Guardians of Nightmares

Guardians & Nightmares

Ano stared at Seilo, who sadly didn stare back before nodding her head and agreeing, ”Indeed! We shouldn accept anything less from the apocalypse. ”

”Apocolypse… ” Ferrins eyes flickered, he stared at the two and asked in a somewhat strange tone, ”How did you even come here? I mean… how do you know this is an apocalypse? ”

Hearing his words, the two girls glanced at each other simultaneously. Ano blinked her eyes whole saying, ”I remember that I was still on duty, my shift was almost about to be over as the supermarkets closing time was near. There weren many people inside either. Then… ”

Ferrin frowned and asked, ”Then? ”

A strange expression appeared on Anos face, ”Then nothing. I was here, in the apocalypse. A tall human-sized horrific monkey suddenly came inside the supermarket and started creating panic, people started running around crazily, cars outside had crashed into each other making it look like the end of the world. The monkey inside, started killing people crazily, people started running around and then… that… that disgusting filth came and hurriedly made us come inside the staff room. ”

A blank in their memory? I remember that a blinding light flashed in front of my eyes. Sending me here during my sleep… mom was also lying unconscious on the ground, maybe the light had actually caused everyone to become unconscious but since I was already unconscious… I became conscious? That is… odd. Not only just this, a lot of things about them are odd. Ferrin shook off his thoughts and glanced at Seilo.

”Its the same for me. ” Seilo replied calmly.

”Strange… are you not bothered by that blank in your memory? ” Ferrin asked while scrutinizing their lackluster attitude.

Ano and Seilo glanced at each other before shrugging their shoulders with a weird smile.

Strange! Very strange! Ferrin started carefully walking towards the hospital from another direction, all the while failing to stop his confused brain, I need to ask mom as well about how she got here but… these girls are very weird. First of all, ignoring everything else, considering what happened to them yesterday they should not be in the state of mind to be anywhere near any male, I bet they would rather suicide by a monkey then come with me but… not only did they manage to recover themselves but also treated mom and did nothing to me.

That in, on itself is very weird. Secondly, they clearly saw me turn into a monster, even I don know how I turn into one yet, so how are they so calm next to me? When even I myself am getting… afraid of myself! If I were in their shoes, even if I had wanted to let me stay alive, I would have tied me up tightly and securely. Then as they saw me turn into a monster, they must have also seen me kill that… human. All these things combined, I would have definitely either thrown me outside or maybe even killed me after what happened yesterday! Ferrin had already guessed it that they must have woken up last night during the commotion he had caused, nothing else could explain their strange fear and their lack of questions regarding the corpse. They didn even ask about Arias injury which meant that they even saw the man attacking her.

Strange, very strange! Ferrins brain finally started losing its steam, he couldn help but sneak a glance at the two behind him. ”We shouldn be far now, right? ” Ano asked while nimbly tagging behind.

”Hmm! We should be able to see the hospital after taking that turn. ” Nodding his head, Ferrin pointed towards the left turn. The hospital was one thing he was very familiar with. He always used to come here after receiving a good beating, thankfully the bullying had stopped now, after his mom had knocked the screw loose of the kids who used to annoy him.

Nice! We safely arrived with no trouble. Ano, you deserve a well done! Ano smiled while nodding her heart.

Just as he said, the girls did indeed manage to see the hospital. It was only a few buildings next to them but… what entered their heart wasn joy but concern. The gate of the hospital was wide open!

Ferrins eyes squinted as he scrutinised the its insides. Monkeys must have entered inside, who would reject such a big and free treat? No matter, I must go inside!

Ano frowned deeply, she glanced at Ferrins back and spoke out loud, ”I think we should return. It won be safe. ”

Ferrin smiled scornfully while replying in a calm tone, ”I wasn even expecting to get here with such ease, you think I hadn already thought about the chances of their being monkeys inside and no survivors? ”

Ano blinked her eyes speechlessly, Dang! Just what can I say?

Seilo didn bother glancing at Ano and asked, ”Lets head inside. Waiting around won do any good. ”

”Hmm! ” Ferrin nodded his head and nimbly crossed the street, followed shortly by Seilo. Only Ano stayed back and stared at them with a dumbfounded expression. YOU NEED TO MAKE A PLAN BRO!

Seeing that they didn even spare her a glance, Ano sighed helplessly while chasing behind them. She wasn a fool to not realise that without the monster boy, she would have zero chances of survival.

Ferrin paused for a moment and glanced inside through the corner, SHIT! I forgot to search for that gun! It mightve been of some use. Damn it! What was I thinking? Ferrin blinked his eyes awkwardly before saying in his mind, Best not to remember.

Recollecting his mind and getting focused again, he warned the girls before stepping in, ”Stay close and make sure to be quiet. ”

The girls nodded and stepped inside. There were no monkeys in the area leading to the hospitals door. The surroundings were also devoid of blood. Taking the appearance for granted, it didn seem like the monkeys had come inside but Ferrins nose said otherwise, Blood! A lot of blood!

Ferrin subconsciously clenched his fists. From his current location, he could stare at the receptionist desk. He didn see anybody there but the more worrying question would be, even the hospitals door was open!

I don think they are capable of any smarts but lets still be careful for a sneak attack the moment I step inside the door. Ferrin gulped nervously, his instincts started tingling more fiercely with each step he took. He had two encounters with strange monkeys. One was a psycho who waved at them and one who could teleport. That reminds me, I guess I also somehow got that teleporting ability from the monkey.

The moment he stepped inside, followed suit by the girls, the door suddenly slammed shut!

”A- ”

Ferrin tightly held Anos mouth, allowing only muffled sounds to come put of her panic-struck mouth. Thankfully, Seilo was better than Ano in every regard. She didn even flinch when the door slammed and kept glancing at Ferrin.

This is something… more than just a simple ambush. The monkeys or a monkey here is… more than just witty. Ferrin squinted his eyes slightly. His instincts warning him of extreme danger.

Most of the doctors wouldve definitely been killed. The most likeliest place for any survivors to have gathered in would be the staff room… again. Ferrin motioned for the two to be silent and started heading in a particular direction with great familiarity. The staff room was almost at the back of the first floor. Crossing through a great many corridors.

As Ferrin reached the end of the corridor he was walking in, he wearily peeked left and right for any enemies.

Safe! Ferrin had already become extremely suspicious of the hospital after not encountering any further danger. He could only sigh in frustration before motioning towards the girls.

His hand hadn even completed its gesture before his instincts screamed at him even before the whooshing sound behind him appeared.

SHIT! Two figures flashed across Ferrins mind and he hurriedly drove his consciousness inside one.

In the eyes of the two girls, Ferrins body transformed into a 6 feet plus monkey and blocked the tail that sprung towards them from nowhere.

”Kee! ” Ferrin gritted his monkey fangs tightly while turning around. Gazing at the monkey who was staring at him in surprise while hanging from the ceiling.

That hurt! Ferrin swung his own extremely long and bushy tail towards the monkey, his eyes glaring at it angrily. Even the air seemed to split from its force.

”Kekeke! ” The monkey suddenly burst into maniacal laughter. Its body suddenly vanished from the trios eyes, resultantly, Ferrins tail smashed only into the ceiling.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! What is this pain? Its not from a mere tail. Ferrins eyes turned serious as he gazed down, there was a lot of blood on the ground, his blood, it was dripping from his back. There were deep claw marks on his chest.

That monkey definitely possess special powers. Is this what it can do? Or is it… Ferrin glanced at the ceiling, Invisibility?

Ano pointed at Ferrins back in shock, not speaking due to the latters strict orders.

Ferrin snapped out of his daze and waved his hand dismissively. If he had learnt one thing about his ability, then it was that his injuries don carry on from one form to another.

Wait! Since my injuries don carry from one form to another, do they remain fixed? Back injury, back injury… Ferrin strained his head thinking if he had gotten injured on his back anytime, Shit! Am I acting dumb or what? I got these injuries from that teleporting monkey. Ferrin hadn even realised it at that time as his adrenaline had rushed through his head when he killed the monster. Afterwards, his mother had distracted his attention followed shortly by that… man.

So are these injuries going to remain every time I use this form or what? Ferrin frowned before slowly diving inside his mind and removing his consciousness from the monkeys silhouette.

If thats true then this and every other form of mine would be crippled quickly. Ferrin sighed, shaking off this track of thought and focusing on the present.

No matter what, I can almost feel that all of this is someones scheme. But… I doubt monkeys can be so smart. Ferrin massaged his head, Dang! I am a 15 year old and have to bear such stress, my life sucks!

Phew! Ferrin composer himself and motioned for the two to follow along. They don seem affected in the least by the sight of blood. Ferrin sneakily gazed at them stepped right over the pool of blood.

As he was walking in the corridor which connected to the one leading into the staff room, a thought suddenly flashed across his mind, Wait, a monkey could indeed actually make this scheme! The need being it possesses some kind of power which increases its intelligence.

Just as this thought flashed across his mind, Ferrin felt his whole body shivering involuntarily, Then… just what could such a monkey do?

”H- ” Ano tightly clenched her mouth, her soul almost coming out of her body as she stared at the monkey leaning against the wall in pure silence. It even wrapped its lengthy tail around its neck while crossing its arms cooly.

Ferrins instincts throbbed ferociously. Slapping him out of his mind, he raised his trembling head to meet the monkeys cheeky grin.

It calmly raised its hand and waved towards them. Showing a clear lack of desire to harm them.

Damn! Ferrin could hear his own heart beating like a drum. SHIT! DAMN IT! Its that monkey! Of course, of course! Who else could it be besides one who savours its prey? Who hunts not to kill but to amuse! It was a fatal error, I shouldve chased after it and killed it back there. Now… I don even know if I will survive, much less protect mom. Ferrin had felt extreme fear back when he first came face to face with this monkey.

It wasn that he felt that it was exceptionally strong but he had felt the sparks of amusement from its eyes. Back then, it hadn moved away allowing them to go safely, it had asked them to chase after it and play with it. Ferrin had realised just that, his instincts told him that he would suffer a fate worse than death if he accepted to play with it.

And now, the reason he felt so regretful was because of the goosebumps that had enveloped his body. He could tell without looking that there were many monkeys around him. All waiting for this guys command.

Anos eyes widened in horror, she just couldn understand why Seilo didn feel the least bit worrier despite being surrounded by 6 monkeys! There was one who could vanish as well, so there were definitely more than just what appeared to meet the eye. Even the monster bot hadn transforrmed by yet, he stood like a statue while staring at the monkey. Don tell me he died standing still from fear. Maybe he has some time lim-




Like a brazen ape, who had no fear, Seilo punched the tail which had rolled around her waist.

Shit! Invisibility! Ferrin felt certain now, seeing the monkeys body unveiling from nowhere.

NO TIME FOR THESE KIND OF THOUGHTS! SAVE HER! Ferrins body instantly transformed into a monkeys. He bent his feet, intending to jump but… he couldn . It wasn fear, it was his instinct. He knew if not out-right dead, he would be crippled miserably by the many monkeys who had their eyes locked on to him.

The monkey opened its mouth wide, displaying its horrific, blood-stained fangs. Without a doubt, it wanted to end her in one go. Seilos punches weren even worth mentioning.

Shit! SHIT! Think Ferrin, THINK! Ferrin heavily smacked his thighs, intending to jump but at the same instance, the monkey watching the show from the sidelines burst out into hysterical laughter. It dropped its leaning posture and clapped while nodding its head. Once again impressed by Ferrin.

Shit! Its too late! Ferrin felt large beads of cold sweat trickle down his forehead.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Ferrins ears pricked up like the other monkeys. His head shifting towards the sudden sound of hurried steps.

The genius monkey felt extremely excited at the last minute anomaly in its scheme of amusement, though it would be the last one getting anxious at the addition.

Ferrin felt his mind going numb, all he managed to register was the breath-taking sight of the enchanting silvery white-head girl, holding an intricate and uniquely designed blood colored spear in her left hand, the next second, his whole body begun to heat up as if he had been dumped in a volcano. Who is she? What… is this that Im feeling?

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

His heart beat madly, always desiring to burst out of his chest and reach out for her, hold her in his embrace so tightly that she could never leave, never again.

The beauty opened her mouth and spoke out in her voice that mesmerized Ferrin to his depth, making him feel an euphoria that couldn be expressed in words, ”In the name of the guardians, I lay bare my justice. ”

Her fiery red eyes lit up in a ferocious hue. She spun during her mad-dash and sent her spear like a bolt of blood-red lightening whooshing towards the monkey about to crush Seilos head into mincemeat.


The spear drilled through the air and pierced straight into the monkeys head. Killing the beast that wouldve caused Ferrin more trouble then he could contain.


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