”Ho, its you, Kayson. I thought you left with the other inmates this morning. ” Frankie raised his hand.

”Hmph, those fools won last long. Moving in large numbers is risky. ” Kayson snorted. He had been watching the movements of the zombies outside the prison, and those undead were no joke.

”So, we will all cooperate with the wardens? ” Zayn asked in wonder.

”No, we
e not cooperating with them. We
e just taking guns, cars and food stock. After that, well go to New York. Have you heard about the governments announcements on the radio? ” Kayson shook his head.

”Yeah, military reinforcements won be deployed to the virus-spreading zone. Several bases were announced, and the closest one is New York. Because of that news, Im sure theres an entourage from a military base heading to New York in this city. ” Zayn nodded in understanding.

e going to New York? ” Kayson frowned.

”Yes, but maybe not now. We need to confirm a few things, and our group isn all here right now. We can leave anyone behind. ” Zayn looked back. He only went with his two close friends and five others in this operation.

”I see, a responsibility, huh… ” Kayson rolled his eyes.

”Youd better be careful too, Kayson, my old friend. We only have one life. You said yourself that moving in large numbers is risky. So save your ass if you
e going to New York with survivors from this citys military base. ” Alex folded his arms and nodded slightly.

”I have no problem killing humans, let alone those zombies. Everything will be fine if you follow my orders properly. ” Kayson looked left and right. His subordinates just nodded in understanding.

”Well, well, everyones gathered here, huh. Then, lets go now. ” James came over with a shotgun in his hand. He then gave a signal to the other wardens near the exit.

Several wardens then unlocked the thick steel door and slowly opened it.

*Clang* *Clang* *Bam!*

Two zombies tried to get inside, but someone hit the zombie in the head with a shovel. The other one received a headshot from the warden.

”The exit path is clear. We
e moving. Prepare your weapons, and stay alert. ” James instructed everyone, then moved in front with his adjutants.

”… ” Zayn heaved a subtle sigh. He prayed to God before moving to follow the lead.

Several wardens removed the zombie corpse from the entrance and immediately closed the door tightly. They would guard and wait inside. They would only open the door when the James squad returned.

Due to the noise, dozens of zombies loomed out of the shadows, but their movements were slow. Some were still wearing prisoner uniforms, so the inmates released this morning had already mutated into zombies.

”Well ignore them for the time being. Well focus on our current objectives, Zayn. We
e superior if we have weapons. ” Alex told Zayn from the side.

”Yeah, we can blast their head and be done with it. Shooting at the body is futile. So, we just need high accuracy and a little power to deal with them. ” Frankie frowned as the wardens shot down a few zombies in front, but those zombies stayed close because the shots only hit the body.

”Give me the gun if you
e not going to use it. ” Kayson took the gun out of Frankies hand.

”Youll get one later. I only have six bullets. Better save this for the weapon warehouse. ” Frankie snorted in refusal.

”… ” Zayn held his iron bar with some nervousness. He might need to kill those zombies later, but he convinced himself that those zombies were no longer human to calm his conscience.

When they arrived near the weapon warehouse, the number of zombies around increased as the noise and gunshots caught their attention.

”Listen, we need to clear the entrance to the arsenal as soon as possible before those hordes get close. We don have many bullets right now. So, use what you
e holding now. Well take care of your back from here if theres an ambush. ” James peeked behind the wall and gave an instruction to the inmates. He did not want to sacrifice his precious subordinates, so the prisoners would become meat shields if necessary.

”So, this is your plan? Give me the gun, and well be fine. Otherwise, I won help you. ” Kayson refused sarcastically.

”Hm, hmm, you had no choice in the first place, Kayson. You criminals can breathe free air thanks to those zombies. So why don you say hello to them and thank them? ” James raised his palm and pointed his shotgun at his inmates. His subordinates also brandished their guns.

”Well take whatever we need there, and you won touch or interfere with our belongings. Don ever try to shoot our back, or Ill hunt you down and torture you. ” Frankie also pointed his gun at James. He knew something like this would happen.

”Fair enough. Then, quickly clear the path now. We will follow closely behind. ” James pointed his thumb at the weapon warehouse.

e moving now. ” Zayn squinted his eyes. He and his close friends would be the lead now, but they would take the most significant risk.

”Those zombies are so slow. Well be fine taking them down. ” Someone from Zayns followers mumbled softly to reassure himself.

”Stop muttering and keep moving. ” Frankie patted the depressed one on the back and immediately moved to the front while swinging his iron bar.

”God is the greatest! ” Zayn smashed the nearby zombies in the head with his iron bar. Alex, Frankie, and the others also immediately moved to clear the path.

The inmates ran and took down more than a dozen zombies relatively quickly.

”Good job. Its not in vain that you train your body in prison, haha. ” James laughed and ordered his subordinates to unlock the warehouses steel gate.

*Clack* *Bam!*

The door opened, and everyone rushed inside before the door was again closed and locked from the inside.

Instead of an arsenal, its more like a garage with many weapons on the wall. Five military-grade hummers lined up neatly in the middle of the warehouse, and everyone quickly grabbed their favorite weapon.

”Hey, what are you trying to take there? Quickly give it to me? ” James pursed his lips in discontent as the heavy machine guns were taken.

”You stand no chance, James. You have your share, and we have ours. Don try to start a war with us, or it will be a lose-lose situation. ” Alex refused and took another heavy machine gun.

”There are only two heavy machine guns here. You can only have one. Give me that one. ” James didn back down with that statement.

”Just give him one, Alex. You won be able to move freely if you carry that heavy weapon. ” Zayn came to mediate.

”One is enough, and we need more weapons like pistols or shotguns. Rifles are also good, and snipers are very useful at long ranges. ” Frankie also agreed with that. They would only lose if a shootout took place here.

”Well, here. Take it. This car is ours, then. ” Alex threw that heavy weapon and patted the bulkiest car at the back of the line.

”Good that you understand without the need for violence. The three cars are ours, and your group has one. Do what you like with it. ” James caught the heavy machine gun and was pushed back a few steps. After that, he gathered with his subordinates to secure their equipment.

Zayn and Kayson are also minding their own group. The inmates took off their clothes and replaced them with military clothing and equipment.

”The ammo stock is fairly limited. We split this in a ratio of three, one, one. Three is ours, and you are one each. No compromise here. If you want more, you need to raid the military arsenal. We don have much. stock in this prison. ” James emphasized his decision when two large chests were everyones target.

”What if I refuse? ” Kayson smirked. He had a gun now and could do whatever he wanted with it.

”You should be grateful. You
e just three people, and you
e also going to the military base, right? You will come with them to New York. I heard they will be waiting until tomorrow morning at their base. You have enough stock to get there. ” James didn flinch. Heat his shotgun at Kayson and his subordinates pointed their guns at Kaysons underlings.

”Tch, Ill just raid the police station then. ” Kayson immediately opened the large chest and secured the ammo section for his group.

Zayn and his group also didn voice any protest since they assumed all this property belonged to James. They just didn want to cause trouble and make things worse.

After all, they would still stay in that prison to take refuge while observing and confirming the situation outside before deciding to leave.

Once the essential things were loaded into their respective vehicles, they boarded their cars as it was time to leave. The steel gate opened, and the five cars immediately accelerated out of the warehouse.

*Vroom!* *Bam* *Thud* *Crush*

They simply crashed and crushed any zombies that got in their way. Their next destination was where a lot of food stocks were kept.

On the way, Zayn had some ominous premonitions. However, he could only pray to God for their safety.

The world seemed to have fallen into madness. The zombies were everywhere. Their armored vehicle just hit everything in its path.

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