”Huh? ” James frowned. He obviously would not be willing to help the group of survivors because it would not benefit him.

”Will you be able to fight the zombies and protect yourself on the way? ” Kayson considered a few things for a moment. He wanted to go to the military base, so having some meat shield was pretty good.

”Huh, fight? Do you mean fighting those undead-like monsters? Hey, you state soldiers who are paid to protect the people. The military gets a lot of state funds, and we pay huge taxes for a reason! ” Someone suddenly snapped in annoyance.

”Heh… What do you think? ” Kayson smirked and put his rifle on his shoulder.

”Unfortunately, people. We are actually the abandoned ones. The government has already isolated the surrounding cities and sealed them. Tomorrow is the last batch of evacuations where the entire military will try to save themselves and anyone who wants to go with them. ”

”Yeah, so whoever wants to survive has to have some power or value. Otherwise, those whove been battling the zombies in recent times are desperate, you see? Thats why they also wanted to flee and abandoned their posts. ”

Kaysons subordinates also smirked. They tried to provoke the survivors for a reason.

”Huh? You have weapons to protect society, right? ”

”We must blow up those zombies with bombs, and theyll be wiped out. ”

”Yeah, America has atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, and much more. But wed also be wiped out if cities were just destroyed. ”

”Wait, its been a week since the doom started, right? ”

”You mean, even the government doesn have a solution for this zombie spread? Or maybe the government and military have fallen apart? ”

”Oh God, please save us! Doomsday has come. ”

”You seem to have misunderstood. We are not saviors. This weapon is made to kill, not protect. You will follow my arrangements if you want to come with us to the military base. Do you understand? ” Kayson approached someone who was probably the leader of the survivor group. He poked the tip of his rifle into the mans cheek.

”Gulp… All right. ” The survivor group leader could only nod in agreement because he was intimidated.

”Eleven men, nine women, five elderly people, and four children, huh… You collect as much food stock as you can carry. Weve cleaned up the zombies in this supermarket area. However, you
e eleven… grab a weapon, and well get some cars for you outside. ” Kayson instructed his orders to the survivors.

Apart from the eleven men Kayson pointed at, all the survivors immediately carried out the order because it was relatively easy. If there were no zombies in this supermarket area, they could take anything without fear of zombie attacks.

”Yo, how about you, Zayn? Do you want to come with us to the military base or back to that place? ” Kayson grinned widely and tried to invite Zayns group.

”… ” Zayn seemed to understand why Kayson suddenly wanted to take the survivors to the military base. It was not free, and something was clearly planned.

His inner voice told him to find information about Lab X, so he still had to stay in this city. He knew he could do something to this zombie apocalypse, even though he didn understand where that confidence came from. Maybe, God would guide him?

Nevertheless, Zayn couldn impose his desires and goals on his friends and followers. He turned around to look at everyones expressions.

Apart from Alex and Frankie, the other four people looked scared and a bit desperate. It was clearly visible from their eyes. It seemed the previous incident had left them shaken.

”You want to take shelter at the military base and come with them to New Yorks base? ” Zayn asked as if he knew what his followers had in mind.

”… ” The four people looked hesitant to say anything.

While Alex and Frankie just shrugged their shoulders. They didn seem to care about the military base or anything. They are quite relaxed and not bothered by anything.

Zayn heaved a subtle sigh and made a decision. He would help protect the survivors and take his followers to the military base. ”Alright, well come with you to the military base. However, Ill return to that place once we get there. ”

”What do you mean by I, my friend? Are you excluding me? ” Alex put his arm around Zayns shoulder.

”Hey, I know you still need to go to the medical center for some medicine. You want to do something crazy, don you? Count me in. ” Frankie fiddled with his gun.

”Thank you. However, we could die at any moment, you know? ” Zayn appreciated his close friends, whatever the reason behind their determination.

”Yeah, death will come one day. I want to join the craze and see the end of this apocalypse. ” Alex glanced at Frankie. They seemed to have agreed on something and nodded.

”The hck? If thats your wish, we
e going our separate ways now. Let me know when you
e coming back, Zayn. ” James was relieved that Zayn would be back, but he wasn going to the military base.

That said, Kayson led the survivor group to fetch some cars near the emergency exit. However, Jamess group left because the business was done.

After that, they immediately rushed to leave the vicinity because it was getting close to dusk. They must arrive at the military base before sunset.

Two military-grade hummers escorted the entourage of eight cars from the front and rear.

”Kayson, do you know where the military base is? ” Zayn activates his walkie-talkie.

”This is Kayson. Of course, I know. We
e already close, but we
e going to hide our hummer in a safe place first. Are you going inside the base and seeing whats going on there? You might want to drive your followers there tomorrow morning. ” Kayson asked out of curiosity.

”All right. ” Zayn didn turn down the offer.

”Good. ” Kayson responded curtly, and that was the end of the conversation.

”He also feels suspicious and wary of the soldiers in the military, huh. ” Alex could guess Kaysons thoughts easily.

”Yeah, everyone is desperate and wants to be saved. Those soldiers will go crazy if they see we have a lot of food and weapons in stock. ” Frankie snorted.

”… ” Zayn could also guess the whole situation. However, he is more concerned with the other four people.

”Friend, please just carry a gun and military knife with you. If you want to take shelter in the military, please wear normal clothes now. Only bring what you can carry because the soldiers may take your possession. ” Frankie glanced at the rearview mirror.

”… ” The four people in the back seat glanced at each other, then looked at Zayn.

”Zayn, please forgive us. We will remain Gods believers because we know we need a sanctuary to put our hope in from despair. ”

”We will spread your teaching to other survivors. ”

”Those zombies drive me insane. If I don meet you and follow your teachings, I don know what will happen to my sanity. ”

”May God bless us. You should also go take refuge with us, Sheikh. Those zombies are very powerful and dangerous. What if the desperate government decides to blow up this city and its surroundings? ”

The four people immediately apologized and expressed their concerns.

”Thank you, friend. God will protect us. Keep fighting and praying… surely help will come to you. I still need to do something in this city, which sounds crazy. However, I would like to find Lab X to find the source of this problem. God shall guide us to end this tragedy. ” Zayn shook his head.

”You might die in the process and achieve nothing. Will Alex and Frankie come with you on that crazy task? ” Someone asked in shock.

”We must trust God will protect our noble deeds, and we still have heaven as the place to return. Do more good, even though the end is near. ” Zayn put his hand on his friends shoulder.

”Then, hopefully, you can find a solution to end the zombie invasion. Lab X is the source, but its hidden and so dangerous. God is with you. ”

The four people then voiced their prayers for Zayns success despite the slim chances of success.

”Heh, the government wouldn dare blow up their territory that easily. Its only a matter of time until the zombies are scattered all over the state. Im afraid theres nowhere to escape. So blowing up all the land isn the solution. ” Alex muttered under his breath. He could guess where this catastrophe would lead, which was no good.

Minutes later, Kayson announced they would hide the hummers in an underground garage. After that, they left in ordinary cars they could use on the side of the road.

”The survivors look intimidated. When did Kayson do something to them? ” Zayn asked in confusion. He could notice the survivors weirdness.

”At the supermarket. You don see it. Kayson just wants those people not to mess his plan up. Just let him be as theres no harm. ” Frankie shrugged his shoulders.

As they arrived near the military base, they were confronted by a concrete blockade blocking the road. However, there was a sign to where they needed to go.

They followed several signs and entered the military base area. However, they found another blockade, and dozens of armed soldiers immediately aimed their rifles, ready to fire.

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