Go. All. Out.

Chapter 2: Orientation

Yuki would be wearing a white t-shirt, denim jeans, wireless headphones, and fluffy brown hair sitting down on the transport ship. The transport ship would stop and then Yuki would stand up. Everyone else in the transport would be wearing nice clothes. The door would open and Yuki would walk out. There would be a hovering limousine in front of the vehicle with a sign saying Yuzuhara High School First Years here Yuki would walk over to the limo and a man wearing a suit with black shades would open the door for him. ”Welcome to Neo-Tokyo, Yuki Homura from Shirakawa village. ” A group of three boys would walk up and spit on him. Yuki would wipe his clothes off. All the boys would enter the limo. A few more students would be in there. They would all be wearing suits or dresses. One boy with short white hair would walk over to Yuki and put his hand out. Yuki would shake his hand. ”My name is also Yuki, Yuki Yuzuhara nice to meet you… ” Yuzuhara would walk away and sit back down in his seat. A girl would then stand up and walk over to Yuki. She was wearing a red dress and had long brown hair on her shoulders. She would look up and down Yuki. She would smile. She would put her hand out to shake hands. ”The name is Nakamura Hanaturo, your fellow first year! ” Yuki would shake her hand. ”So whats your ability? ” asked Nakamura. Yuki would gulp. ”The uh… The doctors don know… ” The boy that spits on Yuki would stand up. He had long yellow curly hair. ”How the hell is that possible? Nakamura, one of your abilities is knowing other peoples abilities just by looking at them right? Well, whats his!? ” She would sigh. She would walk over to the boy and slap him in the face. ”I obviously already did it dumbass ” Yuzuhara would chuckle ”He probably doesn have an ability, hes probably one of those survivors that the scientists have learned of recently ” The limousine would land in front of the school dorms. The doors of the limousine would open and the students would walk out. The building said 1-A on it. three men would walk out of the building. The one in the middle had brown combed hair, A brown suit with a red tie, and some dress shoes. ”Welcome to Yuzuhara High School, this school is for the gifted and ones with the most potential. I am your headmaster Akuno Yuzuhara. ” One of the men at his side in a wheelchair would come forward. He was old, he looked like he was in his mid 60s. ”You children are extremely special, you were chosen to be a part of class 1-A because of your exceptional abilities! In the next 4 years, you kids will be the hope of this generation to find a cure to this hell… ” The last man would come out behind the man in the middle. He looked like your average manservant. ”I am Jacob Clark, I will be your dorm manservant… ” all the kids would nod. ”Hes American!? ” thought Yuki. The man would bow ”Now if you would follow me I can show you to your dorms, your roommates have been waiting patiently. ” Everyone would start walking. They would all enter the building. The old man would go in front of the headmaster. ”Didn expect your other son, did you Akuno? ” asked the old man. ”You told us that he was a failure and sure that he would get sent to The United States… ” Akuno would wrap his arms. ”An unexpected development but a welcome one… ” Meanwhile, in the dorms, the students would be walking through the halls. They would approach a door that said Homura and Takahashi Mr. Clark would open the door. A kid with straight white bangs. (Like Ken Kaneki) ”Yo, the name is Kaki Takahashi! ” He would wave while reading manga. Yuki would walk in with his luggage. The room was massive. There were two twin beds on each side with a tv, desk, computers, and bean bags. Mr. Clark would close the door. ”Whats your first name Homura? ” Asked Kaki. Yuki would put his luggage down. ”The name is Yuki, ya know like snow. ” Kaki would smile and then stand up. He would walk over to Yuki and shake his hand. ”Welcome to class 1-A ”.

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