Go. All. Out.

Chapter 8: Burial

Yuki would be looking around shirtless wearing black ripped slacks. ”WHY COULDNT YOU GET HERE SOONER!! ” Nakamura screamed at Yuki. ”I tried… ” Said, Yuki. ”You didn try hard enough… ” Said Nakamura. Nakamura would lay Ben down on the ground softly. She would stand up. Her eyes would be shadowed. She would walk over to Yuki. She would slap him in the face. She would keep punching Yuki in the stomach. She would then stop and then collapse onto him. He would hug her. She would say something but it would muffle from her crying. He would put her on his back. The medics would lift ben and put him on a stretcher. Akuno and Mr. Clark would run over to them. ”Yuki, what happened to you? ” Akuno Asked. Yuki would walk past him. ”The boy looks significantly taller… ” Said Mr. Clark. Akuno would nod. They would all exit the stadium and enter a limousine. Yuki would lay Nakamura down on some of the seats. Tobias would be waiting in the limo. ”Where the hell have you been Yuki? ” asked Akuno. Yuki would be focused on Nakamura ignoring his father. ”YUKI- ” Said Akuno. ”WHAT!? ” yelled Yuki. He would look up at Akuno with an angry face. ”What do you want Father!? Why… Why do you suddenly care about your son that you abandoned… ” Said Yuki as the tears dropped from his eyes. The limo would be quiet as they then stopped and the doors opened. Yuki would carry Nakamura into the school. The doors would slide open and the students would all be sitting in the lounge. ”Y-Your back… ” said Max. ”Wheres Callie? ” Yuki asked. Everyone would look at each other. They would all shrug. Yuki would walk over to the elevator. He pressed the buttons and walked in. The door would close behind him. The elevator would start moving up. The elevator would stop and open. He would walk through the hallway and walk up to a room that had both Callie and Nakamuras names on it. Yuki would knock on the door. The door would open and Callie would be standing there. She would look Yuki in the eyes and start tearing up. She would let him in. Yuki would walk over to the bed and place her on it. He would walk towards the door when suddenly he would get stopped. There would be arms around his chest. ”C-Can we talk? ” Callie asked. Yuki would sigh. They would sit down on Callies bed. ”The uh class missed you… ” Callie said looking at Yukis scars on his chest. She would look up at his eyes. ”But… I knew, deep down… You would be alright… ” Said Callie. She would smile. ”But I know you aren alright… I see the pain in your eyes… ” she would then put her hand on his scars. Her hand would then have a pink aura. ”This won get rid of the scars but… Itll make them hurt less… ” She said. She would then sigh. ”I uh like your hair, Yuki… ” She said blushing.

Meanwhile, Nakamura would be laying on her bed back turned to them. She would be crying with a small smile on her face. Callie and Yuki would be looking each other in the eyes. ”Yuki… I think Kaki wants to talk to you so uh yeah… ” Said Callie. Yuki would nod. He would get up. He would walk over to the door, open it, and walk out. Yuki would close the door behind him. Callie would grab a pillow and stuff her face in it. She would scream in the pillow. Nakamura would sit up. ”Come on Callie! You shouldve told him how you feel! ” said Nakamura. ”Y-you were awake for that whole t-thing… ” Said Callie. Nakamura would wipe her eyes and smirk. Meanwhile, Yuki would be looking down with shadowed eyes walking to his dorm room. He would approach the door. He would open it and walk-in. Yukis stuff would be covered in cloth. ”Wow, you look different… ” says Kaki as he walked in behind Yuki. ”Wait you weren here… ” Said Yuki confused. Kaki would look at Yuki confused. ”Uh nope… ” Said Kaki. Yuki would scratch his head. ”But Callie said you were waiting here for me… ” Said, Yuki. Kaki would spit out his water. ”BAHAHAHAHA!! ” Kaki would burst out laughing. ”Man, you are so lost… HAHAHA!! ” Kaki would keep laughing.

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