Chapter (3)- Love or something else!


Arthur came out of the woods in front of Alexandras house. Alexa pointed to the village road and told Arthur,

”You can go straight to town by this road.

Arthur let out a sigh of relief and said, ”Thank you so much.

Emily interrupted, ”You
e probably tired, youve been in the woods all night. You can either rest here or have some breakfast.

Alexa looked at Emily in surprise. Emily gestured and said something to Alexa. But Alexa couldn understand. Arthur thought for a moment and said,

”When you say so much. How can I not, lets go.

After got fresh up Arthur was surprised when he entered and sit in the dining room. Doriana served a feast of about five or six terms. Arthur smiled and said,

”What was the point of doing so much, Aunty !?

Doriana laughed and said, ”Hey theres nothing so much !! Just roast chicken, Jufa Grizzawa (mushroom soup), vegetables, malta juice, quail eggs and sweets.

Arthur start eating and Alexas mother has started gossiping with him. Emily and Alexa are leaning against the dining room door. Alexa whispered,

”The boy was leaving. Why did you call him again !?

Emily whispered, ”What can I do without calling! The boy has been wandering in the forest without eating all night. Whats wrong with you if you let him eat a little !?

Alexa muttered, ”That was the big problem. The wolfs panic is growing in Lublin. And this guy says, he spent the whole night in the jungle !!

Emily pushed Alexa lightly. Lowering her voice and asked, ”What are you muttering so much !!

Alexa said nothing just shaked her head. Arthur left Alexandras house after eating. Doriana laughed and said him,

”Whenever you comes here, hope you will visit our house.

Arthur smiled shyly and said, ”Okay Aunty, see you later.

Emily and Alexa come to take Aurhur down to the road. Arthur rented a carriage and said to Alexa, ”Thank you for everything. Alexandra.

Alexa was a little surprised to hear her full name from Aurthur. She asked him surprisingly,

”How did you know my name?

Before Arthur could say anything, Emily said, ”Aunty must have said that.

Arthur agreed with Emily, ”Yes, thats right.

Emily smiled sweetly and said, ”Well I have to go home too. Can I go with you if you don mind !?

Arthur laughed and said, ”Of course, why not. Lets go. ”

Arthur and Emily got into the carriage and Alexa took a bath after back home. Emily is sitting in the seat opposite of Arthur. Emily fell in love with Arthur the first time she saw him. She has probably never seen such a handsome boy in her life. Arthur growled and asked,

”Are you Alexandras friend !?

Emily smiled sweetly and said, ”Yes, Alexa is my childhood friend.

Arthur shook his head and said, ”Whos in your family !?

Emilys smile faded, she said in a calm voice, ”I live alone. Well, how do you know that my friends name is Alexandra !? I was with Aunty. Aunty didn say, then!

Almost immediately the carriage stopped, Arthur smirked and said, ”We have reached in front of your house.

Emily laughed even though she didn want to, ”Oh, see you then.

As soon as Emily got down from the carriage, the carriage ran away with lightning speed. Emily stared at the carriage for a moment and then walked home.

Alexa is having breakfast. Doriana is sitting in the yard knitting sweaters. Daniel went to school. After a while two women came and took the sweaters with a few more bags. Doriana puts the bags on the dining table and says,

”Ive got five more sweaters. Theyll come to take these next day.

Alexa went to her room with the bags. She left with a few books, a notebook and a pen. Alexa is walking along the village road. Today she will go to Julians house. She received a letter from Julian yesterday afternoon. Before returning from the city, Julian wrote that he was coming to the village on vacation.

Julians house is on the left side of the road to Emilys house. Julians father is a farmer. With a medium-sized cottage, It has three small rooms and a kitchen. Julians mother is sick, and Dad works on the farm all day. Julians older sister stays with her family all year round. She is having trouble with her husband.

As soon as she entered Julians house, Julians older sister Julie smiled sweetly and said,

” How are you Alexa! You must have come to meet Julian!?

Alexa laughed and said, ” Hmm. Actually to solve some problems

Julie interrupted, ”I understand, you don have to explain. Julian went out to buy medicine for mom. Hell be back in a while.

Alexa sat down next to Julians mother and asked, ”How are you Aunty !?

The lady smiled and said, ”Same as before. Why don you come occasionally. If the boy leaves, I know you will not come here again. ”

Alexa smiled and said, ” Ok, Ill come.

Julian returned home with her mothers medicine and went out with Alexa. A river flows past beside Julians home. Seen from a distance, it looks like a thin ribbon. Alexa and Julian sat down by the river. While teaching, Julian said,

”Whats the condition of our village !? I heard that Uncle Philip is dead !?

Alexa sighed and said, ”Hmm, he left home in the evening after a fight with his wife. He never returned home at night. The next morning the villagers found his mutilated body.

Julian said quietly for a moment, ”Theres been a lot of writing in the town about Lublins wolf scare.

Alexa shook her head and said, ”The panic in Lublin is getting worse by the day. Now nobody leaves the house after dusk.

After teaching Alexa, Julian asked to Alexa, ”Alexa! What do you think about me!? do you like me !?

Alexa was a little shocked and said, ” Yes i like you. If i didn like you, would we be friends or not !?

Julian looked at Alexa with passionate eyes and Said softly, ”Are we just friend Alexa !? Don you feel anything about me !?

Alexa may have figured out what Julian meant. Turning around, she said to Julian, ”Have you met Emily !?

Julian said angrily, ”I didn get the answer to my question!

Alexas arms are shaking, she can think what to say. She thought to herself, ”Emily was right, Julian took me more than just a friend. But what can I do now !?

Alexa startled and said, ”Its getting late Julian, I have to go.

And Alexa somehow ran away without delay. She is very angry, whether he is the friend she has been thinking about for so long !! Bigger than that, Emily loves Julian. Alexa decided in her heart that she would never come to read to Julian again.

Clouds have suddenly gathered in the sunny sky. Alexa is walking along the village road, she is very angry. Alexa suddenly turned around and got a familiar voice. Arthur is standing a few steps away !! Alexa is surprised to see Arthur here at this time. She asked him surprisingly,

”Why are you here !?

Arthur laughed and said, ”Why! Am I forbidden to come here !?

Alexa laughed and said, ”Sorry, I didn meant that.

Arthur said, ”Its OK, so where are you going !? Home !?

Alexa shook her head and said, ”Yeah. Where are you going !?

Arthur approached Alexa, frowned and said, ”If I say so, your home !!!!

Alexa was a little shocked to come so close to Arthur. He laughed out loud and said, ” Well, lets go then.

The clouds parted in the sky, and the sun shone from time to time. After get back home, Alexa went straight to her room. Arthur sits down to have lunch with Alexa. Arthur has already chum up with Daniel. While eating, Doriana asked,

”Where is your home, Arthur?

Arthur said quietly for a moment, ”Im from Warsaw.

Alexa asked in surprise, ”In the capital !! I thought you lived in a nearby town.

Arthur laughed and said, ”No, I live in Warsaw. I came on tour from varsity last time.

Alexa asked with great interest, ”Which varsity do you study !?

Arthur stared at Alexa for a moment, then focused on eating again. Alexandra felt humiliated. While eating, Arthur said,

”I am studying in the English department at the University of Warsaw.

Alexandra is very keen to learn English. From a young age, she was very interested in foreign countries. Before she could tell Arthur anything more, Doriana lightly rebuked her daughter and said,

”Alexa !! Why are you talking so much while eating !! ??

The afternoon sun has risen, the farmers are working in the fields. Herds of sheep are roaming in the green desert. The chirping of birds is coming. Julian is standing in front of Alexas house.

He feels guilty for leaving Alexandra without saying anything in the morning. Doriana is busy picking dry clothes in the yard. Suddenly she saw Julian and asked,

”Whats the matter Julian! Why are you standing there !?

Julian said hesitantly, ”No, I mean. With Alexa

Doriana laughed and said, ”You
e here to see Alexa !? Then why are you standing there! Come in! ”

Julian smiled and stepped forward, Doriana folded her clothes and said, ”Alexa is upstairs in her room.

Daniel and Alexa chatting with Arthur. Daniel fell asleep on Alexas lap long ago. Arthur describes the vast world outside of Lublin. Huge city Warsaw! People there !! Their Dresup! Dishcloth Gourd!! Roads !!

Different institutions in the city, study there !! Alexa is swallowing everything. Suddenly Arthur and Alexa heard someones footsteps and turned back. Alexa feeling a little uncomfortable looking at Julian. She said to Arthur,

”Danny is asleep. Lets put him to bed.

Alexa pretended not to see Julian and took Daniel away. She laid him down in her parents room and came out of the room. Arthur stares at Julian from head to toe. Julian wondering what this stranger is doing in Alexas house! Alexa stood in her room. Julian smiled and said,

”Sorry, Alexa for the morning thing.

Without letting Julian say anything else, Alexa whispered, ”I forgot about it, Julian. Its better if you forget too. I don want to talk about it anymore. ”

Julian leaned forward towards Alexa and said, ” Alexa!

Alexa stepped back a few feet, her eyes hardened, and said, ” you can leave if you have nothing else to say.

Arthur once looked at Alexa and once at Julian. Julian realizes that Alexa won listen to him now. Why he went to speak with her like this !! Julian is now angry with himself. He quickly got down from the second floor and walked out of Alexas house. Alexa stared at Julians way. Julian is her childhood friend, their years of friendship have faded in an instant. Arthur cleared his throat and said,

”Its getting late, I have to go back.

Alexa restrained herself and said, ”Hmm, lets go.

Arthur and Alexa have come a long way from Alexas house. They are waiting for carriage, Alexa is looking anxiously somewhere far away. Arthur looked at her and said,

”Looks like your mood is off for Julian.

Alexa said in a hushed voice, ”Thats none of your business!

Arthur realizes Alexa is in a very serious mood, he looks at Alexa and says,

”Sometimes something happens in our life that we can share with anyone.

Alexa turned and looked at Arthur, Arthur said calmly, ”I can be your ” someone ”if you want.

Alexa don know what happened to her hearing Aurthur words. She smiled and shared Emilys thoughts about Julian in the woods that day and what Julian had said to her this morning. After listening Arthur just said,

”Don be upset, everything will be fine.

Almost immediately a carriage came and stood in front of them. Arthur got up and sat on it. Alexa returned home as soon as Arthur left.

Julian comes out of Alexas house and inter into the forest. He has liked Alexa since childhood. He doesn know when that like turned into love. After leaving Lublin, Julian realizes how much he loves Alexa. But Alexa! She rejected him !!

It was getting late in the afternoon, and Julian was sitting on the edge of the forest in the pitch dark. He is looking at the house of Alexandra, which is standing nearby. Lantern lights flashed in Alexas room on the second floor.

Its time to meet again with her. Anyway, he has to convince her that how much he loves her! Julian giggled happily. He came down from the edge of the forest and entered Alexandras orchard. Today is the full moon. The silver moon has risen like a round dish in the sky!

Floating all around in the moonlight. Julian walks through the orchards following that light. Suddenly he was startled by the roar of wild animals. Julian does not have the courage to look back!

Holding his breath, he slowly turned back. Noticed, something is moving in the jungle! Julian is trying to see clearly. After a while, the herbs are just moving. He can think who is wandering in the jungle on a raft this evening !!

It is certain that there is no one from this village, because the people of the village lock the doors and windows of the house and hang the cross for fear of wolves before evening falls.

Julians hands and feet became cold as soon as he remembered the wolf. Today is full moon ! Hes still out of the house this evening !!

Julians gaze was fixed on the beast coming out from behind the bushes in front of him !!

The giant hairy wolf is standing a few steps away from him !! The cold current of fear went down Julians spine !!!

He stopped screaming, it was as if someone had squeezed his throat !!! His body seems to be fading, he can no longer stand on two legs !

The wolf folded its hind legs and looked at the moon hanging in the sky.

With the weight on the front two legs, it raised its face and made a terrible unearthly roar !!! Almost immediately hundreds of wolves howling from far away came to the ears !!!

Julian returned to his senses. He ran with the highest strength of his body. He does not even know where he went after losing his sense of direction.

The wolf stood up straight and stared at Julian, who was running through the crop field. Out of the front canine teeth, the terrible beast ran at lightning speed !!!

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