Delicious Something

”Do you love her? ”, Dan asked the groom.

The groom seemed to be hesitant like the bride had been before he replied. ”Yes, sir. ”

”Then why didn you propose to her? ”

”Sir ”, the man looked offended, ”we were just engaged a few weeks ago when she accepted me ”. He looked down at his feet nervously.

”We were getting so far along and I wanted it all.

To be honest, my mom was so excited that I was going to get an engagement ring and I thought everything would work out but then I saw the engagement party and…I don know what happened but… ”

He paused in thought, taking a deep breath.

”She was really happy, and I didn want her to go through anything alone ”.

Dan looked at his face with sympathy, he understood where the guy was coming from, not only because of his familys situation but also because of how he had gotten there.

It wasn that hard to figure out that the groom was still feeling insecure about his previous breakups with the same woman who was supposed to be a good fit.

”You made her pregnant too ”, Dan said, breaking the silence

and watching as the groom visibly flinched.

”Yeah ”, he answered quietly

”But you broke up thrice too… why? ”

”Well, Sir ”, the man sighed, rubbing a hand over his face. ”I guess Im scared, and Im tired of being rejected by women that Ive loved for years. I don have any siblings and I don have any friends outside of work. Its not fair ”.

Dan nodded, understanding completely.

”She is getting scared too because of your freaked-out face, do you know this? ”

”What? What are you talking about? ”, the groom turned around slightly.

The groom nodded, ”she told me that she is confused after we got back together ”.

His eyes went to meet with Dans once again, they both stared back into each others eyes for what felt like forever. It was then, that Dan realized how young the guy was and how long hed been single.

The way he was looking at him now though, reminded Dan of himself whenever he first fell in love with her fiancée.

”Are you okay with this marriage? ”, Dan asked waiting for the confirmation.

”Yes…I love her ”, the groom nodded with confidence, and this pleased Dan even more.

”Thank you, Sir ”, Dan whispered. ”For telling me the truth ”.

The groom returned the sentiment by bowing. Then he excused himself from the room, leaving Dan alone.

”Did we get it right? ”, Vivienne asked as she saw both of them walk inside with peaceful expressions plastered on their face.

”Now we can talk about the wedding package, right ”, Vivienne smiled at her employee.

”Yes Miss Vivienne ”

The bride and groom were now happy and the bride looked brighter due to the grooms confession that he loved her more than anything.

”Can I know your name? ”, the groom asked Dan.

”You can be a great counselor ”

”Me…what? Are you kidding? ”

Dan looked confused and Vivienne giggled at it

”Im Daniel. Nice to meet you ”

”Nice to meet you too ”

”Miss Vivi we have heard about your signature wedding cake recipe ”, the groom said in awe.

”You do? Well, I did whole research before coming to your company and there was just something special with this wedding cake I couldn help myself ”, the bride and groom said altogether.

Vivienne winked at Daniel.

”Wow, that sounds good. You must be a great researcher ”, Daniel replied.


After a few moments of staring, the couple freaked out at the same time.

”Whoa? ” they said simultaneously.

”Oh my God! I forgot to say sorry for not recognizing you! ”, the groom panicked.

”What do you mean by this! ”

Vivienne smiled at them. Then, she remembered what she wanted to discuss.

”So, you are the famous Patissier, Daniel Rousselle ”

”Do you guys know me? ”, Daniel laughs at their expressions.

”Your posters are everywhere with Miss Vivienne and can you please make our wedding cake ”

The couple nodded in agreement looking at Dans face for the answer.

”I…. ”

Before Dan could speak furthermore, Vivienne also joined with her proposal.

”Yes.. he will be preparing your wedding cake ”

”OK OK …. I will do it ”

”The cost will increase.. are you both fine with it? ”

”Yes.. we agree as long as our cake tastes yummy ”

Daniel laughs at Viviennes expressions.

”Im sure it will taste nice… ”

”You better believe it!!! ”

”Can I see your cakes to know what they look like? ”, The couple asked in unison.

”Sure you can! ”

”So you
e just going to bake me a cake? ”

”OK the deal is done, please sign the papers and necessary details and hand them over to our employee ”


”Are you happy? ”, Dan asks Vivienne who is standing next to him.

”It feels weird seeing couples getting married but not having anyone on my side ”. She replied.

Dan chuckles at her remarks.

”We will become rich one day… huh.. am I right ”, Vivienne looks at his face with amusement.

He smiles at her.

”Yeah…yeah…you will become richer ”

Vivienne starts thinking about their future when she realizes that she had to go on another blind date set up by her grandmother.

”Oh by the way… ”

Vivienne walks out of their office to the hallway.

”Thank you, senior, make the best cake ever ”

She smiled at him and left leaving Dan smiling like an idiot.


”Granny, what is this? another guy you set up to meet me ”

”I won go ”

Viviennes grandmother was an expert in setting up dates for her, she usually plans without telling her and just texts her the details of the venue.

”Please go, maybe this guy is better than the previous one ”, her grandmother said, giving Vivienne her best puppy dog eyes on the video call and Vivienne couldn help but give in.

She didn need any more stress at the moment.

”Fine ”, she sighed ”but the decision will be mine okay ”

”Yes.. yes.. go and tell me what happens in the meeting and bye ”

”Huh… now this guy is a doctor ”


She reached the Heartstone Hospital and walked inside to the receptionist who looked at her with an amused expression.

”Hello, can I help you? ” the receptionist asked.

”Yes, my name is Vivienne Tasse and I am here to see Doctor Justin Bourque.

”Justin Baroque? ”

”He is right there, waiting for you ”

The receptionist pointed at the man standing a few meters away from her.

Justin Baroque was a cardiologist and he had a very nice smile and a welcoming demeanor his smile was brighter when they met face to face.

”I am Justin Baroque and you are… ”

”I am Vivienne Tasse and nice to meet you ”

”I am sorry, I can plan to meet you in a nice restaurant ”, Justin said before walking toward her. His voice was very warm, like melted butter.

”Please follow me ”

He started walking back toward the corridor leading to his office.

”Wait! ” Vivienne called after him ”I have been invited by my grandmother ”

Justin turned around with raised brows and Vivienne saw a hint of amusement dancing in his eyes.

”Your grandmother ” he repeated incredulously.

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