It was already two weeks since Zayn was thrown in jail for a crime he didn commit. His new boss visited him a few days ago and said that he would be released soon because all this was a scapegoat scenario between politicians that involved them.

Those patients were an official and his driver whose political opponents wanted them dead. The police were also involved, but the victors power silenced the actual facts.

Zayn knew that his words would not be heard by law enforcement or the media even though he was telling the truth because of the power that spoke and rewritten the so-called facts.

”This world is dirty and full of sin. Is this what you want me to see in the outside world, father? Can I do anything about this situation? Oh dear God, please show me your great guidance. ” Zayn muttered as he walked through the corridor.

He had just finished the workout with the other inmates, and his batch session was over. They then returned to their prison cells.

”Yo, Sheikh. Why are you muttering to yourself like you
e thinking about something? Its not like you normally do. ” A large burly man put his hand on Zayns shoulder.

”Oh, you surprised me, Alex. I was a little lost over something, but all is well. ” Zayn returned from his train of thought.

”Haha, anyway, my whole body is sore and achy now. I tried to break my limit, but the process wasn easy. They call it no pain, no gain. Can you help me do something? Its torturing me. ” Alex pointed at his tense and sore muscles. He knew his new friend was a wronged, competent medical expert, and he knew Zayn was helpful and talented the first time they met.

”Sure, thats easy. However, we need to do our noon prayer first. ” Zayn didn mind helping, but on one condition.

”Its about time, huh… Well, I don have any activities either. ” Alex glanced up slightly. He previously did not believe in God, but his new friend enlightened him and found the right path to take.

”Oh, common prayer. Shall we do it together? I also want to ask for a little massage on my aching body, Sheikh. ” A bald, brown-skinned man shook his sore shoulders.

”Haha, you should know the order. If not, youll have to repeat it, Frankie. ” Alex laughed lightly.

”Heh, Im not stupid like you, Alex. Sheikh Zayn only had to teach me once, and Im already good at it. For some reason, my restless heart calmed down after that. This might be a miracle, and I feel I will be saved even if the world is going to end soon. ” Frankie smirked in reply.

”Glory be to God, Frankie. ” Zayn was feeling happy. Even though he was imprisoned, he continued to preach to the people around him regardless of who they were.

Several other people then wanted to participate in the so-called prayer routine because they already felt curious about the peace of mind that was being talked about. Theyd seen Zayn and Alex in the last two weeks, then added Frankie yesterday. So, maybe they should give it a try and prove the effects themselves.

The one they needed the most was hope and peace, after all. Not to mention, Zayn was friendly, helpful, and kind. Many people even started calling him Sheikh unilaterally, even though Zayn often asked them to call him by his name.

”Heh, all you do is stand up and bow to Earth. Do you think you will be saved and your sins blotted out? The God is long dead and abandoned us. ” A man with a thick beard snorted sarcastically.

”Hou, whos here speaking. It turned out to be you, Kayson Lamb. O lost lamb, I used to have the same thoughts as you before I met Sheikh Zayn. However, I started to think that what if we are the ones who ignored God, not God who abandoned us? We need His guidance and grace, not the other way around. May we be the lucky ones and be saved. Amen. ” Alex raised his palms and rubbed his face.

”Would you like to try praying to God? Maybe youll find a clue of what you
e looking for. ” Zayn invited.

”Hmm, I still want to be an infidel. ” Kayson folded his arms and averted his gaze. He doesn like Zayns hospitality, but he can do anything to the other party either.

”I see. Please meet me whenever you want to embrace religion. I will guide you in the right way. Verily, God is most merciful. ” Zayn nodded in understanding.

”I wonder if he is gifted as a terrorist. He can get criminals to pray to God. Its like brainwashing. They were bad, but are they good now? ” A blonde Caucasian man muttered softly.

”Shh, keep your voice down, idiot. If they heard you, maybe youd just be beaten black and blue. However, if Zayn heard it… Ugh, I don want to hear his long sermon again. Their prayer looks troublesome, and routine can kill me. I don know why they always do that worship. Does God really exist? ” A fat, bald man shut his friends mouth.

After Zayn performed his noon prayer with the other worshipers, they prayed for the good of the people. Then, Zayn did a little massage on Alex and Frankie because they often tried to break their body limit since meeting him.

*Bam!* *Bam!* *Bang!*

A commotion broke out in another cell, drawing the attention of many people.

”What happened there? Why is it so noisy? ” Zayn wondered as he looked outside. Someone was being beaten by a lot of people there.

”Well, don mind them. I heard they were beating up a killer and a pedophile. Hey, Sheikh, you usually start reading the melodious chanting. You memorized the holy book, and your voice is so pleasant to hear. Ahh, I wanted to try reading that too, but we can get it easily here. ” Alex lay on the bed and waved his hand.

”… ” Zayn could only heave a subtle sign.

Several prison wardens then went to that noisy cell to stop the beating and commotion. The battered man was transferred to another prison afterwards.

When the afternoon came, Zayn went to do the afternoon workout with the others. Twice a day, and it was a mandatory routine.

Almost all inmates were given provisions. So by the time they were released from prison, they would do something worthwhile for society, not become criminals again. However, some looked like elite soldiers now, especially those around Zayn. They often tried to break their body limit. They became more robust because they could ignore the body repercussions due to Zayns massage.

”Laboratory X exploded and burned a quarter of the building. The surrounding area is tightly sealed, and no one can approach more than two kilometers from the site. Reportedly, a dangerous virus has begun to spread and infect animals. Police and soldiers are mobilized to neutralize the scene. ”

Zayn paused for a moment as he passed the guard post and stared at the television.

”Hey, yo. Isn that terrible? Secret lab exploded and dangerous viruses. Lets hope those mad scientists don create another pandemic or an epidemic. ” Frankie frowned.

”Heh, I hope there aren any mutations like zombies in horror movies. America is busy doing superhuman experiments, after all. They want to create superheroes, but it doesn look like that will happen soon. ” Alex shrugged.

”What are you doing here? Go back to your cells and wait for your dinner. ” A prison warden shooed the inmates watching television near his guard post.

”Yeah, yeah, you don have to be so mean, Jimmy. Look at my fabulous muscles. Don you look fatter than stocky now? ” Alex made his biceps muscle.

”Tch, shut up and go back to your cell. ” The prison warden shooed the inmates.

Another prison warden then escorted Zayns batch to their cells.

Days passed, but the situation turned strange and unnatural gradually. The food portions gradually became smaller, and the prison wardens seemed to be seen less and less. The food stock continued to decrease because the supply seemed to be discontinued.

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