”What in the world… ” Alex widened his eyes in surprise. What Zayn said proved accurate, and it was the actual zombie.

”Well then, sir warden. Looks like the outside world has turned into a complete mess. Do you think well be okay? You better know something or go find something now. ” Frankie frowned and pressured the prison warden.

”You want to rebel? We have weapons and can push you back into your cell until you rot there. ” The high-ranking prison warden pointed his gun at the terrifying prisoner.

”Oops, now the gun is mine. ” Frankie moved his hand quickly and grabbed the gun. He was the one holding the gun now.

”If law and order are broken, then the strong will speak, my friend. I wonder if its true that the end is coming soon.

Do you know how I got scars on my face and body? Its not the first time Ive killed people, you know? So, don ever try to point your gun at me, or I won hesitate to make you into food for the zombies out there. ” Frankie grinned as he squeezed the prison wardens shoulder.

”Kuh! ” The high-ranking prison warden shook off the prisoners hand and took a step back.

”Don scare him, Frankie. If law and order are broken, we
e in trouble too. May God bless us by showing us the way. ” Zayn patted his friends shoulder.

He knew that even though Frankie was a murderer, it came for a reason. Frankie has also repented to the right path. So, killing without reason was not an option.

”Yeah, thats why you and the wardens should work together to keep everyone safe. Its not a prisoner issue or not, but a humanitarian issue. ” Alex sighed.

”Im going to the control and supervisory room to check the situation outside. You guys better not do anything stupid, or we won hesitate. ” The high-ranking prison warden snorted and walked away. He wanted to see the surveillance cameras to make sure everything was complete.

”Even so, is it really an undead? A zombie? How is it possible for someone already dead and still able to move? His spirit and soul should no longer reside in a mortal body. ” Zayn muttered under his breath. The events that he encountered today were utterly contrary to the knowledge he had learned.

”Or perhaps the zombies are living humans who mutated into different qualities. If so, why are they acting like mindless beasts? ” Zayn has so many questions, but no one can answer them. He will confirm that later.

Unknowingly, he was already near the dead zombie, observing closely.

”What are you doing, Zayn? Don go near that thing! However, how did that zombie fly and land here? ” Alex shouted, but he immediately approached to pull his friend away.

”The cells have mutated, huh… Is that what made his body look like an undead? Unfortunately, the brain has been destroyed. All of this was caused by a virus from that laboratory? ” Zayn held out his hand but didn touch the zombie. His spiritual power seemed to be checking the state of the dead zombie, but his friend suddenly pulled him away.

”You could get infected, Zayn. We
e moving away. ” Alex reminded his friend once again.

”Im just examining this corpse, Alex. If all of that is the work of a virus, then its spread is one we must also watch out for. Is it okay to leave this dead zombie here? We need to properly bury it. ” Zayn proposes an idea.

”We don know if the virus will die with the host. We shouldn bury it here, Sheikh. We are all safe from the zombies because this is a forest-like prison. ” Someone suggested something else.

”I see… There are still too many unknown factors. ” Zayn thought it made sense.

”I found a big plastic bag here. We can wrap it in plastic and throw it far out. ” Someone came in with a big black plastic bag.

After that, two people came with big shovels and put the dead zombies in plastic bags.

”Hmm, I think its a lot safer now. Bury the zombies green blood thats splattered in there. It might contain a virus too. Dig deep. Ill throw this thing far away. ” Alex raised his big muscular hand while instructing several people.

He lifted the tied-up dead zombie and threw it far into the sky.

”Whoa, I know Ive been getting so much stronger since last month of trying to break my limit every day. Im fabulous. ” Alex showed off his big muscles like a bodybuilder.

”Hmph, consider its done then. We need to take over this prison soon, or those wardens will make us a sacrifice. Everyone, go with me to revolt! We are no longer prisoners, but we are free! Those zombie virus outbreaks might be our chance. We won be in prison for long! A blessing in disguise for our freedom! ” Someone incited the others with a provocative invitation.

”Count me in! ”

”Take over this fortress-like prison! ”

”I have to make sure my daughter is okay! ”

”I want to go home. ”

e going to get out of this prison right now! ”

”Uoghhh! ”

About half of the inmates at the training ground voiced their agreement. It was like a raid because they immediately went inside to take over the entire prison while freeing the others from the cells.

If the situation outside was so bad, they worried about their family. Therefore, they wanted to quickly escape from prison to meet their families.

e not going with them to revolt? I can possibly stop you now. ” Zayn turned around, asking Alex, Frankie, and the repentant convicts.

”No, Sheikh. Although I still have a wife out there, I doubt she still thinks of me as her husband. She may have married her boyfriend because I was imprisoned for slander and violence. ”

”I feel that following you is the right thing to do. I will follow you through all of this. ”

”You gave me hope. I am not a useless and wasted person. You made me realize my value. So, allow me to follow you. ”

”Sheikh, your coming to this prison may also be a blessing from God. God wants you to be safe from the virus outbreak and enlighten us on the right path. ”

”You preach to anyone and everywhere. Everyone has the opportunity for forgiveness. The catastrophes may not be aimed for us, and falling down the wrong path is a wretched decision. ”

More than a dozen inmates voiced their decision. They are people who have decided to follow Zayns teachings and ask God for forgiveness for their sins. So, they would follow up on where the new life leaves, they decided.

”So its like that, Zayn. Let those rash fools do what they want to do. We can control those who have made up their minds. ” Alex tapped his friends shoulder.

”Hmm, we should go to the control and surveillance room. We can see a lot of surveillance camera monitors there. Im worried that the zombies out there are too many, and those zombies can break in here because of those fools. ” Frankie put his hand to his chin.

”Lets go over there. ” Zayn nodded in understanding. He and more than a dozen people then went to the control and surveillance room.

Some paths were blocked by thick steel bars, but Zayn could outsmart the passcode with a trick.


The door to the control and surveillance room opened. Some officers immediately pointed their guns at the newcomers, but the other party also had guns. It was a lose-lose situation.

”Please don panic. We came to see the situation as a whole. We didn come to revolt like the other inmates. ” Zayn raised his hand and walked forward. He glanced at the high-ranking prison warden he had previously met at the training ground.

”Oh, its you. The one who was imprisoned on that ridiculous political scheme charge. You could have been released last week because someone had bailed you on parole. However, I deliberately let you stay a little longer because your influence brings good grades to scary inmates like Alex and Frankie. ” The chubby bald man turned his swivel chair. He looked at Zayn while smoking his cigar.

”Im flattered and relieved to hear that. Was it Sir Logan? ” Zayn was reminded of his new boss. So, he was not thrown out and abandoned because of that case.

”No, but other people are attracted to you. Unfortunately, our wonderful city has become a den of zombies, my friend. Lab X explodes and spreads a dangerous virus that causes living things to mutate into the undead. Look at the situation out there, and what do you think? ” The chubby man pointed his hand at a wall full of monitors.

Everyone looked in that direction and found the situation worse than they thought. It was only about a week since the news of the laboratory explosion. Still, the spread of the zombie invasion was already like a wildfire burning the dry forest.

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