”Holy cow, is the world really coming to an end, or is this just a punishment to reduce the human population? ”

”Well yeah, there are already too many humans, and its probably natural selection. ”

”A punishment from God. This is clearly a punishment from God! ”

”In that case, aren we lucky to be in a fortress-like prison with almost zero chance of escape or infiltration? ”

”Hmm, you might be right. This is the first time Ive felt a little relieved to be in prison. But hey, Im just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but they imprison me. ”

”The world is unfair. The so-called laws favor those with money, position, and power. So get used to it. ”

”If law and order are broken, can we just start all over again? We just need to survive until this zombie pandemic is over. ”

”Its the undead invasion. Yeah, we have to be careful. What about the food stock? We can last forever here… ”

Zayns followers mumble to one another. Some of them felt panicked, enlightened, and a little scared. Even so, they realized that feeling hopeless wouldn get them anywhere.

If they died one day, that would be fates judgment. Martyrdom for the guarantee of heaven as a lucky person sounded like redemption.

”Excuse me, sir. However, how are the governments response and action regarding this issue? ” Zayn raised his hand.

”The government and military have sealed off this city and the surroundings to two or three cities. Well, the laboratory is in our city, so its only natural to see the worst impact here. ” The chubby man smoked his cigar and raised his feet on the table.

”So, why are you still here, James? I thought you would flee or fly to a country on another continent. ” Frankie folded his arms.

”It was too late for me. We have been abandoned by the government and the military. Important people were evacuated two days ago. Anyone who wants to evacuate should go to New York by themselves. However, it is only a matter of time before the zombie virus reaches there. We have nowhere to run, so why not just face it like a true man? ” James smirked.

”Hmm, so you just freed more than half of the prisoners? I thought there was a bit of resistance, but your subordinates only gave way to those who wanted to leave. ” Zayn put his hand to his chin.

”Of course. Its to save resources and get rid of the troublemakers. They can do anything outside, but we won open the door if they want to come back. ” James grinned as he looked at a specific monitor.

Several people tried to go back inside, but the steel door was firmly shut. Some zombies came close, and those people ran away.

”Isn that a bit cruel and heartless? ” Someone asked with a pale expression.

”They are the ones who want to leave. Why suddenly change their minds? They will decide their own fate. Hey, the soldiers in this city are also quite a lot. The army might be able to help them. They also have several bases, including an underground base. ” James rolled his eyes.

”So, whats your plan, Sir James? Do you want to work together with the inmates? ” Zayn sensed that the warden had a plan that would involve everyone.

”Working together? You can call it that. My people are just a platoon, but inmates like you are a battalion. No, its a troop now. We obviously need food and weapons to survive. Youll work for me, and everyone will be happy. I believe you know the gravity of the situation. Its a win-win solution. ” James spread his arms. He knew Zayn would understand, and everyone would work for him in time.

”… ” Alex, Frankie, and everyone else fell silent for a moment. To be honest, they didn like this chubby man because this person was such an annoying head warden.

”Allow us to cool off for a moment. All of this is making us mentally shaken. ” Zayn clutched his chest and excused himself to leave.

He felt that the story of the war against a wicked nation long ago happened again in this era, but the wicked right now was the zombie hordes. So many people died, and it broke his heart.

”Assemble near the exit at three oclock sharp. We will carry out an operation to secure food and weapons stocks. ” James informed the task before Zayns group left.


The door closed. Zayn and his friends went to the high watchtower to see the situation firsthand. They could see the ruined city 360 degrees, giving off a complicated feeling when everything was perceptible before their eyes.

”Its a military warehouse, and weapons might be stored there. However, its tightly locked and would be difficult to break into. I hope James doesn lose his access key. ” Frankie pointed to a building not far from the main prison building. Dozens of zombies roamed around there, but nothing noteworthy happened.

”Frankie, you said Lab X was a superhuman experimental lab, right? How can you be sure of that? ” Zayn suddenly asked as he scanned his surroundings with binoculars.

”Its an open secret, Zayn. The world is no stranger to espers and ability users. They are few in number but very useful. Thats why America wanted to form an army of artificial superpowers, but it seems they failed miserably. ” Frankie responded casually, but he suddenly felt irritated. ”Oh God, why did those idiots have to be pulled the doom? Ill beat them up if I meet one someday! ”

”Keke, count me in then. Those idiots need to take some beatings. Im sure they
e in a safe place right now, watching it all over a cup of tea. The only ones who suffer are always the common people. ” Alex pounded his fists as if about to beat someone up.

”So, zombies are superhumans and undead? The people are dead, but the body is alive. That explains why their bodies rot but have a lot of power. ” Zayn handed his binoculars to someone else. He couldn bear to see the tragedy out there all the time.

”Yeah, thats a bitter truth. However, I wonder how strong they are compared to my fabulous muscles. ” Alex heaved a subtle sigh and raised his hand.

”Just don get hurt by their bites or scratches. Im afraid the spread of the virus comes from direct contact. ” Zayn shook his head.

”That person is still quarantined in a separate prison. We will know whether he will turn into a zombie or not just by touch. But, yeah… people don immediately turn into zombies after being bitten. That person is the proof. ” Frankie used the binoculars, observing a man who had just been attacked by a zombie but could still run and shoot like a madman.

”I might be able to do something. I just need many medical tools, medicines, and herbs. ” Zayn closed his eyes and opened his palms.

He prayed to God for the good of all people and the safety of everyone, then put his hands to cover his face.

”Hum, you
e a miracle doctor. You seem to have supernatural powers to heal people. You can work miracles, Zayn. Well gather everything you need this afternoon. ” Alex put his hand on Zayns shoulder.

”Hey, our fortress-like prison has high concrete walls, but how did the previous zombie land in? Can he jump high? ” Someone asked, drawing everyones attention.

”That zombie was probably blown away by a grenade explosion while it was jumping, then a strong wind blew. Who knows? ” Other people tried to answer, but none one knew the exact answer.

Zayn and everyone then descended from the watchtower to make preparations. After the afternoon prayer, they gathered near the exit with the wardens squad.

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