HIRA (Karmic)


The sun began to sink. The red sky in the west couldn hide the pale face of Bintang. It is his first time on a flight. Luna knows Bintang is afraid of heights, but the man tries to hide it.

He did not want to look weak in the eyes of his wife.

Luna rested her head on his shoulder. From the boarding room, that guy saw many airplanes outside lined up like tiny toys. A plane took off across the horizon, with the background red sun and orange-blue sky.


Tomorrow is Lunas Birthday. They want to spend time in Singapore. She has ordered two roundtrip tickets, hotel bookings, and Bintangs clothes have all been prepared. On all occasions, Bintang has always just accepted what has been done. Only bring the body; sometimes, it makes Bintang forget when the D day arrives.

It wasn too often that they two went alone like this. They prefer to spend time at home during their courtship, chatting on the terrace or watching TV. Especially now that they have baby Bright, it was the first time they had left Bright with their grandmother.

And the evening flight went smoothly without a hitch.


The sky is immaculate; no single cloud can be seen, the stars are scattered, and the air is cool. They had dinner by candlelight at a restaurant by the Singaporean River.

The atmosphere is so beautiful and romantic.

The people passing by the pedestrians along the riverbanks seemed to rejoice.

Cheerful smiles were plastered on their faces. Some were joking, laughing, and taking pictures with the background of the tourist ships passing gracefully. Beautiful lights scattered everywhere liven up the atmosphere. Seen a pair of lovers kissing so passionately, forgetting about their surroundings as if the world only belongs to the two of them.

Luna looked at the man in front of her. The face was just cold, as usual. He didn look pleased or excited.


Luna never knew what was in that mans heart even after they had lived together for so long. She still feels strange even though they have been married more than three years. Physically, they are closer but mentally, thousands of miles away.

Bintang hastily finished the last bite on his plate, then left the room, leaving Luna, who had not finished eating, alone.

From behind the glass wall, Luna saw her husband light a match, holding it close to the cigarette inserted in his lips, then smoked it and puffed the smoke into the air casually.

Luna swept her eyes across the restaurants corner.

This place is not too crowded. A Caucasian man sitting alone in the corner looked at her and sent a smile. She replied with a polite nod. Getting the response then, the man raised his glass, offering a drink. The girl said thank you with her eyes and sorry she had to leave immediately.

She got up from her seat, walked to her husband in the garden, and stood next to him.

Accompany him.


Luna meets Bintang at a Property exhibition. She is looking for a house while Bintang is in charge of the exhibition stand. The lucky star is on Bintangs side; besides getting a customer who eventually bought the house, he also succeeds in marrying her shortly after the introduction.

Bintang is a very confident figure. Even it can say overconfidence. He never feels inferior when he comes to Lunas house by motorbike, even though almost all Lunas friends visit her by luxury cars. It was his calm nature that made Luna curious and fall in love. In her eyes, the man was very cool.

”Mas,*) this is cute, isn it? ” asked Luna while holding Chocolate in a box made of white and purple velvet cloth in the shape of a cow. It could be a pencil case.

They deliberately checked out of the hotel early to have more time to walk the shopping streets duty-free before boarding. ”Bright would like it, ” she continued.

”Mas. ”

No answer.

”Mas… ” Once again, Luna called her husband and heard no sound; she just realized that Bintang was not with her.

Looking to the right and left, it turns out that the man has moved to the opposite booth, looking for perfume.

Luna rushed to the cashier to pay for her groceries, then caught Bintang at the perfume shop.

She helped sort out the perfume for her husband. Ouch, the packaging is adorable. Is this Ori or KW… she thought. She was holding a perfume box. ”Mas, this one is delicious, smells good. ”

She squirted the tester onto her wrist and kissed it.

”Mas… Mas… ”


”Mas ”

No answer.

She looked around. She is looking for that guy again. On the right, left. It turns out that Bintang has left the perfume counter and moved again to the outlet next door that sells clothes, t-shirts, and souvenirs.

She continued to look for new perfumes for her collection. Pay for it, then followed Bintang to the clothing outlet.

She turned around to look at the stores displaying various kinds of souvenirs and sorted through the T-shirts on display. She looked at an Extra Large sized shirt and pulled it out,

”Mas…look, this looks good for you… ”

Luna turned to the man next to him,

and it wasn Bintang.

”Mas… ” she shouted again. Her eyes searched while carrying a t-shirt. She looked at the booth next door, and it wasn there either. Then she put back all his shopping and left the store looking for her husband.

It turned out that Bintang had crossed again to the toy booth opposite.

She returned to the souvenir shop earlier and paid for her shopping. When she looked opposite the outlet, the man was no longer there.

When a line footstep is drawn, it might be turned into the form of a zig-zag from end to end.

She walked while looking into the duty-free outlet she passed. She couldn find her husband.

She took her cell phone and called Bintang. At the same time, the figure of Bintang flashed from her sight. It seems he had just come from the restroom.

She immediately jogged after her husband, then grabbed the man from behind and turned around, ”Lets go straight to the boarding room. ” she lowered her voice. Tired.

The two of them sat on chairs outside the boarding roar. The door hasn been opened yet.

When she travels alone, she usually spends time shopping for books and buys a CD or toy at the bookstore for Bright. But she chose to sit with her husband this time because Bintang didn like reading.

”Btw, I guess I haven heard any birthday wishes from you, mas, ” said Luna.

”I did. ” Replied Bintang shortly.

”When? ”

”Last night. ”

”In a dream, huh? ”

”Important? ” Bintang asked back

”Sure. ”

”In my family, its not usual to have a birthday party or wishes, ” replied Bintang.

”This is our family, Please .. ” Luna pleaded sulkily.

Silence a thousand languages.

”Come on, tell me, I just want to hear it once. ” Her voice pity full.

She is waiting

”Its also free… you don have to pay, ” she sulked.

Still silent.

Luna looked at the man next to her. Bintang looked out of the hangar through the large glass window, unmoving.

”Is it hard to say Happy birthday? ” she insisted again.

No answer.

She took a deep breath, not knowing what else to say. Don know what to do either. Then she grabbed her cell phone again from her bag.

While in Singapore, she deliberately turned off her cellphone. She only turned it on again when there was no one else she could talk to like now, even though Bintang was beside her.

It turned out that her cellphone was full of happy birthday messages from all her friends.

She was so touched. The attention she never expected flooded her, while what she wanted from the one person who had become her husband never came true.

The boarding room door has been opened. Luna took her husbands hand towards the line, which suddenly became long.

Bintang let go of Lunas hand, then stood behind his wife.

”So the title is Birthday without Birthday wish, right? ” She hissed while standing in line, still hopeful. Although she had never received congratulations in previous years. And actually, she used to it. She doesn want to be overly stupid, baper or too sensitive. Still, somehow, this time, she wanted to feel the luxury of getting a birthday wish from her husband after they celebrated in Singapore.

She saw that her husbands face was still the same, as flat as usual, with no reaction.


”Happy Birthday, dear. ” then she said to herself.


*Mas is a respectful greeting for men. Mas is also among the most common informal prepositions in Javanese society today.

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