Hello, Again

03. The Scandal

Taeho stepped up towards his car, under the dimly lit parking lot of the building. The hazy silhouette of a woman stood beside his car and she seemed to straighten up as he approached. A straight smile lit up his face, not quite genuine but not exactly disappointed either.

”What are you doing here at 3 in the morning? ”

The woman smiled at him, slipping her phone inside the pocket of her fur coat. It was late November now and the chill of winter settled quite early in Seoul. Jung Haeson was quite the dynamic, attractive princess of the media world. She was the model who had clearly reached the top thanks to her background but yet still, she never failed to deliver an organic personality on every ramp she has walked up until now. Fans will know her as quite the mature, taciturn Unni of the fashion industry and they spanned across the globe in equal amounts of ratios. With a sleek straight bob cut and a black fur coat, she looked like the chaebol royalty stepping out for a quick run to the store. Taeho still cannot believe that he was set to marry this woman, Jung Haeson who is considered unreachable, the solitary fair maiden who stood all alone at the peak of the industry. Honestly, she has whatever every generic teenage girl once dreamt of. A closet that never seems to end, yet she remains humble in the face of the media with her repeated outfits. A bank account bursting with money from all directions so much that 10 million won seemed like spare change to her and yet she was famous for her generous contributions to charities in the country. And now, her proposal has been televised on the internet and now its trending on top of every social media.

”My PR thought it was a great opportunity to give something to feed the paparazzi who have been following me around like a pack of baby ducks. ”

”Paste my shit-faced drunk face on magazines and tabloids? You
e incorrigible. ”

”Youd look handsome even if you were throwing up on the sidewalk Taeho, stop fishing for compliments. ” Haeson smiled, reaching up to fix the front of his hair.

A small sound of a camera shutter goes off in the distance and Haeson gives Taeho her famous smirk, taunting him. Taeho deeply inhaled and looked down, taking her hand in his. He silently watched the big 24-carat diamond glisten in the dark parking lot. He wasn much of a talker when he was drunk. His hidden side of his past that he buried long ago seemed to surface once in a while and he wished that he would spend his drunken moments alone. But with his current life, it seemed entirely impossible.

”Lets get in, you seem quite sullen. Cheer up, your fiancee is here now. ”

A reluctant smile came up and he brought her hand to his lips, placing a soft kiss. Yet again, the shutter goes off.

The last thing Taeho would feel for Haeson is clearly something romantic. Sure she was hot and he had slept with her multiple times but it has been quite long since he had felt anything akin to love for anything or anyone. The only excitement he felt was thrill, the feeling of the chase when he was chasing something. Now that he has attained what he has been after, he would quickly jump over to something else he had set his eyes on. He had never lingered on anything for a while now, everything was impersonal and merely for the sake of conquering whatever comes in his way. He was bored with Haeson because he already has her. He was bored with inheriting the SS corps. because he already knew he had conquered it now. He needed something new. Some thrilling, that sets the blood coursing through his veins, sets off the tingle in his stomach, he wanted adrenaline pumping through him with urgency yet again. He wanted more money, more fame.

The mere thought of the chase sends him dizzy with a high. He wants it, he wants the track record, he wanted to run the marathon and feel the kick when the ribbon gives away when he reached first place.

He bent down and took over Haesons lips. He felt charged and all that went down to his crotch. He worked his lips over her skillfully, as taught by the years of experience and she moaned into his lips. Just as he was swiping his tongue over her lower lip, she pushed him off.

”We need a headline, not a sex scandal, tiger. Hold your horses. ” Haeson grinned at him as she reached for the keys in his hands. Taking the remote, she pressed the button, and his car beeped open.

”Get in, i fear that we might just end up with a sex scandal after all. ”

As Haeson drove them to his apartment with what is clearly a media van trailing behind them, Taeho went off on his drunken train of thoughts. He remembered the day he surpassed the sales of SS corps., the company that Haesons father commandeered and has been top in sales and stock value since before Taeho came to Seoul. He was enthralled, elated beyond belief. Phoenix Tech was his brainchild, something he had merely toyed the thought of. He wouldn have imagined in a million years. He was a nobody when he started, a thin boy from the countryside who was mocked for his accent. Now he was marrying the top model of the country and attaining the next biggest company in the country. He was the CEO that made it and he was on Forbes now. Where can he go from here?

They hurried up to the penthouse, overcome with the rush of their arousal that they could barely remember how they made it to the bedroom. He didn like Haeson and he knew Haeson didn like him either but that was not a big deal breaker over the fact that their bodies worked together like a firecracker.

He tasted the sweet cherry taste on her lips, the taste of her lipstick, and the heat of her body. Slamming her down on her bed, he threw his tie on the floor. Haeson sighed, feeling her chest up and she ran her hands down over the band of her thong. Turning back, he worked on his buttons and watched her strip herself. Look at her underwear, she clearly knew that they were going to **. His eyes caught on the gold diamond ring protruding unnaturally from her slim fingers and he paused. He gulped as he stared at the ring. Something felt off for a brief second.

But then her bra came off and whatever concerns he had dissipated into thin air. Haeson giggled as he climbed on top of her, placing his hands everywhere at once.

Marriage wasn a bad thing, right?

Surely not, surely not. Not when your fiance is this hot.

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