Go. All. Out.

Chapter 6: Disaster.

Yuki would wake up hanging above a pit of acid. ”What the hell? ” Suddenly the acid would be covered up. There would be footsteps echoing from the room. There would then be silent laughter. ”Man you almost had me dead there for a second… ” The man that attacked the school would walk in from the shadows. ”Y-You… How are you alive!? ” Yuki asked. The mans face would be covered in bandages only showing his eyes. ”Look what youve done boy… ” Said the man. The Man would walk up the stairs leading to Yuki. ”And now… Im gonna make your life hell… ” He would take out a bloody knife. ”If my theory is correct… ” He would cut two of Yukis toes off. ”AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! ” He would scream for 3 minutes. Suddenly a yellow light would surround his toes. His toes would then re-appear. The Man would smirk under his bandages. Meanwhile, Callie would be sitting on a milk crate crying. Ben and Nakamura would approach her. ”W-We need to get back to the school, ” Ben says. Callie would get up and they would walk towards the school. Once they got back everyone would look at them in sadness. ”Y-Yuki… ” Said Kaki. ”Yuki Homura pronounced dead at the age of 15 ” Akuno Announced. Callie would have her eyes wide. ”N-NO!! ” She would collapse and start crying. Nakamura would hold her. ”T-That can be true… ” Asked Nakamura. Mr. Clark would sigh. ”I-If you wanna see a photo you can… ” She would nod. Mr. Clark would hand her his tablet. She would look at the photo of Yuki hanging from his hands with blood all over his hair. Callie would look at the tablet then look away crying even harder. Back at the warehouse, Yuki would have white and black patches in his hair. ”Ill get the ** out of these chains and kill your bitch-ass. ” Said Yuki drooling. The man would start chuckling. ”Man, you wish, I don ever see that happening. ” The man would cut off more fingers. Yuki wouldnt make a sound. ”Hm… Looks like you
e used to the pain… ” He would then grab a scalpel. ”Time to start removing limbs… ” Said the man as he cut off Yukis leg. ”BLAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ” Yuki would scream louder. The man would start laughing. ”I want you to feel the pain I felt Yuki Homura, except im not gonna kill you… ” Yukis hair would then turn half black half white. Yukis leg would then regenerate. Yuki would close his eyes. He would open his eyes and he would be sitting at a table in a kitchen at a nice house. ”Yuki, tell your siblings its time for dinner, ” Said a familiar voice. Yuki would look up and see his mom holding a pot of food. ”M-Mom? ” Yuki asked confused. ”What is it, Yuki? ” Asked His Mom. The door next to the kitchen would then open. Akuno would then walk in the door. ”Im home, Reo, ” Said Akuno. Reo (aka Yukis mom) would put the pot on the table. Reo would walk over to Akuno and they would share a small kiss. ”How was your day? ” Reo asked. Akuno would sit down and look at Yuki. Yuki would have a shocked look on his face. Akuno would look at him confused. ”Are you alright son? ” Akuno asked. Yuki would shake his head and then get up. ”Ill go get the others… ” Said, Yuki. Akuno and Reo would look at each other confused and shrug. Yuki would walk through a hallway thinking. ”theres no way… Mr. Yuzuhara is my dad… ” Yuki thought. Yuki would then walk into a room. ”Yuzu, Hara, its time to eat… ” the boy and the young girl would look at Yuki. ”Alright big bro, we
e on our way. ” Yuki would walk back to the kitchen and sit down. ”How was your day at school Yuki? ” Reo asked. Yuki would stay silent while eating his food. ”This food is tasteless!? ” he thought. ”Are you alright Yuki, we
e worried about you… ” Akuno asked. ”Im uh fine… ” Yuki responded. Reo would put her hand on Yukis. He would flinch away pulling his hand away. ”Yuki! ” Akuno yelled. ”W-WHAT IS THIS!? ” Yelled Yuki. ”YOU ARENT MY FAMILY! ” Yuki said in shock. His hair would turn from brown to half black and half white. ”Y-Yuki!? ” Said Yuzu. Yuzu and Hara would be hugging Akuno. ”Ill save you guys I promise… ” Yuki would close his eyes.

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