In Need of Certainty

Dan was Viviennes senior for a few years at Green Valley School of Fine Arts in Paris. She knew him only through his popularity among other students, but she didn know him much.

She knew him due to his appearance that differed from everyone else, he wore clothes that showed off every muscle on his body, and he had perfect hair and a killer smile to boot.

She followed him every day to catch his attention and he seemed to have no interest in the surroundings.

”Vivienne, why are you behaving like a stalker? ”, her friend said while walking towards her.

”Im not, I just wanted to know what this gorgeous boy was doing here and who is he ”, Vivienne replied with a wink and a smirk.

”That one… ”

”Yes ”

”Its Daniel Rousselle, our senior and he is a topper too ”

”Really ”

”You know that you
e never going to find out by following him around ”, her friend said whilst laughing.

”Fine ”

The years passed and she didn have the guts to approach him. She would only watch from afar as he walked around town with friends, and sometimes her eyes would follow them but they always disappeared within minutes.

Vivienne always maintained distance while following him. When Dan was busy chatting up other girls or boys then she would sneak behind some trees and watch them for a while. She knew he probably didn notice her but she still cared.


”Drop the Idea of talking to him as you are a coward ”, her friend said tapping her shoulder.

”What is your problem? ”

”By the way, I am not ”.

”Yes, you are ”.

”Shut up, Vivienne, Im not ”.

”Okay, okay ”

”I will give you hundreds of dollars if you talk to your crush ”, Her friend exclaimed while making a heart with her hands.

”How about we go and visit the zoo today? ”, her friend looked at her with a deadpan expression

”Are you mad? I am not getting into another zoo with you, please let me do it alone ”.

”There are lots of monkeys… ”

”So… ”

Her friend gestured to Vivienne with her index finger.

”What do you say? ”.

”No ”.

”Do I look like a monkey? getaway or else I will scratch you ”

”Fine! ”.

Vivienne sighed while looking over at the clock.

”Its almost time to go, you better get going, Ill text you when I finish my work ”, Vivienne said as she walked out of the school gates.

”OK. Thanks a lot ”


The morning was beautiful and the sun shining through the windows casts a golden glow on Viviennes face as she sat at one of the wooden desks in front of the main entrance to the art school. The air inside the building was fresh and cool and all her senses were heightened as she enjoyed the moment.

When her phone buzzed on the table next to her with a message from her friend.

”Talk to him today or pay me the bet ”

”I will tell him my feelings when he tells me he likes me back, that would be romantic, wouldn it? ”, Vivienne cupped her face smiling ear to ear and drooling over the romance thats going to happen between Dan and her.

”Ugh, please stop talking ”

Vivienne laughed silently as she read the message and typed an answer.

”I don think hed even notice me, I have to wait until hes ready… ”

”I hope so ”.

”Don worry ”, Vivienne assured as she sent a quick reply to her friend before putting down her cup of juice and standing up to walk to the classroom.

As she opened the double doors leading outside, she saw a girl with long brown hair tied in a ponytail and glasses sitting on the stairs leaning against the wall, holding her bag.

”Oh see the senior has made a girlfriend ”, the classmates whispered among each other as they looked over at him.

”I wonder if it is her we saw this morning ”, another student said as they pointed toward him.

”Oh, you mean the guy? ”

”Yes… she is the popular student in his art class ”

Vivienne couldn believe the classmates words until she saw the couple hanging out in front of the school. Her hand flew over her mouth in shock at what she saw.

”How can you tell they are dating? ”

”Can you see the senior is holding her bag and they both look cute together? ”

”Are you saying the other one is cute? ”

”Yes. Now, can we please get to class, or am I going to have to explain to her what a real date is like? ”


”Come on then Vivienne, stop looking at them ”, her friend grabbed her backpack and pulled out of the trance of heartbreak.

”Lets go ”

”Wait, I want to make myself soak in these feelings ”

”Just one more moment ”

”Forget it, Vivienne, just get the hell out of here ”

Vivienne was still shocked when Dan turned around and saw her staring. As soon as their eyes locked, he averted his gaze and continued walking. That seemed like not a good sign. He probably didn hate her after all but it was a clear sign that he wasn interested.

”That was the first time her heart ached for someone but it was no use as her senior was already with someone who looked more mature than her. ”

The seniors love story bloomed and soon after they become a hot topic in the student body.


Vivienne moved to Nanville, her grandmothers home there she realized that she had to become a wedding planner.

Vivienne lived with her grandmother after her both parents died in a car accident.

She through her hard work constructed Elm Manor, a place of warmth and comfort. She loved it dearly. It had become a safe place for her to escape the harsh reality.

Her grandmother supported her well in becoming the person she is now.

The manor was grand, bigger than anything in her childhood memories. The architecture was also very elegant, she could appreciate that about it.

The two were currently sitting in one of the gardens enjoying their tea. She knew she liked doing weddings because that is where all of the love happens and the passion comes in. However, she tried to become more mature leaving her childish ways behind.

”Vivienne where are you going to get serious? ”, her grandmother asked her. Vivienne sighed at this question.

Her life was going well until one day her grandmother asked for her time at home.

”Granny, I have many errands to run ”

”Son, please sit, I will take a bit of time ”

”Okay, tell me what it is? ”, Vivienne sat as she stared at her grandmothers wrinkly face that used to lit up.

Vivienne resembled her father because of the way she worked hard every day diligently. She was the apple of her eyes and called her ”Son ”.

”Oh my dear I have made an appointment with a handsome man in the town from Voyage Corporation ”

”I don want to go ”

”I am happy, see I have millions in my account ”, she showed off her mobile screen flaunting her bank balance.

”Vivienne, please go, son, I want to see you married soon ”, the grandmother said with a hint of worry in her voice. The thought of marrying someone that would leave when she did not like him was something Vivienne did not want for herself. Vivienne could only agree because she needed money.

”Okay, I will go ”, Vivienne told her, trying to make her happy, even if the idea scared her.

”Only on one condition, if I have time and my appointments are packed ”

”Okay okay.. but you have to go ”


After meeting lots of clumsy guys and falling in love, she gave up on the idea of getting married. Instead, she focused her attention on making money from weddings. She worked hard trying to make the best wedding dresses ever and got well known for being extremely creative.

Vivienne had no problem rejecting handsome guys, rich guys, CEO, and especially the cold CEO of those novels or dramas.

The only problem was that she could never accept any other man in her life besides Daniel.

She was sitting with the guy her grandmother recommended at the Saffron Grotto Resort.

It was one of the richest places in Nanville and they had expensive cuisines from all over the world. Shed never been there before but she was excited to meet someone famous like her grandma said. And he wasn just that, he was handsome, funny, intelligent, well read and even better he didn seem to care what she wanted to say.

He constantly talks about his business and everything revolving around money.

Even the waitress seemed to be nervous around him due to his overly extravagant aura and good looks. Which was a total lie. If there was anyone who couldn see how rich he was it would have to be his friends from work.

”Miss Vivienne… you can speak ”

”Really,.. may I ? ”, Vivienne gestured at her face with both hands.

”Do I look like a slave to you? ”, she smirked as she sipped her coffee.

But the man didn seem bothered by it at all.

He chuckled.

”I don want to marry but contract marriage will be….. ”, the guy said before he continued with his long explanation of why marriage should be avoided at all costs.

She listened attentively until the end when he finally stopped talking and took out a piece of paper from his briefcase.

”You see this? ” he asked, pointing to some words on the page.

She raised an eyebrow.

”Ohh…. you are those…. from the novels… right ”, Vivienne laughed softly while shaking her head. The guy looked offended.

”How can you even say those words without getting scared? What do they even mean?! ” he complained.

The girl giggled again before replying, ”Well they are about being in love and whatnot… ”, she said looking up from the sheet of paper.

He frowned. ”But… ”

”No buts. Besides, this is the third time I have heard about this one, do you know what happens to people who are forced into marrying?

”Ahhhhh… the contract marriage.. then you will treat me like a slave..make me beg you for money…then you will feed me love crumbs…then you will hit me…that **ing shit of Narcissism…. bla bla bla ”, she smirked as she puts her Louis Vuitton bag that was worth more than his expensive suit.

”Brother, do you know I am not what you think ”

”I earn my living far better than you, support my family with love and care… without the poison of Narcissism and take this bullshit away ”, she snorted as she handed him the money for lunch.

”Keep the change ”

She walked away after giving him one last look, leaving a very flustered-looking CEO who tried his best not to cry.

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