Dwindling Healer

”Mam, hows this dress? ”, the female employee said.

She was wearing a white off-the-shoulder sleeved lace dress with a matching veil on top of her hair.

She looked like an angel.

The bride looked up and down to make sure the dress was the right size.

The bride and groom seemed to be concerned about everything except the wedding and the package The Merry Pixys employee explained.

”No.. it doesn look good ”, the bride said as she looked at her grooms face with a disappointed tone. She tried once again to find something wrong with the wedding gown.

She turned back to see if anything was missing. However, she found nothing in her reflection. Nothing was amiss. She looked over to her mother for some help and received a nod of approval.

The bride seemed to not like anything about the companys dresses and everything the employee suggested was thrown out of the window.


”Hello ”

”Vivienne mam, we have a serious problem here ”

”Okay… I am on my way just bear it for a few moments ”

She ends the call and starts munching the flaky pastry as croissant as fast as she could.

She was sitting in Dans bakery kitchen eating her favorite breakfast, watching him work, and sipping her latte.

It was early, and shed come here to watch him make a cup of coffee for himself.

Shed always admired that about his personality – he was always trying new things, and he seemed content to keep at it no matter what

The pastry chefs kitchen wasn an ordinary kitchen, there was the smell of baking all over the place, but for the most part, it was a clean and tidy one.

The floor was linoleum, with little flower-patterned patches on the tiles and a nice big window near where she was sitting, letting fresh morning air into the room.

It had been painted a nice warm yellow that made everything feel brighter and warmer.

”Do you like it? ”, Dan said, looking genuinely happy.

She knew he loved to bake so she didn blame him for making her try his new recipe that he had been working hard on for months, but there was only one thing she wanted to say back. He is wearing a white button-down with black trousers.

”What did you do? ”, she asks, not even pretending not to notice how nervous Dan is.

”Hmmm… I made it with… ”

Before he could continue, she ended up choking herself on the bread.

After clearing out the food in her throat, she started again: ”what did you do ”.

Dan looked at her nervously and then started to panic slightly ”well, first, you eat quietly ”

He rubbed her back slowly until she stopped coughing. When she finally looked up at him, he was smiling, so relieved that he had finally managed to make her laugh, though she still wasn amused.

”Second, I put chocolate chips into it, so don worry about getting any of it everywhere, ” he said trying to explain himself.

”Mam Vivienne, this recipe I am trying to give a twist ”, Dan added.

”Why are you calling me mam? ”, she whispered in an undertone.

”Okay, Senior… I have to go ”, she stood up wiping her face off and looking at him with honey-dripping eyes.

”Don call me senior, I am the pastry chef of your company so I am your employee too ”

Dan laughed, ”Okay, Junior. Sorry ”

”Thats why I hate being called mam! ”, she smiled as she walked away from the table. She looked over her shoulder once before leaving to rush to the entrance.

She ran from behind his pastry shop to her car parking.

”I loved it.. whatever you make… I will always support you ”

Vivienne said as she wiped the pastry crumbs off her dress and turns around to see his poster.

The poster has her and him on it, both wearing their white chef outfits. They both look so happy and together as they smile and hold each other.

A smile appears on her face and she starts walking in circles, thinking about what just happened.

The phone rang again. This time, she picks it up without looking.

”Hello, this is Vivienne speaking… no, just hold on ”

She sits inside her car taking some deep breaths.

Then suddenly, an image appears in front of her.

It is another picture of her with the banner saying Congratulations

”Thank you so much, Senior… you
e something else.. ”, she says looking at the picture again.

Her mind drifts off, thinking of things that might happen today

She drove off the office and the employee waited for her arrival.


”I can suggest you a better package for the wedding ”, Vivienne says with a smirk and eyes that twinkle mischievously as she looks at the brides mother but she is serious. Shes been doing this since he agreed to go through the paperwork with her after finding out their son was planning his wedding and it was going to be big.

”Mom, this is not good ”

”I know how you are feeling but I can suggest to you the type of dress that will make you feel queen ”

Vivienne walked the bride with her to the trial room and she handed out her personal choice of outfit.

”Mam you can speak clearly to me, whatever you wish ”

The bride seemed to be hesitant but after seeing Viviennes face she nodded in defeat.

The seamstress smiled at the woman in front of her ”So which dress is best? ”

It had taken weeks of negotiation, arguing, and bargaining but they had finally agreed on what would happen for the wedding.

”Miss Vivi, I am quite nervous because of this marriage ”, the bride said nervously fiddling with her hands, making sure the veil was still tied in place.

”Don worry, the wedding should go perfectly ”, Vivienne reassured her, smiling and giving her hand a reassuring squeeze

She then took off the veil allowing her new bride to see more of her appearance.

”I have broken up with my groom-to-be three times before this wedding, but he apologized to me so we got back together ”

”Oh now I see, you don have problems with my package but with the groom ”, Vivienne sat down on the couch.

She then looked up at the other person who was standing there staring at her, unable to tear his eyes away from the beauty. ”And your name is..? ”

”Diane Magnier ”, she whispered his voice barely loud enough for her to hear.

”So do you love someone ”

”I love… I love…Ummm ”

”Please speak clearly ”

”Don hesitate, I love him but I want assurance from him ”, the bride said

Vivienne let out a sigh knowing that she was about to give Diane Magnier the shovel talk of her life.

The bride looked around the room trying to find something to keep herself busy, anywhere but on the woman that was sitting in front of her.

”Hello, senior, can you please come to my office ”

”Whats the problem? did anything happen? ”, Dan replied as he was busy stirring the dough mixture that was supposed to make the cake.

Vivienne pleaded on the call ”You don understand! this isn something that can be explained by words ”.

”Oh no, is it about your client this morning! What is it ”, Dan replied.

There was silence for several moments until Vivienne sighed ”Look Ill explain later just get here! ”

Vivienne hung up the call feeling happy that Dan is coming.

”Lets wait in the waiting area ”


”Can you look after the shop? ”

”I have some errands to run ”

Dan took out his apron off his waist, putting it up on a hook near the back door of the café. The weather had just turned chilly, and the wind was blowing through the open window in the back corner of the shop.

He wore his leather jacket and holding his helmet walked to his motorbike. He hopped on, revving up the engine a little before he took off into the street.

It roared to life and Dan gave the front wheel a spin before kicking the stand out from under the bike. He hopped on and put his helmet over his eyes.

”Our boss is so handsome in every way ”, one of the female employees said to the other.

The wheels speed out of sight, leaving a trail of dust behind them as Dan speeds down the highway.

He looked extremely handsome riding that motorcycle of his, and he made it to the main road in less than ten minutes. Once there, he began driving down the main road that would lead him to the house where the company is.

Dan hurried fast on his black Ecosse FE Ti XX Titanium Series motorcycle as the wind whipped past him, his hair flying behind him like a flag.

His heart pounded in his chest and blood rushed through his ears as he sped down the highway to reach.


”Vivi, whats the problem? ”

Dan said looking around, panting heavily trying to calm his nerves looking at the two strangers sitting at the office too.

”This is our new client, Miss Diane, and her groom-to-be ”, Vivienne introduced them. Dan shook both of their hands and sat across from them.

”Please excuse us..

Vivienne held Dans arms and pulled him out of the conversation to her office.

”Whats the matter? ”

”I need your help, you saw the bride right? ”

”Humm.. yes I saw she is beautiful ”

”I am not telling that, the bride seems concerned about her marriage to the guy who sat beside her ”

”Oh.. what? Then why she is marrying? ”

Dan leaned against the door frame with crossed arms waiting for an answer.

”Her fiancé broke up three times. She needs assurance from the guy ”

”Do I look like a marriage counselor? ”

”No…but we need more money to expand our business ”

Vivienne looked at Dan with worry and he looked back at her.

”Why are you doing this now? ”, Dan questioned Vivienne.

”We were just talking and it turns out that she is getting married within a few days so I thought that you may know more than I ”

”Oh okay then.. tell me more ”

”Well, she is pregnant ”, Vivienne began.

”Oh shit ”

”Can you please have the guy talk with the groom? ”, Vivienne pleaded, ”he looks like he needs some support and advice from someone other than the girls ”

She sighed and went back into the office leaving Dan alone in the hallway.

”Huh….Guys talk…just a bullshit ”

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