”YOU DISGUSTING MONKEY! ” Aria, completely lost in her anger reached out for her gun and pointed the muzzle at the monkey before letting loose everything inside of it.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bullets flew at a fast pace, piercing inside the monkeys thick hide and causing blood to spill.

The monkey, feeling its life in great peril suddenly shot open its green eyes which glowed mysteriously before its figure suddenly appeared some distance from where it stood.

Aria immediately came back to her senses, realising that Ferrin was right behind it, thankfully the monkey was slightly away from Ferrin so he didn get hurt by the bullets, they flew past him and pierced through the shelves and went away from Arias sight.

What was that just now?

”Ugghh… awww… UGHHH! ” Ferrin lost his composure seeing his own hand sitting quietly on the ground, he fell onto his back and kicked himself away. The crippling pain further causing him to feel the urge to die.

Aria was shaken away from the monkeys sudden disappearance by Ferrins scream. Seeing his chubby face, completely disfigured from pain and tears, her heart ached severally. She crawled towards him and buried his head inside her chest.

”IT HURTS! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! ” Ferrin thrashed around in Arias arms, desiring his brain to shut down right away so that the pain could leave.

Aria felt nauseated from the blood that kept pouring out of Ferrins shoulder and dying him completely in a shade of red.

”Aw! Wha-What, what should I do? What should I do? SOMEBODY HELP! MY SON IS IN PAIN! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! ” Aria screamed desperately, her face covered in desperate tears.

”ANYONE HELP MY SON, PLEASE!! ” No body came to her rescue, she could only look at her sons blood slowly drowning her completely.

Her desperate pleas weren wasted as one did hear her, one who was gritting its teeth in anger from pain as well. Seeing its prey having dropped off its guard, the monkey inched closer towards them step by step.

Ferrins instincts suddenly screamed again, his mad shouting came to a quick halt as he pushed his head away from Aria and glanced behind her, Ugh! It hurts! Mom, do something! Despite trying his best to get himself under control, Ferrin felt powerless.

The severe pain coming from his shoulder couldn just magically disappear, he could barely stop his shouting but his tears hadn halted in the least, they even poured out more fiercely, the screaming had actually helped lessen the pain slightly. Now all he could do was desperately try to catch his breath and warn his mother. But the pain kept shunning down and his will was nowhere near enough to overcome the pain of having lost a limb.

His breath became more and more ragged, the pain caused his mind to spin, causing him to loss all strength and fall flat on to the ground. Despite his best attempts, the only thing he could do was keep glancing at the monkey, which represented the end of his life.

Arias tears kept spilling out rapidly, she kept lightly shaking Ferrin, begging him to get up, sadly neither could her words reach Ferrin nor could the latter speak out loud and warn her.

Just as Ferrin lost all hope and slowly began shutting down his eyes. An anxious scream suddenly came from the second floor of the market, ”LADY! BEHIND YOU! ”

Aria first searched for the source of the sound after failing to spot anybody, she looked behind, coming face to face with monkey who was still nimbly trying to sneak up behind her.

Seeing that it had been spotted, the monkey dropped all pretense and grinned wickedly. His claws stretched out again and he hurriedly dashed towards Aria.

Arias eyes once again became swallowed in rage and she raised her gun yet again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the bullets rained out of the muzzle, the monkey voiced out its fear in a low screech before disappearing again. Only a few bullets managed to hit it, the others flew past it.

Ferrin whose mind had begun to shut down felt something warm drilling inside him and his mind became somewhat active again. That monkey… can it teleport? His eyes which were red from his crying had dried up, the pain was there, it hurt so bad that he couldn lift his body but he had to do something, he had to protect his mother.

Get up! I need to get up and think! Ferrins eyes slowly moved around, seeking out the monkey.

Aria coldy turned her face around, sure enough, the monkey had somehow travelled behind her, she didn bother wasting her time on pondering over the mysterious power of the monkey and directly opened fire.

Tut! Tut! Tut!

Ferrin failed to see what happened as he couldn move his body but he did feel something warm once again drilling inside his body, making him feel slightly better than before.

Aria saw the monkeys reflection on the glass door, who had somehow arrived to her left but she didn care, it had hurt her son, its end had come.

Tut! Tut! Tut!

Ferrin saw it again, some blood spilling in the air as the monkeys body disappeared.

Hows it doing that? Does it weild magic or what? Ferrin once again felt better than last time, the blood pouring from his shoulder came to a halt.

Aria glanced around her, seeing it nowhere in sight a frown appeared on her face, she gazed at the glass exit again, On the shelves!

Aria immediately turned around and opened fire.

No mom, you will wast- NO!


Ferrin could only scream in his head, failing to even warn his mother about the monkey that had teleported behind her. He could only watch his mother being smacked in the air by the monkeys bushy tail.

The strength behind the tail directly hurled Aria a great distance away. Most likely hurting her internals.

The monkey ignored the miserable Ferrin and walked towards Aria.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NOO! Ferrins gaze turned extremely icy, he weakly reached out his hand towards the monkey, trying his best to stand up but not being able to mustre the strength.

GET UP BODY! I NEED TO SAVE MY MOTHER! GIVE ME YOUR STRENGTH! DONT LET ME DOWN LIKE THIS! GET UPPP!! Ferrins eyes boiled crazily, his mind drowned in wrath.

How dare that monkey harm my mother? I will massacre it! I will turn it into mincemeat! So get up! If anything happens to her, I will rip you to shreds, idiotic body!

As if in reply to his extreme emotions, in Ferrins mind, a strange silhouette appeared. The silhouette appeared extremely familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.

Its…Its the monkey! Just as this thought emerged in his mind, the dark silhouette slowly cleared up, revealing the exact same monkey that he had killed and ended before.

Almost at the same time, his bloodied body began to transform. His body became furry and his muscles became buffed up, it didn even take a whole second before Ferrin or the monkey in place of Ferrin stood up, even the arm which had severed from Ferrin was present in this monkey form.

Ferrin gazed at his own arms in shock and bewilderment. He was equally puzzled as anybody.

”COME! COME AND WATCH ME DESTROY YOU MONKEY! ” Aria, having gone senile in her rage taunted the monkey as she got up to her feet. Her face, ruined by tears had been disfigured from her rage.

A manical gaze pierced the monkey, showing no signs of the previous fear. The monkey wasn one to be fooled by Arias anger, it grinned viciously and swung its thick tail hurling towards Aria, the power behind it seemed to cut through air.

”NO YOU DONT! ” Despite having said this, only the sound of a monkeys screeching came out of Ferrins mouth. He rushed towards the monkey on all four, his speed having exploded like a rocket.

In only an instance, Ferrin arrived behind the monkey and used his burly hand to smash the monkeys head on the ground.


The impact caused the monkeys head to go numb for a second, causing Aria to be saved from the danger she couldn even feel.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Ferrin, slowly become more and more angry after remembering the many tears his mother had shed for him kept pounding the monkeys head on the ground. Each time he poundrd its head, only a singld thought will emerged in his mind, HOW DARE YOU?! HOW DARE YOU?! HOW DARE YOU?!

The monkey who was being beaten black and blue gathered its numb mind together. Sensing the peril it had been locked in, its eyes glowed resolutely and its body instantly appeared away from Ferrin.

Ferrin momentarily became confused before he realised that he had gotten carried away, No Ferrin, don be rash! You need to think with your brain to win against that freak, using fists alone won be enough against that tekeportation it uses. Ferrin exhaled heavily, his monkey green eyes becoming hazy like his usual self.

I have no way to win against that teleportation with speed, so… I will rely on my reach, my tail! Ferrin swiftly stole at glance at his monkey 6 feet tall tail. It was almost the same length as his body. His tail was actually even longer than the other monkeys.


Ferrins whole boxys hair stood on end, like a cat facing a predator. Feeling the extremely cold sensation spreading behind him, Ferrin instinctively ducked down, all the while beginning to use his new organ to counterattack.

Whoosh! Thud!

The tail struck fiercely on the monsters wrist, blowing its deadly claws back.

Feeling the deadly sensation vanishing, Ferrins eyes lit up, he used his unique legs which were experts in jumping around to smash his thick head straight into the monkeys chin, causing it to stumble backwards abd hold it in pain.

Dang! Do I have a knack for combat or what? Ferrin jumped backwards, gazing at the monkey wearily.

His eyes shifted towards Aria, seeing her eyes locked on him, he momentarily lost his focus. The monkey who had arrived behind him again used this chance to deliver a hard kick on his head.

”Kek! ” The monkeys lips snickered in scorn, all the beating around and enraged it pretty badly.

Dang! Still a noob no matter how much talent I have for it, still losing focus despite knowing its the most amateur mistake! Well, I am an amateur! Ferrin chuckled at himself. Shaking off the dizzy feeling, he jumped in the air and swung his tail around like a whip and aimed it straight at the monkeys face.

The monkeys eyes lit up, swiftly vanishing from the tails path. It reappeared behind Ferrin, slashing out with its claws again.

Ferrin stepped backwards, stepped on the monkeys thigh as leverage and sent himself for a flight up above, his unique move ended him injuring him as the claws dug inside his flesh as he was being launched upwards.


The blood fell straight on the monkeys face, causing it to close its eyes instinctively.

Ferrin clenched his teeth tightly, THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO LOSING LIMB! WANT TO SEE HOW IT FEELS!? Ferrins eyes flickered dangerously. As he was falling downwards Ferrin spun his body and landed his feet heavily into its head, following up with using his tail to cushion his fall. The tail acted like a spring, helping him ease the fall.

He flipped to his feet and gazed at the monkey squatting on the ground floor while holding his head in pain. An evil glint flashed in Ferrins eyes, he snickered in scorn, imitating the monkeys arrogant demeanour as the claws hidden inside his paw slowly came out.

First, let me pay you back for my arm. Ferrin swung his hand down, cutting apart the monsters left arm from his shoulder.

”KEEEE! ” The monkey screeched loudly, thrashing around on the floor while holding its severed shoulder in hand. The blood coming out of the wound dyed its brownish-gold fur in red. Tears of wretched pain came out of its tightly squinting eyes.

Now- Ferrins eyes became abnormally cold, even more ruthless than earlier as he exacted his vengeance. ”THIS IS FOR HARMING MY MOM, YOU SHIT!! ”

Whoosh! Splat!

The monkeys eyes shot-wide open in pain, the pain of having lost its arm was terrible enough, the pain coming from the deep claw marks on its chest which reached down to its right leg and directly cutting it apart left it in even more agony.

”EEEE! ” The monkey screamed like a pig being buctured, its throat going hoarse and dry from its loud display of pain.

”Suffer! SUFFER TEN TIMES OVER! ” Ferrin took hold of its erect tail and started thrashing it around like a sandbag.

Suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer, SUFFER!


The monkeys body skidded along the ground, stopping only when it crashed into the counter.

Ferrin suddenly felt something warm travelling inside him along with the feeling of something being being carved inside of him.

”Hooo! ” Ferrin exhaled heavily, feeling his heart getting slightly heavy. I ended up taking a life again… right?

Ferrin silently gazed at the corpse, I never knew… that taking a life could be so eas-

Ferrins thoughts froze in their tracks. His mind being dazzled by the warmth coursing through his body.

Mom! Ferrin gazed at himself, finally getting a good look at his transformed body. Can you no-

”Ferrin! Im, sniff, Im so glad, ” Aria tried wiping away the tears from her eyes but that joyous celebration of her son being fit-fat could not come to a stop easily. ”Im so glad that you
e all good! ”

Ferrins eyes trembled, he gazed at his own hands, Just how can you know… even now that I am still your son, not some monster?

”I knew… I knew you would be all alright! After all, my son, sniff, my son is the bravest there is! ” Aria hugged Ferrin even more tightly, squeezing him as if fearing that he would go away.

Mom! Ferrins eyes came loose, he raised his hands and started rubbing his sour eyes. All the while reverting back into his human form.

”MOM! ” Ferrin screamed loudly, not even realising that his arm had grown back and turned around before hugging Aria back.

Meanwhile, a man on the 2nd floor was looking down at the two with extreme shock, ”Su-Superpowers? ”

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