Go. All. Out.

Chapter 4: imprisonment

Nakamura would breathe in and she would have a red bo-staff. ”Alright! Lets do this guys! ” Suddenly the guy with the mask would grunt. ”So you think a few high school kids can take down my men… You would be mistaken… Yuki Homura… ” Yuki would look up in shock and then get punched in the stomach ”BLAH! ” He would go flying into the building. ”Yuki! ” yelled Nakamura. The Man with the mask would smirk. ”Back off men… I want to deal with these brats myself… ” His men would nod. The Men would walk back. The Masked man would walk over to Takahashi. ”Tentacles… Great Agility, and strength… ” He would flick Kaki into the building smirking. Nakamura would be shaking. The man would walk over to Nakamura and chuckle. ”My my, you are horrified… ” The man would take off his mask. The bottom of his face would all be scarred. ”You wanna know how these came to be… Back in my little old village, I lived in a small cabin with my parents and my sickly little sister… ” The man would put his hand in front of Nakamuras face. Suddenly his hand would turn orange. He would smirk. ”This is my fathers Ability… Do you wanna see what he did to me… ” He would stuff a cloth in her mouth. The man would start moving his orange fiery hand towards Nakamuras mouth. She would try screaming but it would muffle because of the cloth. Yuki and Kaki would still be knocked out. The mans hand would get closer and closer to Nakamuras mouth. She would start feeling hot. She would start crying and close her eyes. She would look back at where Yuki was but he wasn there. ”HOW DARE YOU!! ” Yelled Yuki as he sliced the mans arm off. ”GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! ” the man would be screaming in agony. ”HOW ARE YOU ALIVE!? YOU RUNNING INTO THE- ” He would look at Yuki. Yukis hair would have white and black highlights in his hair. ”W-What are you… ” the man would start shivering. Yuki would have an aura around him. The man would then fall to the ground dying of shock. Yuki would close his eyes and then fall to the ground. The highlights in his hair would then vanish. The Henchmen would then run away. Nakamura would take the cloth out of her mouth. She would throw it to the side and grab Yuki. She would be crying hugging Yuki. ”T-THANK YOU!! ” Suddenly medics would run out of the building. Mr. Yuzuhara and Tobias would come out from the building. Some medics would help Kaki and the others would run over to Yuki and Nakamura. She would still be crying. Akuno would help Nakamura up. She would hug her. ”H-He saved me… ” she whimpered. Tobias would look at Yuki with blood on him. ”Akuno… I need to talk to you in private… ” Akuno and Tobias would walk Nakamura inside the building. ”I-I can go on my own… ” Said Nakamura. The two would nod and Nakamura would walk towards the elevators. The two would look at each other and then go to the offices. Yuki and Kaki were in the hospital. They would both be knocked out. Yuki would then wake up. He would have a cast around his right arm. ”What happened…? Where am I…? ” Suddenly a nurse would walk in. She had a nurses uniform on and she had short brown hair. ”Good Morning, Yuki Homura I have brought you some breakfast. ” Said the nurse. ”Good Morning? ” said Yuki. ”How long have I been out? ” he asked. The nurse would smile at him. ”Youve been knocked out for five days. ” Yuki would be shocked. ”F-Five days… Is Nakamura alright!? ” Asked Yuki. ”The girl with the brown hair, shes just fine… ” Said the nurse. Yuki would sigh. ”Alright, thats all I needed to know… Thank you. ” Yuki would smile. ”Better eat your food before it gets cold hun… ” said the nurse as she left the hospital room. Yuki would then hear a chuckle. Kaki would have his back faced to Yuki. ”BAHAHAHAHA! ” Kaki would start laughing. ”HEY WHAT THE HELL IS SO FUNNY!? ” Yuki Yelled. Yuki would try getting up but it would be painful ”GAH! ”. Kaki would start laughing harder. ”BAHAHAHA!! ”

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