Healer Against Zombie Invasion

Zombie\'s Tremendous Power

The five hummers stopped at several convenience stores to loot some food stocks. James secured the food in a relatively small place because he didn want to take risks like going to the supermarket, hypermart, or even the mall.

The number of zombies in such a crowd-centered place was overwhelming, and their ammo was so valuable and thrifty needed.

”Hmm, this is still not enough. ” James grumbled as he looked at the food stocks in his three cars.

”Not enough? ” Zayn looked back at the food stock in each car. He thought it was enough to support two dozen people for a week, but they had more than a hundred people in prison.

”Yeah, we
e only securing dry food that lasts a long time, after all. ” Someone muttered casually.

”… ” Zayn remembered the teachings he had learned. He didn really understand anymore whether what he was doing was correct or not.

They had just done a despicable act of looting, but they were in a state of emergency from a zombie invasion. Countless people lost their human qualities and turned into undead monsters. What they were doing was probably more like picking up food in the dangerous wild.

”Thats your problem. Ill go to the supermarket by sneaking through the back door. After that, its goodbye. ” Kayson smirked sarcastically. He simply threw all kinds of food stocks into his car, whether it was durable or not. The food was still food.

”Supermarket? Are you sure its safe to enter through the back door? There are a lot of zombies there. ” James frowned.

”The bigger risk, the bigger gain. Pick your poison. We
e not there to clear the path. ” Kayson boarded his car, and his subordinates soon followed.

”Zayn, I think Kaysons confidence is commendable. Lets see what he can do. The supermarket is so big with more than five truck containers worth of food stock. We can also get some good equipment there. ” Alex intends to go to the supermarket as well to loot something bigger.

”Yeah, thats a great idea. After that, we can come back with food stock for everyone. ” Frankie also had the same idea. He then asked James. ”Are you coming or not? ”

”Of course. You will bear the risk, and I will follow from behind. Why not for such an advantage? ” James shrugged and beckoned his subordinates to leave.

”Well then, lets go too. You can still go on, right? ” Zayn asked the other five people. They looked fine at first glance, but he could see the fear in their eyes.

”Good. ”

”Yeah, its about our survival amid the madness. ”

”Hopefully, I won go crazy. I still want to live like a human. ”

”Good, lets go then immediately return to the prison. ”

”Hck yeah. Maybe this is the first time Ive ever felt like going back to prison. Anyway, lets go and get this over with quickly. ”

The five people voiced their opinion, and the decision was clear.

Everyone went to the nearest supermarket because three minimarkets were insufficient to fill the five cars with food stock. However, the lead was Kayson now.

Hundreds of zombies roamed the parking area and the main entrance, so going through the convenience path was not good. They circled the big supermarket once to monitor the situation from a distance. After that, they went towards the fire emergency exit.

They cleared the path and the surrounding place so they could safely enter and loot the goods. There were only a few zombies at the back door, so no problem whatsoever. However, they tried to avoid using noisy bullets because it could attract the zombies attention.


”Locked? ” Kayson tried to open the steel door but failed.

”Don shoot the lock. It won open the door. Allow me to do something. ” Zayn approached as Kayson pulled out a gun.

”Do it. ” Kayson took a step back, letting Zayn do the job.


Zayn does a little trick to the lock, and the steel door opens. However, it simply suddenly opened from the inside.

”Hmph! ” Alex moved quickly to pull Zayn back. The moment the door opened, three zombies rushed out to attack.

*Bam!* *Bam!* *Clang!*

Alex, Frankie, and Kayson instantly smashed those zombies in the head like crushing a watermelon. Green liquid splattered onto the floor, and the three zombies fell like headless broken dolls.

”Hehe, nice stuff. ” Frankie swung his iron baseball bat to clear it of the green liquid.

”Thank you. ” Zayn stood on his two feet. He was a bit surprised because of the ambush earlier. If Alex had failed to pull him back in time, he might have been caught by those zombies and become one of them.

”Worry not. ” Alex gave a thumbs up.

He checked his surroundings, and the zombies could flock to this fire emergency exit at any moment. Therefore, he asked all the cars to get inside and Zayn locked the door again.

”Hmm, if you can unlock and lock the lock, why don you try to escape prison? You can also unlock the prisons lock without any problems. ” James suddenly asked.

”Escape from the problem is not a solution. It will only make my situation worse. Help will surely come to me because I am innocent. ” Zayn shook his head. ”Besides, I got to know some great people there. Its easy to approach sin, but repenting takes great effort. They need strong will and determination. That way, they can get forgiveness. ”

”Tsk, you and your belief. You and your God believers are really something. The zombie apocalypse has happened, and if there is a God, He wants us to die and become monsters. ” James rolled his eyes.

”And we are still given time and opportunity. Death is the end of mortal life, not the journeys end. Everyone will meet the day of judgment. ” Zayn smiled faintly and no longer spoke. Noise could give away their location and attract threats.

Everyone stood guard as they were about to enter the supermarket area. They weren sure what awaited them behind the iron door, but everyone was ready with their firearms and blunt weapons.

”We will go in and clean up the zombies. We must close and lock the gate door, so the zombies cannot enter. Im familiar with this supermarket. ” Kayson gave instructions to everyone in a whisper. He wanted to loot the goods with ease.

”Its quite dark here, so watch out for the ambush. ” Frankie spoke in a whisper-like voice.

Everyone nodded and entered the supermarket area. The light intensity was minimal to see anything in its entirety. However, they were still able to move because sunlight could still enter from the outside area.

Kayson gave a hand signal to Zayn, leading to the thick glass door at the supermarket entrance.

”… ” Zayn looked in the direction indicated and nodded. It was not the main entrance, but the total number of zombies around there was quite a lot. However, they would lock the zombies outside.

Zayn stopped at each end of the shelf to periodically check his surroundings. He headed for the supermarket entrance with Alex and Kayson.

The others stood guard in their respective positions, clearing any zombies they encountered with their baseball bats.


Kayson smashed another zombies head into a pulp, saving Zayn from the ambush.

”Don you have any fighting experience? Your awareness is pathetic, even though you
e good at martial arts. How could Alex lose to you then? ” Kayson asked in wonder. He had thought Zayn was strong because Zayn could beat Alexs oppression in their first encounter, but apparently, he was wrong.

”Thank you. ” Zayn held his head. He ultimately failed to notice the ambush.

He couldn see the zombies coming, and the dark wasn the only reason for it. He didn have much experience in actual fighting. He practiced martial arts, but that didn mean he was proficient in combat. At least, not yet.

”Hes a miracle doctor. He can immobilize anyone with ease, you know. His speech was also superb. You should listen to his sermon every now and then. Thats why I became interested and we became good friends. ” Alex whispered softly.

”Oh… ” Kayson finally understood Zayns value. No wonder this man could get over a dozen followers in less than a month and convert the hopeless inmates to repentance.

Every time Zayn started the sermon, the infidel inmates would close their ears in torment as if they couldn bear to hear more but couldn silence the source either.

What are those repentant inmates trying to achieve by following Zayn then? Is a new hope the only reason behind their repentance? Kayson asked in wonder. He still didn understand the concept of those Gods believers.


This time Zayn managed to smash the zombie who was about to ambush him. However, the blow missed the head and Alex moved to finish off the zombie.

They were already so close to the entrance. After locking it, everyone could clean up the trapped zombies and finish their business here smoothly.

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