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Laboratory X Exploded

”Zayn, go explore the world and sail the oceans. You will see the beauty of the world. Share the goodness with others. God will bless all the good deeds you do. Maybe, one day you will find the answer you have been looking for all this time. ” The old man with a long white beard put his wrinkled hands on the head of a young man sitting cross-legged next to him.

”Thats such a sudden request, father. If I leave, then how can I take care of you? You are no longer young… please allow this child to be filial to his parent. ” Zayn was taken aback by his fathers request, but he responded calmly.

”I am grateful to have a son like you. However, you are also not a child. You are now twenty-one years old. God gave you a miracle… your incredible abilities will never develop if you continue to be in this rural village.

As our predecessors once said… experience is one of the most valuable things in life. Explore the world and gain knowledge even if you have to go to another country. You can become a wonderful medical expert one day and help many people. Not just this village ” The old father patted his sons back and chuckled.

He then glanced at the sky outside the window, muttering. ”I had been preparing for it but brought it up today. I know you have a desire to see the wide world. Your English skills are good. You will be fine in communicating in the outside world, my son. ”

”But… ” Zayn didn comply easily. It was a tough decision to leave his old father alone. If he had to go explore the world, he obviously wanted to take his father with him. However, his father has other desires.

”I am an Imam, and there are many people who can look after me. You don have to worry. Go, my son. Go to the capital and start your world adventure. ” The old father shook his head.

He needed some time to get his son to fulfill his request. In the end, Zayn nodded in understanding.

”Someone is waiting for you outside. Go to him, and he will help you. Youll meet all kinds of people and learn all kinds of things. My blessings and prayers will always be with you. ” The old father pointed his palm towards the outside.

Zayn took his fathers hand and knelt on his fathers lap. He delivered a long farewell and promised to recount his journey when he returned one day. He prayed for his father to be blessed with long life and health. He then left the place of worship.

He looked back a few times before settling on his departure. His father sent him off with a smile, after all.

The old father only raised his hand until his son could no longer be seen. He waited a few minutes and then stood up to perform a sunnah prayer.

One month had passed since Zayn left his village and arrived in the capital. He was invited to the Western Continent by the sea at a particular event. He also took it as an opportunity to go to another continent to see the other part of the world.

The entire crew boarded the ship and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Two months had passed since Zayns arrival on the West Continent. He occasionally shared goodness with the others when the opportunity came, but his new boss didn like it.

”Zayn, you still often share food with those bums, huh. Hurry up. We don have time. We have to get back before eleven oclock! ” The fat man ordered Zayn while looking at his wristwatch.

”Yes, sir. ” Zayn immediately followed his boss into the car. They were only out to buy medical supplies, after all.

”… ” Zayn stared out the car window. It wasn the first time hed come across homeless people, but it was still sad that he couldn do much for them other than give them a little helping hand.

”Zayn, you
e now my medical assistant. You
e no longer an intern. You should stop helping those homeless people, let alone touching them. We
e medical workers, and we have to stay clean and hygienic. You give one, and many will ask for more. ” The fat boss sprayed a hygienic liquid into Zayns hands.

”… ” Zayn didn want to respond.

He was there to broaden his medical knowledge, and following a few new rules made sense. He just needed to rearrange his ways of helping people in need. A few moments later, they returned to the hospital.

”Doctor Logan, this is serious! An accident occurred at a crossroads, and people brought them here immediately. An emergency operation must be carried out immediately to save their lives! ” A nurse came closer in a bit of a panic.

Tch, why did they bring a victim with serious injuries here? The big hospital is only a few kilometers from here. Logan clicked his tongue. Even so, he was only talking to himself.

He worked in a small hospital, and a doctor had to do his job. Thus, he invited Zayn to go see the patients.

It was two people with severe wounds and bleeding. Doctor Logan and two other medical personnel tried their best to save the lives of the two patients. However, their efforts were unlikely to succeed. After an hour of trying, both patients were already giving signs of death.

As everyone gave up, Zayn took a deep breath and prayed to God, the ruler of life and death. After that, he tried to use his spiritual power to stop the internal bleeding in one of the patients.

He triggered the leeding stopper substance in the patients body to work optimally, then kept the patients heart rate to avoid death.

When the patients life status reached a safe point, he performed the same action on the other patient.

What Doctor Logan and the two medics saw was Zayn doing a little massage to the two patients. However, the two patients gave a normal life status on the screens! They could be saved now.

”Zayn, good job. It was the right decision for me to appoint you as my assistant. Quick, we need to take further action to save their lives. ” Doctor Logan praised Zayn and then immediately gave instructions to his medical personnel.

”Its all by Gods will, sir. Im just an intermediary. ” Zayn responded calmly.

”Yeah, yeah. ” Doctor Logan shrugged his shoulders.

After several minutes of follow-up operation, they managed to save the lives of both patients. Afterwards, they went out of the emergency room to give the news.

Several police officers were already in the waiting room, but they didn seem friendly.

The police officers talked to the doctor about a few things, and then someone checked the condition of the two patients.

”Who is in charge of treating the patients? ” A captain asked in a clear voice.

”That is me. ” Doctor Logan puffed out his chest proudly. He knew the identity of the accident victim, and he might get an exciting appreciation reward later.

”Report, sir. The accident victims have died. ” Another policeman came back to report.

”Hou, how can that be when you say they were saved, doctor? ” The Captain frowned.

”What!? How did it happen? ” Doctor Logan immediately panicked. He tried to look back at the whole situation and realized this was probably a planned political scheme.

An officials severe accident, treatment at a small hospital, then a death report. Someone in a suspicious black suit could be seen nearby, and Doctor Logan could deduce everything easily.

”Thats Zayn. Hes in charge of treating the patients. Hes the new doctor. ” Doctor Logan immediately threw the blame on his new assistant. It couldn be him if someone needed to be sacrificed as a scapegoat.

”My apologies, but we need to detain you for further questioning. Please don resist. ” The Captain gave a signal to his men. They then arrested Doctor Logan, Zayn, and the two medics.

Zayn rushed to the emergency room, and the death status of the two patients was displayed on the monitor. They had already been saved a few seconds ago, but why all of a sudden. He was suspicious of a police officer who checked the condition of the two patients before they were transferred.

”Follow us to the police station. ” A police officer handcuffed Zayns hands.

”Police officer, Im just a medic doing his job. The patients- ” Zayn wanted to explain something, but the policeman wouldn listen.

He was just taken to the police station, and that was where the situation got worse. He was charged as a negligent medical officer on a one-sided absurdity charge and imprisoned. However, his new boss somehow managed to escape the accusations.

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