Chapter 1 Kingdom gets cursed:

In 1608, there was a humble and sweet king. He loved and cared about his kingdom. He was tall, and had big eyes, a large beard. He was very kind. He had only one son. His wife was also very generous. One day his son Adrian goes to a small village. There was a girl. She was very beautiful. When Adrian went back home the king was waiting for him.

King said ”Adrian it is time to get married ” Adrian said happily ”there is a girl I want to marry her but… ” ”But what ” king said. ”But she is not a princess she is just a normal girl ” Adrian said.

The Queen came down the stairs and said ”no one gets married with a normal girl in our kingdom ” Adrian looked sad. After that Adrian went into his room. Next day Adrian went to the same village for some work and saw that girl again.

He followed her. She was doing her chores. She notices that someone is following her. But when she turned back Adrian hid quickly. At that time in the castle the queen and king were talking about Adrian.

King said ”I know this is against our tradition but our son is important then tradition ”. Queen worriedly said ”but we don know anything about her ” the king agreed and with relief he said ”so whats big deal in it we will find out each and everything about her ”.

Then queen request ”but please don tell this to Adrian. First we will see, if we like her then we will tell, ” king calmed her and said ”ok ”.

Adrian was continuously seeing that girl for days. It looked like that girl knew where Adrian was and went there. After a few weeks a person came into the castle and said to the king ”I don know who her parents are. I am sorry but in this whole kingdom no one knows about her. Maybe she is new here.

King was surprised and said, ”Anything else you know about her? ” Person said, ”she looked like a normal girl. I mean she sells clothes and does home chores. She seemed nice to me. One more thing, she is very kind. ”

The person left. The Queen asked the king ”Anything you find about her ” and the king said worriedly ”No, but she is a normal girl and very kind ”. The queen was upset.

King looked at the queen and said ”Don worry I have a plan ”. The queen was curious, ”what is the plan? ” he explained ”Plan is that we will invite a girl here and ask her if she can live here. Then we will know about her and we can know her likeness towards Adrian ”.

Adrian was sitting at the side of the lake. He was thinking about her. He suddenly notices her. He built his courage and went towards the girl. He asked her ”Hi, whats your name? ”

She replied ”Who are you? And why do I tell you my name? ” Adrian looked surprised ”You don know me? ” she replied ”No I don know you. ” He smiled and said ”I am the son of the king. Adrian. ” She said ”Oh, Adrian ok. So, what do you want from my name. ”

king replied ”hey! Chill, I was just asking, thats all. ” She said ”I am sorry; I don want to be rude. I am just having a bad day sorry for misbehaving. By the way, I am Rose. ” And then they started talking.

Adrian came home. And news was waiting for Adrian. King called Adrian in his room. King said to Adrian, ”I have good news for you ” Adrian said curiously ”good news? ” Adrian thought that this day was lucky for him.

King looked into Adrians eyes with a big smile and said ”My dear son you can marry that girl but… ” Adrian said confusingly ”But what father? ” The king said ”Look son, that girl will live here if she starts to like you and when we will get consolation. Then you both can marry each other ”.

Adrian was so happy. Adrian said ”Thanks father. I agree with you. King asked Adrian ”Son, do you know anything about her? ” Adrian replied ”Yes, just her name. ” The king said, “so what is her name then? ” Adrian replied with big smile ”Her name is beautiful like her, her name is Rose ”.

King called rose in his castle. King asked Rose ”Rose where your parents are? ” Rose replied ”I have no parents. I am alone ” King asked rose ”I want you to live here because my son loves you and wants to marry. But I want your opinion also ”

Rose politely said ”king I honor you but I can live here. I know this place is so beautiful and I can never make my home like this but you know home is home. And I love my house so much no matter how small and simple it is. ”

King was impressed. He thought she was not greedy and also looked like a very good human. He said ”I respect your decision. You can leave but if you ever want to come back here you can. ” After that she left.

Adrian was sad and asked king ”Father why you asked her to leave after all you have power to command her ” king explained Adrian ” Look son I have power but I have responsibility also. As a king it is my duty to take care of my people happiness ” Adrian said ”I am sorry father you are right ”.

After a few days a huge flood came and destroyed many houses and lives of people. This flood shakes the whole kingdom. King was so worried but surprisingly Adrian managed to make new houses and supplies to many people and also made shelter.

King said to Adrian ”You win my and also peoples hearts. You are my charm son. I feel so proud ”. Adrian wiped the kings tears and said ”father please don cry it is my duty and I learned from you ”. They both smiled. A person knocked at the door.

A person came in and said ”This flood was unexpected. ” Kind said ”what you want to say, say it openly ” .He replied ”This flood is not normal. It is caused by may be magic, ” They both were shocked.

Another person came. He was running and was breathing heavily. And interrupted them and said ”k…k…k… king she is back ” king said ”who come back and please calm down ” person said ”king, Rose is back ”.

King came down. There was Rose and she said to the king ”My king, I want to live here. Can I? ” king said ”Why not but I thought you want to live in your sweet home ”.

She replied ”Yes, I want but now there is no home, my house is destroyed by flood now I am homeless ” king happily said ”you are most welcome here you can live as long as you want. ”

She thanked the king and started living there. She was happy. She has no interest in Adrian. Slowly, slowly days passed and Rose started to notice that Adrian was caring, brave and intelligent.

She loves plants and Adrian always takes care of her favorite plant which is jasmine. Rose loves jasmine flower. After some time she spent her time with him and she started to love him.

A person came and he looked very worried. He was shaking. By his face anyone can tell he was scared. He strutted said to king ”I find out from where rose came and believe me it is not good ” king said worriedly ”from where and why you are scared? ”

He replied and looking here and there ”she is come from bandilor. ” King replied with a smile ”so bandilor is a simple village what is big deal? ” the person replied ”I cannot even say that, when you go there you will understand it ” and saying that he fell on the floor.

After he fell on the floor, the king knew something was wrong. People came and took that person with him. King didn tell this to the queen. He said ”I can find out who rose after going bandilor and don worry I will come back in a few days ”

The queen said ”but why are you going. You can send someone else ”. King replied ”yes but it is important to go but like I said I will be back in a few days or weeks ” he didn tell Adrian about that, he knows Adrian can tell rose about that. He made excuses for work and left.

When he went to Bandilor he got news. When he heard this news he felt someone pull the floor from his feet. He got news that the person was dead soon after he left the castle and his death was not normal.

He knew something was not good. This news broke his heart. He took the blame and said ”it is all because of me. He died because of me ”. He looked up in sky and said ”I swear I will punish that person who is responsible for all these activity ”.

He passed by a person. He said ”Hey! What is your name? ” The person replied, ”I am Hickson ” King asked, ”do you know about rose ”. Suddenly Hickson got scared and said ”every single person knows about her. No one can forget a single thing. ” King said ”It is very important for me please tell me what happened ” Hickson said come to my place and I will tell you everything in detail ”.

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