Prior to the Mulker getting captured and transported, its partner that was with them and that had warned earlier got worried as its partner took too long. Later on, it sensed that it seemed tensed, and then ”POOF! ” its presence suddenly disappeared.

” Don tell me ” it was startled and confused.

” It simply can be, our strength is unrivaled ” it nervously grinned

” Ill just take a look at them ” It decided to mount off and quench the fire of curiosity that was ignited within it.

Hovering above, it approached the point where it last sensed its partner. Still above for cautions sake, it focused its sight and began to scan through the area.

” I can believe Im getting cautious over these inferior beings ” just then it scanned and pinpointed its partner location.

”What! ” It said with a shocked face. its partner had a gaping hole in its chest and was dead.

” How was this possible ” it appeared worried and suddenly started to scan over the area again. Fortunately, at that moment, John was in the building attending to his savior putting him off the monsters view of vision.

” None of them seems nearby….. Wait, is this a trap. They probably guessed that we travel in groups and they used their body to set a trap…. No No No! No human should even have the power to face us even their mechs couldn faze us, it couldn have been another one of us either, nobody would go against our Queens wishes and I should have picked up their presence at least ” it was still floating with all these conflicted thoughts in its mind

Suddenly realizing its position, it swiftly moved behind one of the tall buildings in the area to shield itself.

” I can believe I left myself opened like that, the very thought of human triumphing over us scares me greatly ”

” Who knows something might be hiding waiting for me to approach them…. should I go call the others to team up against our unknown foe, even if they were stronger they shouldn have calculated our numbers and that can put them off their tracks ”.

” On second thought, I can take this risk with some many unknowns, Ill have to report this as soon as possible, ” it said and flew back to its ship. Immediately it called back the others that went out to collect valuable life forms, soon after their arrival it zoomed off.

ZOOOOMM! The ship traveled at astonishing speed towards the huge mothership hovering above the Earth.

A while later…..

” You reported earlier on the case of one of us death ” a powerful voice echoed. The witness was brought before the War Council members with the exception of the Supreme General that I had some unknown business to attend to. The room at which the questioning was held was extremely large with high boards at which each of them stood, the entire area was made with a rare hard metal which had the resemblance of steel, a full-powered punch from any of the others can make as much as a dent on this metal. With it placed under the spotlight in the Dark room and the presence of these monsters even by their standards, naturally, it felt tensed.

” Yes, my Lords ” it responded in a dignified manner with a slight bow. These Mulkers were twice as huge and tall than others at the war front and had a sense of superiority above the rest.

” it seems we underestimated mankind ”

” Yes! An entire unit was also said to be missing about thirteen days ago ”

” Mechas wasn it? ”

” Yes! It seemed that they were ambushed and later teleported to a far distance. Their bodies and our technology were taken ”

” They are definitely related, I guess being pushed to the edge brought out the potential in them ”

” It doesn matter whatever they do, the plan wouldn be impeded in any way! ” one of the generals blasted.

” You can go now ”

” Yes, Ill take my leave ” Re reverting to its normal position, it turned backward and went through what seemed to be a portal.

” Humans besting us! Thats impossible. We are superior in every aspect! ”

” They caught us by surprise ”

” Well… This doesn seem to be their last plot. They
e definitely planning something a lot bigger ”

” Hmmph! Such trivial resistance. We have remained undefeated over the hundreds of planets we occupied in this Galaxy. This will always be the case ”


It was now morning and Johns transport had arrived. It was escorted by a dozen of huge mechas as it landed on the huge yard. What John expected was a high-speed jet but instead, a huge circular device was brought before him.

” Isn that a teleportation device?! ” He said excitedly to old man Yura who was by his side

” It looks like it ” he replied

” Whoa, aren they like extremely rare and expensive? Wow! ”

Just then the Mechs landed on the open yard right in front of John.

GBIMMM GBIMMM! the ground vibrated as some went to engage John and Yura. Just then Yura brought out a card for verification, after verifying this they continued to speak.

” We traveled over to bring this device. Fortunately, we didn encounter any of our enemies and everything proceeded smoothly ”

” Our Boss ordered us to station one here in a case similar occurrences takes place in the future and to safely ensure our arrival ”

” I see, I would like you to set it elsewhere, ” Yura said

” We are here to help ” The group later proceeded to move the giant device somewhere a bit isolated.

A little while later, the group had finished setting up the device and it was switched on. With this, a blue glowy portal was formed.

” Move the bodies in first, ” one of the Mechs said. The bodies disappeared as they approached the portal. It was now Johns turn

” Thank you so much, ” he said to Yura and moved right into the portal.

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