Heaven has given me a second opportunity, I must use it to the fullest

Chapter 1 – The Gentle and Quiet Boy Has Gone Mad

”Yu bro, wake up, wake up. The cold-looking form teacher is coming! ”

In the back corner of a classroom, a plum and fat boy was currently shaking another boy that had his head on the table awake.

Nervousness was written all over this fat boys face at the moment as he couldn understand why his bro would choose now of all time to sleep.

”Goodness! What is it?! Who the hell are you?! Just leave me alone to die peacefully. ”

The boy that was been woken up said in anger and frustration while pushing the hand that was waking him up away.

When the fat boy heard what his good brother said, he couldn help but burst into loud laughter which got the attention of the entire class on him.

The fat boy quickly apologized in embarrassment.

”My dear Yu bro, don tell me you
e having a nightmare early this morning right? ” The fat boy said mockingly but quietly.

”I don care who the f*ck you
e, but you better leave me alone now, else Id take you with me. ”

The boy that was been woken up said in anger as he lifted his head to look at the person disturbing him.

The angry look on his face suddenly disappeared when he saw the persons face.

”What- what the f*ck, Why does this person look identical to my bro Huizhong when he was young?! Did that bastard forget to tell me he had a child before leaving alone?! I will certainly get back at him when I see him very soon.. ”

The boy made up his mind.

The fat boy couldn help but shiver slightly when he saw the way his bro was looking at him.

”Bro, you… You know Im not into guys, right? ”

The fat boy couldn help but ask his dear friend.

”F*ck!! How dare you call me bro, quickly call me uncle now you brat. ”

The fat boy was immediately stunned into silence when he heard what his dear friend told him.

”And wait, where Im I? shouldn I be on top of that bridge? ”

With that, the fat boy realized that his friend had truly not woken up, it seems he was still trapped in his dreams.

The fat boy couldn help but roll his eyes, which certainly looked funny.

”You- You, is this how you always behave every time you woke up at home?! Look around you man, you
e in the classroom, urgh… ”

”Hun… ” not understanding what this niece of his meant, the boy that just woke up looked curiously around, at everybodys faces.

”whats going on here?! How did I suddenly appear here?! Wasn I laid on top of that bridge, waiting for any incoming vehicle to hit me?! Is this an afterlife?! ”

Li Yu could not understand what was going on.

”Hun…. Why does this place look familiar?! Why do all these people look familiar?! ”

The boy thought speechlessly, all of a sudden, a strange thought abruptly came into his mind.

”Are- are you-you bro Huizhong?! ”

The fat boy was stunned again when he heard such question, he couldn help but look at this bro of his strangely with eyes that were asking; ”Bro you aren dumb, are you? ”

Seeing this, Li Yu immediately confirmed his thought to be right.

He had read different webnovels in the past when he had free time and always imagined himself reincarnating, so he immediately realized that this should be the reincarnation they always mentioned in the novels.

To make sure what he thought was right, Li Yu asked his friend the date, which he told him while still looking at him strangely.

”In Li Yus previous life, things were so hard for him. Ever since his mom and dad died due to not having money to take care of themselves, Li Yu had quit school, and from then on, he had been doing site work, carrying bricks, cement, and so on.

Last week, someone advised him to invest in something called cryptocurrency. The person told him all the benefits of having it and lured him to invest.

Li Yu who was very tired of doing hard and stressful work every day immediately agreed, he took $5,000 loan from a loan shark in his district and invested all the money in crypto called Luna.

It was the person that introduced crypto to Li Yu that advised him to buy Luna. That person said he might be able to times four times the amount of money he invested within a few days.

Unfortunately, the crypto crashed and all the money he invested was gone.

Having no alternative on how to repay the loan shark that wanted to collect back two times the amount of money Li Yu borrowed, Li Yu became fed up with life and decided to just end his miserable life.

He thought nobody would m

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