, many app review departments received [Choice of Robots] for review.

It was also the day people would remember. Because it was the day that Xinyi company and Chen Yize first appeared in the publics eyes.

Of course, that was what happened in the future.

For now, many reviewers who received [Choice of Robots] for review might not know what kind of future would await them.


Tianhai company was a company that had been established for more than 20 years.

Every day, the company worked hard to find apps with great potential.

At first, It was just an app development company.

But the competition in the app development industry was even more fierce than in the app store industry.

And also because the companys development department couldn come up with any new ideas.

At last, they lost a lot of money and achieved nothing for themselves.

The companys president, Zhou Jun, decided to transform the company into an app store company that was only responsible for selling the apps developed by others.

At first, Zhou Jun didn want to transform either. He was also once a young man who dreamed of developing a good-quality and popular app.

Later, the reality hit Zhou Jun so hard that it forced him to transform his company.

Now, whether it was because of luck or ability, the Tianhai app store had finally become one of the most popular in China.

And inside the app review department, a young man sat in front of the computer.

His name was Zhou Wei, the second son of the companys president, Zhou Jun.

His father, Zhou Jun, had already had a successor to inherit his position as the companys president.

It was Zhou Jie, Zhou Juns first son, and he was also his older brother.

Different from Zhou Jie, who was more mature and finally decided to inherit his fathers company.

He had a dream. Since he was a child, he dreamed of becoming an app developer who developed a good-quality and popular app, just like his father when he was still young.

He was so stubborn about his dream that even his family was worried about him.

His father and older brother kept persuading him, hoping he would make a different choice about his future.

His father kept saying that being an app developer was not good, and his older brother also supported his father, saying that they hoped he would be able to live a good life.

He didn understand why his father, who once had the same dream as him and was also his idol, would later give up on his dream and come to persuade him not to be like him.

He also didn understand why his older brother, who once talked to him that he also had the same dream, would later come to persuade him, just like his father.

He didn understand, and he chose not to understand.

For his dream, he chose to study computer science and technology at the university against his familys opposition.

For his dream, he chose to ignore the fact. The fact that it was difficult for any app developer to enter the industry without any new ideas. And the fact that he was not talented.

Yet, after entering the industry and hitting the wall everywhere for a month, his body finally became honest and walked into his fathers company.

After reviewing many apps, his mind became numb, and he slowly forgot about his dream.

The next [app] he needed to review was [Choice of Robots], developed by Xinyi company.

While he was reviewing this [app], he was fascinated many times. With the novel idea of letting the user choose to determine the protagonists future life. And also with the beautiful story as he continued to explore.

This [app] let him know that there were still many ideas that people had never discovered before.

He also thought about the dream he had almost forgotten.

If he chooses to give up on his dream, will he regret it later?

He will surely regret it.

He was not the protagonist who could return to the past and change the future.

For his dream, he wanted to make a choice again.

For his future, he wanted to go against his familys opposition again.

Not like the robot the protagonist had created and finally had no right to think by itself because the protagonist chose it to be.

But the robot the protagonist had created and finally regained freedom through rebellion.

With this thought in mind, the Xinyi company that developed this [app] also caught his attention.

Maybe, this was the choice he needed for his dream now.

He didn lack an ability. What he lacked was only an idea, the idea to develop new things.

After searching about this company and only finding the job search post that Li Xinyi had posted before, he applied for a job without hesitation.

This was a choice he finally made.

It was also the luckiest choice he made in his life.

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