HIRA (Karmic)


spicious. After all, why fiddle with peoples cellphones. ”

e my husband, not someone else; its okay if I want to know. ”

”Why do you confused? It may be a prankster. ”

”Mas, lets clubbing again. ” Luna continued, ”From the same number. ”Again, Mas, again. That means youve been there before. Its funny a misguided **S from the same number. ”

”If you
e curious, why don you call the person back? ”

”I just asked a simple question, why is it so difficult to answer? ”

”Its already been answered. ”

”Thats not the answer. ”

”So answer by yourself. ”

”I asked nicely, but you don want to be honest. Why don you want to be honest, why?

Bintang ignored.

”Can answer? Afraid of hurting my feelings, huh? If you know it will hurt, why do you do it? Thats called selfishness. ” Attack the girl again.

”You always have negative thoughts. ” Bintang Pretext

”If you give me negative facts, how can I think positively. ”

”You shouldn have to think about those; you have to trust me; the other woman, in the end, if not about money, it will trouble. There is no way for me to be like a fool. ” Bintang lowered his voice.

Luna silent. ”Thanks for the explanation; its quite entertaining. So, I want to meet your friend. She invites you to the club; who knows, we can have fun together. ” Luna urged


Bintang did not comment anymore. Even if he had to choose, he would have preferred to die rather than admit it, even though it was true. His face hardens. Usually, Luna gives up when Bintang is cranky like that. He can do whatever he wants without caring about the consequences. But this time, she still not satisfied with Bintangs answers.

”Why can we be open to each other, can be honest and trustworthy? We live under the same roof, but actually, we live separately. ”

Bintang feels its better to keep quiet.

”Maybe because Im too good a person, huh? Its too simple, doesn vary, and is not weird. As a result, you don have a challenge anymore, something to conquer, so you
e looking for an external challenge.? ”

”My challenge is how to make as much money as possible so that we add at least one outlet every year, ” Bintang replied quickly.

Then go back to smoking cigarettes.

”You deserve to have a wife who is not only beautiful but also nagging like Noni… the types of flirty girls. Maybe you feel alive if you are married to that kind of person. ”

”Not really. Wrong if you think so. Do you think I choose the woman carelessly? ”

Luna was quietly flattered.

”My ideal woman is like… Sophia Latjuba. ” He said calmly, ”Its a pity I m a married man. ”

Luna pinched Bintang so hard. The man only smiled faintly yet painfully

Damn it!


Its been three days since Luna had a cold war with her husband. Even though Bintang drove her to the office every morning, they never spoke.

As long history, there has never been an apology out of her husbands mouth even though he was wrong. Even if he admits he is wrong, instead of saying sorry, he will make Luna five-star flavored village fried rice and feed her. Bintang is excellent in making village fried rice. It tastes special and never changes. So when Luna gets angry and then gets a plate of five-star village fried rice, it means; Peace.


Luna silent beside Bintang. No more conversation in the car, just cold. And Jam. And a lazy heart. But Luna tries to keep her heart clean and not frozen.

Finally, arrived home, and it was raining. As usual, Bintang went down first and immediately ran away. Luna was empty inside the car, alone. Didn feel anything nor think about anything. Expect nothing. Just looking at the rain. And its dark out there.

She eats the silence.

All of a sudden Bintang appear out of the house,

Bring her an umbrella.

Luna was surprised unexpectedly.

Something that doesn seem like him


*)Mbak, greetings for older women in Java;

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