The Wedding Ceremony- 1

Justin Baroque looked like her age but in a more mature sense. He was tall, he had broad shoulders and long limbs, and his hair was the color of the sea. He could be described as handsome, or handsome with a bit of salt thrown into it, with his dark eyes and his lips that made her want to curl up on herself.

He also had dimples, a cute little thing she hadn even noticed until now. His face was soft too, but with a strong jawline and a sharp chin. His eyes were a warm brown, full of passion and kindness and so much love that you couldn help but smile at him when you saw them.

”How do you know my grandmother, Doctor Justin? ”, Vivi asked as he pulled out some paper from the drawer and a pen from one of the cabinets.

The man sitting across from her gave her an amused look. ”Your grandmother? ”

Vivi nodded, smiling softly.

”Yes ”

”My family knows your family ”

Justin took a second to register this new information and he looked quite busy scribbling something down on one of the pieces of paper, but he smiled at her nevertheless. He was still pretty attractive, just not her type.

Not him.

”I know her ”, he said eventually.

”Okay ”

”Doctor, the operation theater is ready, lets go ”, the nurse called.

He stood up and placed the papers back inside the desk.

”Alright, Miss Vivienne Ill see you later ”.

The doctor stood up from his seat and walked out of the room, leaving Vivi alone. She sat there for a moment, looking out through the window at the white, sterile hallway

She grinned at him and watched him walk out of the room.

”What the hell just happened? ”, Vivi groaned after a few seconds of processing what just happened.


The Wedding Day——>

”Umm… it looks yummy ”, Vivi looked at their signature wedding cake standing before her.

She saw Dan was carefully decorating the cake and he was extremely focused as he layered each part by part.

She had already done with all the arrangements and now she had nothing to do except stare at her crush, Dan. He was wearing a white dress shirt with a black blazer and he had a black tie tied around his neck while his hair still had a little gel in it from the hair gel.

His hands moved swiftly along the piping bag and then stopped for a second. He looked over his shoulder, eyes meeting Vivis and they made eye contact for a millisecond before turning away immediately.

The sight of his persona was like a Greek god, the way his muscles moved when doing anything and how he would always seem so calm but never really stop.

His hair was perfect in this state, the soft curls perfectly framing his face and giving him a look that was almost boyish yet not too feminine or girly.

He looked back at her again.

”What..? ”, he asked, confused at what had her looking so focused on him.

This time Vivi didn avert her gaze from his. She smiled and said, ”Nothing ”, before turning back towards the cakes.

A silence passed between them.

”Do you want me to try making the frosting? ”, Vivi asks, wanting to fill the sudden awkwardness.

”No…just stay there ”

She smiled lightly and blushed slightly.

She knew that she liked him, there was no doubt about it. She knew he thought of her as a friend and was quite shy around him but she couldn help falling for him even more.

”What..? ”, he said, his voice low, his lips slightly curled up as if he didn quite believe what Vivi was saying.

”Oh I just thought you look amazing! ”, she said cheerfully, trying to cover up how flustered she felt.

She felt her face heating up and she could see Dans cheeks slowly turning red as well.

Dan chuckled softly before going back to his job.

She could feel the tips of her ears getting hot from embarrassment, but couldn bring herself to look away this time, watching Dan as he continued to color his piece.

She didn know why she had blurted out something so embarrassing so she decided to distract herself from the awkwardness she just caused by talking about how cute Dan looked today.


The wedding was planned to take place in Onyx Nebula Resort near the seaside outskirts of Nanville. it was almost evening now, and a soft breeze had been blowing throughout most of the afternoon.

”Mam Vivienne, please come to the brides room, we need you ”

She saw the text messages and now she can escape from the awkwardness that she just created now with Dan.

”I have to go ”

”Hmm… ”

Dan didn even care to look instead he kept on working on his Cukkeocory wedding cake. Vivienne looked at him one last time before rushing out.


She walked back to the brides room to get ready to start her wedding planning business as per usual but what could be going wrong?

The only thing is…she didn know what might have occurred so she went straight to the room crossing the main dining hall.

She ran through the halls quickly until she made her way into the brides room.

”What are you doing? ”, she asked her voice shaking slightly to the Merry Pixys employees.

”Oh hi Vivienne ”, the bride stood up from the couch and walked towards her.

”Yes.. what happened? ”, Vivienne looked at her female employees who were smiling at each other.

They seemed happy but Vivienne couldn shake off the feeling that something is wrong.

”Nothing.. mam the bride wants to meet you personally ”

”OK .. tell me what happened? ”, Vivi looked at the bride with concern.

”These are the gifts we brought for you and Mr. Daniel ”

She handed out a big box that was neatly wrapped.

”We thought you two could open it together ”

Vivienne took the box with a lot of curiosity ”Whats inside ”

”It was a beautiful necklace and an expensive bracelet too ”

”Oh we can take this ”

Vivienne returned the box to the brides hands who refused ”Please do ”

With a sigh, she opened the present and was shocked to find a necklace and bracelet. The womans eyes started watering.

”Its for your sincere help to our dream come true ”


But still, Vivienne couldn accept their gift ”Thank you very much ”

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