HIRA (Karmic)


mance in front of the grand meeting. Perfect. There was no nervousness, her admiration for the boy grew. The guy shed known for a long time—the guy who often drove her home more often than her husband. The guy who had been paying attention to her but she was blinded. Luna pretended not to know there was such a feeling. And now once again Buddy woke her up.

Seeing Buddy standing in front with a white shirt and tie that matched his trouser suddenly made Lunas mind fantasize naughtily. The woman imagined the man in front of him plain without a single cloth covering his body. She craves to make love to that man. Various styles of play we
e playing and dancing in her mind, but… Hushhhhhh She hastily chased away her wild fantasies, it can be dangerous to play with dirty thoughts in a serious situation like this.

Luna was caught red-handed again smiling to himself.

As if Buddy knew what she was thinking.


Luna went upstairs at Break and don know how it is going when suddenly Buddy was already in front of her room.

Her chest immediately beat faster than usual.

With a calm embrace, Buddy entered that girls room. The two of them stood, facing each other, holding hands, and staring very closely behind the door. The sighs got louder and louder. Lunas lips were wet, Buddys gaze glared, and his adrenaline rose.

Suddenly Buddys hand grabbed Lunas face and brought her lips to him. For a moment she was carried away by the atmosphere. But she quickly tried to control herself.

With the remaining strength, she pushed the man back. ”Please… Don … ” She hissed. Again and again, slowly but surely, Buddy tried to hug her.

”Please don … ” She pushed the man out, with all her might, she pushed Buddy out of the room.

And locked the room from the inside.

She stood up, her knees felt weakly unable to support her body, and eventually, she sat behind the door. Her hands were shaking. She tried to calm her heart, calming her ragged breath. It took time to recover all the joints that felt like they were about to fall off. It takes extra energy to fight the force of the same two desires.

She passed the test.


Soon they were sitting together at the dining table.

Luna looked at Buddys eyes to examine whether he was irritated with what had happened. Afraid of being said to be pretentious, holy shit. Again.

But not the slightest hint of regret or disappointment was seen on Buddys face. He was sitting in front of her. Just relax.

Nothing to lose.

”Why? ” whispered Buddy after a moment of silence.

”I can ” answered Luna quietly.

”Why? ” Chase Buddy, still in a relaxed tone.

”His face is like before my eyes. Don have the heart. I feel sorry for him ”

”Even though he always let you down? ”

”Id be more disappointed if I let him down. ”

”Even if it has to hurt yourself? ”

Luna was silent.

”Hey, I don see any signs that you remember the one at home? ” Luna judges quietly while sipping her blue mountain.

”Remember. In this world, there is only one God. The others can be two or more, girlfriends… wives… ” Buddy replied calmly.

Luna smiled. ”After all, you can still be funny too, huh? ”

”Everything that happens in this world is the result of fabrications of the human mind. There are only two certain things in this world, namely Death and… ” Then Buddy raised his hand and dropped the pen on their table, ”Gravity. ”

Luna sneered without commenting.

That night she was working alone in front of her laptop when a text message bothered her again.

”The greatest regrets are the risk we didn take. If you think something will make you happy, go for it. Remember that you only live once ”

Her slender fingers pressed the cellphone keypad, writing while smiling and copying a quote.

”In matters of style, swim with the current; stand like a rock in matters of principle. ”




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