Go. All. Out.

Chapter 5: Reality

”HEY WHAT THE HELL IS SO FUNNY!? ” Yuki Yelled. Yuki would try getting up but it would be painful ”GAH! ”. Kaki would start laughing harder. ”BAHAHAHA!! ” Kaki would then stop laughing. Suddenly the door would open. Akuno and Tobias would walk into the room with the nurse. ”Can we talk to Yuki alone? ” Tobias asked the nurse. ”Surely. ” said the nurse. The Nurse would walk over to Kaki and push his bed out of the room. The Nurse would close the door behind her. ”Yuki what you did 4 days ago was heroic but dangerous… ” said Akuno. ”So the staff and I have come to an executive decision to not let you enter the tournament. ” Said Tobias. Yuki would be shocked. ”W-What… Why! ” He shouted. Akuno and Tobias would look at each other in confusion. ”Do you remember what you did Yuki? ” Asked Akuno. Yuki would shake his head. Akuno would whisper something in Tobias ear. Tobias would then close his eyes. Yuki would grab his head. ”M-My head suddenly hurts… ” Tobias would open his eyes. He would whisper in Akunos ear. ”He isn lying… ” Akuno would sigh. ”We
e doing this for your safety Yuki… ” Meanwhile, at a church. Men would be carrying a body bag with oil all over it. When suddenly the men would get attacked by the masked mans henchmen. They would slit the men carrying the bags throats. They would take the bag and then set the church on fire. They would drag the men outside and hang them on polls. The henchmen would then leave with the body bag. Back at the hospital, Yuki would be sitting in his bed. When the door would slam open. It would be Nakamura and Callie. Nakamura would run over to Yuki. She would look at him. ”Im sorry, Mr. Schmidt told me what happened… ” Said Yuki, She would slap him and cross her arms. ”Don do that again that was selfish… ” Said Nakamura. Yuki would look down at the bed. ”S-So how long will you be in here? ” Nakamura asked. A couple more hours but… Im suspended from the tournament… ” Said, Yuki. Hed smile ”Doesn matter, that gives me more time to train and get to help you guys out at the next one! ” Nakamura would smile. ”Alright, you should get some rest, Yuki… ” Nakamura said. Nakamura and Callie would leave the room. Yuki would then take off the covers. ”Where are you going? ” asked Kaki. Yuki would look at Kaki. ”Somewhere… ” He would walk over to the window and open it. Yuki would jump out. ”Hey- ” Said Kaki. Kaki would look out the window. ”Goddammit… ” Said Kaki. Yuki would be walking through a dark alley. ”Hey Kid you shouldn be here all alone by yourself. ” Said a deep scratchy voice. Suddenly the man would grab onto Yukis shoulder. ”Let go of me… ” said Yuki. More men would come out of the shadows and surround him. ”You
e coming with us kid! ” said one of the men. Back at Yuzuhara high, the kids would be sitting in the hall with Mr. Clark. ”Mr. Clark, wheres Yuki? ” Asked Ben. ”Yuki isnt entering the tournament… ” Said Mr. Clark. The Students would be stunned. ”How come, hed help us a ton during the tournament! ” Said Callie. Everyone would look at her. Shed blush and then back away. ”N-No guys, Callie brings up a good point. ” Said Nakamura. She would then look back but Callie wouldnt be there. ”C-Callie? ” Nakamura asked confused. Nakamura would run out of the building. ”Callie! Where are you!? ” Nakamura Yelled. She would run over to the church across the street. She would walk in. There would be dead swat members all over the floor. There would be faces on the walls with no heads. Nakamura would cover her eyes and start screaming. Suddenly she would hear beeping. The beeping would get faster. When suddenly Ben would push her out of the way. The building would explode. They would both get up. ”T-Thanks ben… ” Nakamura said. Hed smile and nod. ”Lets go, we need to find Callie and Yuki… ”

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