The sound of a painful cry tore the silence of the night inside Jamillahs cabin when the man shes taking care of suddenly woke up in the middle of the dead night, holding his head.

”Shhh, its okay…its okay. ”

The tall woman hugged the man tightly to her chest to comfort him and patted his head gently as a way to calm him down. She also stroked his hair repeatedly like hes a spoiled child and whispered words of comfort over and over again.

Born as one of those few people gifted to see mana and freely control it, Jamillah is always on the run for her dear life to escape from the people who want to monopolize her ability and its been ten years since she started living inside the Rosmerta Forest, alone.

There, she made her own cabin, dug her own garden, planted her own herbs, searched for her own food and lived freely from the eyes of anyone. Once in a while, she goes down to the town to buy necessities that can be made with her own effort like fabric for her clothes and shoes and metal objects and kerosene and other medicine that she can create with her herbs.

It was during those occasional trips when she found the man collapsed on the foot of a blackthorn tree with lots of dried blood in his torn up clothes.

She took him in her small house with the use of flight magic and cured his wounds. Blushing on the sight of nude man in front of him, she gently cleaned his wounds with a damp towel and spread ointment made from grounded marybud mixed with a small amount of nightshade on his open cuts to let it heal faster.

”Mister?, ” she called to him when he moaned from the pain hes feeling on his whole body but he did not answer. Hes not fully awake yet to recognize the lovely woman thats treating his wounds for him.

And like that, her night passed like a battlefield. She tried her best to help him in every way she can, sacrificing her sleep to cater to the man thats burning up from high fever, constantly changing his sheets thats getting damp with sweat and smell of medicine and dripping small amounts of warm water from boiled vegetables to replenish his health.

And the winds blew farther to the west. And before she knew it, a week had gone by and it became a routine for her to take care of the injured person in her house.

Shes back from weeding out her garden that morning when shes greeted by an unfamiliar sight in her bedroom. The man isn lying on his back anymore, hes sitting like a dignified person with his face facing the opened window on his right, away from the door where Jamillah was standing. She already guessed that hell look something like that based on how firm his muscles were when shes wiping his body, but seeing firsthand is a different case.

”Mister?, ” she called to him after putting down the bunch of flowers of yellow marybud on the table placed near the door.

The man looked at him and immediately, his hard gaze outside, earlier, softened when he saw Jamillahs face.

”Wife, ” he said and smiled. He tried to stand up from the bed and failed, which made Jamillah run to him in panic that his body can support too much strength right now.

”Careful!, ” she shouted when she saw him stumble as he tried to act like hes fine.

He laughed it off and assured her that hes fine. Jamillah, on the other hand, did not buy his assurance and pushed him back to the bed, placing several pillows on his back so hell be slightly elevated.

”Wife… ” he called to him again when Jamillahs about to leave.

”I am not your wife. ” She sighed and massaged the bridge of her nose. ”Stay still. Ill cook something for you, lets talk later and… ” she paused before speaking again. ”I am not your wife. ”

She quickly left and headed straight to her kitchen. She took a pot and started boiling rice on it to make a porridge. While waiting for the rice to cook, she chopped fresh vegetables to put in it and squeezed citrus fruits in a pitcher.

It did not take him an hour to finish preparing a healthy meal for the man. After she put the cooked porridge in a bowl, she served it to him with the refreshment she made.

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