After Zayn locked the glass door, Alex closed the metal sliding door gate.

The loud noise attracted the attention of the surrounding zombies, but they couldn pass through the steel gate easily.

”We have some time until this gate collapses. Quickly clean up the zombies inside while looting whatever you need. ” Kayson urged everyone to move quickly. He turned on a bright flashlight and started to move.

”Huff… ” Zayn breathed a sigh of relief. He also turned on his flashlight and rushed to the food section.

During the looting, the whole group split into several teams before exploring the supermarket area and picking up anything they might need.

After half an hour of looting necessities with shopping carts, they rushed to load their loot into their respective cars.

”Tsk, the rice is covered in this disgusting green blood. Its poisonous now. ”

”Then just throw it out of your shopping cart. The zombies blood can contaminate other foods. ”

Two of Zayns followers had a brief discussion, and the rice sack stained with zombie blood was finally thrown away.

”… ” Zayn was silent behind them. He was also still wondering why the zombie blood was green instead of red.

There arose a lot of questions regarding the mutation of humans to zombies, and he was eager to investigate further because he felt he could do it.

*Rustle* *Rustle*

A slight noise was heard from above, clearly audible from the silence.

Zayn, Alex, and the two people in front immediately looked up in reflex. Everyone was shocked when the flashlight caught a glimpse. Yet, a red-eyed black zombie suddenly jumped down.

”Grr! ” The red-eyed black zombie ambushed and knocked down a human.

”Aaah, help! Argh! ” One of Zayns followers struggled to free himself. However, the big black zombie pinned him down to the floor.

The one screamed in panic, but the other one froze in terror. The latter was right next to that big black zombie, but his body seemed unable to move because of fear.

This time, Zayn moved without needing to consider anything. He was not the closest one to the target, but he was able to do it before that zombie bit his friend. He swung his iron baseball bat at the black zombies head.


The baseball bat stopped just before hitting the black zombies head.

”What? ” Zayns eyes widen in shock. That black zombie stopped his bat and gripped it firmly.

”Grr! ” The black zombie lifted that baseball bat up and slammed it away like it didn weigh much.

Zayn was still holding his baseball bat firmly, and he was also knocked over. He was nothing in front of that zombies tremendous power.


Zayn fell to the floor from a height of two meters. It hurt, but he had to immediately save his friend.

”Bam! ” ”Bang! ” ”Bang! ”

Some hot lead was fired towards the zombies head, but the bullets bounced off because the black zombie protected his head with his steel-like hand.

”Marco, crawl away from there. Steve, don stand still like a statue. Get away and shoot the zombie in the head! ” Alex continued to shoot at the zombies head to give his two friends a chance to escape.

Unfortunately, there was a limit to how many bullets a gun could fire in a single reload. There was a slight pause from Alexs shot as he changed his weapon, and that brief pause was used by the black zombie to bite the man who was standing frozen in terror.


Steves big chunk of the arm was bitten, and he was pounced on by the black zombie.

His brain was so late to register the pain, and he couldn even scream because the pure terror had crawled from his feet to his head.

*Smash!* *Bam* *Bam!*

Zayn swung his baseball bat with all his might, smashing the black zombie behind the head. However, it was not crushed like a smashed watermelon. Because of that, he struck the black zombies head several times until it was out of shape.


The black zombie fell lifeless to the floor, bleeding profusely from its head.

Zayn panted for breath while looking at the state of his two friends. Marco was still on the floor, terrified. However, Steve was bitten by a zombie.

”Whats with the commotion and screaming earlier? ” Frankie and the other two teams came back to the supermarket area. They were about to loot some more goods but heard an abnormal noise and quickly checked it out.

”… ” Frankie and everyone behind him instantly went silent. That big gorilla-like black zombie was one thing, but someone was bitten by a zombie.

”Marco, Steve, are you all right? ” Alex came over and checked Marcos condition.

”Kuh, looks like I dislocated my ankle and broke my arm. I wasn bitten by that gorilla-like zombie. Instead of that, what about Steve? ” Marco crawled away from the dead zombie but worried about his friend.

”Keke… Its the end for me, huh… I can even feel pain anymore and can do anything. ” Steve muttered blankly as he stared at the empty ceiling.

”… ” Zayn crouched down next to Steve, checking on his friends critical condition.

A significant portion of Steves arm was like being bitten by a beast, but the threat started there. The weird black-like infection was like turning Steves blood from red to green, clearly visible in the wound.

Then, the viral infection spread to Steves entire body at speed visible to the eye.

”Sheikh Zayn, can I be saved? ” Steve asked with an ashen expression. He kept asking even though he already knew the answer.

”Do you have a regret in life? ” Zayn couldn answer that question because he didn know either.

He tried to stop the spread of the virus by tightly tying Steves arm by the shoulder, but the spread didn slow down at all.

”I see, so its like that… My only regret is that I haven done much good to collect my good merit to heaven. It seems that my sins in life are still far more than my goodness. So, will I be burned in hell first? After death? Zayn, if God does exist, I will prove it after I die. I will meet Him. Zayn, guide me to ask Him for forgiveness… ” Steve closed his eyes, and tears flowed from the corners of his eyes.

”… ” Zayn took a deep breath and guided Steve to read a sentence that a Gods believer must say when he first embraces a religion.

After following Zayns spelt sentence, Steve opened his eyes and smiled at everyone. ”I will go ahead of you, everyone. Fight to stay alive and achieve whatever you want to achieve. My consciousness is starting to fade, and a strong urge to attack living humans surges from within my brain. I don want to be a monster, so this is the end. Goodbye. God is greatest! ”

Steve pulled out a gun and aimed it at his head. He immediately pulled the trigger without hesitation because he didn want to die as a zombie.


The hot lead pierced Steves head, killing him in an instant.

”A… ” Zayns hand froze in mid-air. Steve was gone forever.

After a few moments, Zayn regained his composure and looked at the situation more broadly. Everything had happened, and it was based on Gods will. They humans could only struggle and pray for the good.

Zayn rubbed Steves face from top to bottom, closing the deads eyes. ”God shall bestow you a place in heaven. Let me give you a proper burial, Steve. ”

”What happened? ” Kayson approached, but he went silent when he saw the whole situation.

Alex then took a large rubber bag and put Steves body there. They would bury their friend somewhere later.

”Why should you bother doing that? Just leave the dead and carry whatever is useful. ” James raised an eyebrow when he saw Zayns group load the dead body into the car.

”We will eventually die someday. What kind of situation do you expect when that day comes to you, Sir James? ” Zayn threw a meaningful question.

”… ” James couldn answer. Or rather, he didn know what to say. He then said nothing more.

After that, everyone once again roamed the supermarket area and cleaned up the remaining zombies before they continued their looting. When their cars were full of food and valuable goods, it was time for them to leave.

However, a group of people suddenly emerged from a hidden, sealed warehouse, surprising everyone.

”Are you perhaps soldiers? Can you take us to the military base with you? ” A man came forward and asked in a pleading tone.

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