I Became a Princess Of This Novel ( English ver)

Chapter 14 : A colorful life (Arion childhood) (4)


(Im completely destroyed !! I can be repaired anymore … Nobody can fix me anymore … Even by anyone … I have long given up in this life !! More precisely when I failed to protect Mamas smile … And … When I couldn save my brother … Everything seemed to disappear inside me !! My heart … It became so empty … I….Can feel anything!!)

Even when she was pointing the sword she was holding at… I didn feel the slightest fear. What I do is look at her with a very empty look.

And she smiled at me ….

Mama: ”Are you ready sweety ?? ”

I don know what to say with that … So I just stayed quiet … Because I no longer care what will happend anymore…

When she jabbed her sword into my chest. Still … I didn feel anything … Even though she stabbed it so hard …

Only the red liquid comes out … And it so much…

Arion : ( I feel like something was gone…. but what is it??)

Mama: ”How do you feel sweety?? Don you feel it? ”

I just stared at her blankly … Instead of answering that question … And it made her face change … Then she shouted at me

Mama: ”Answer my question, damn child! Why are you just silent !! Isn pain you feel right now ?? ”

She shouted at me with anger in her face…

When her hand was about to draw the sword ..All of a sudden …


I heard the voice of a man shouting from behind Mama

I tried to see his face … But my vision suddenly became blurred … He shouted at mama and then pushed her to the floor very hard while walking towards me …

Mama: ”YOU !!! ARE YOU CRAZY? ”

Mama who fell hard then looked at her.

Mama: ”H-Honey !! Is that you ?? You
e back? ”

Instead of answering Mamas question … He just paused when he looked at me … Even though I couldn see it clearly … But I could vaguely see his face as if it was going to explode full of anger … Tear fell from his eyes then he used his magic power to me…

I don remember what magic it was … But the sword that was on my chest suddenly just disappeared …

And immediately he headed towards me and hugged me

”(hugs) Arion ….. dear !! My son !! Forgive me…. Forgive me Arion !! Papa …. Papa is coming late !! Forgive me Arion!! ”

His voice was trembled while his hug were getting tighter … I didn recognize him because I couldn see him clearly … But he had called himself Papa before …

Arion: ”(hmmm …. Papa ?? Who is tha?? Do I know him?) Papa ?? Who are you? Do I know you? ”

I issued a question to him … And right then he let go of his arms …

Then looked at me …. I just looked at him with a very blank stare …. The voice of mamas screams that filled this room …..

Mama: ”Honey … Don you recognize me ?? Do you only recognize that damn kid ?? I just…

Before mama continued her words….the man in front of me cut off her words

”SHUT UP !! ”

Then he went towards mama

My vision became increasingly blurry and eventually turned dark …

I don know what happened after that … Because all I see is the darkness around me…

”Arion !! ”

Suddenly I heard the faint sound of a woman calling my name …

Arion: ”Hmm ?? Whos there? Whos there? Dark !! I can see anything … ”

Everything around me is dark ..

But when that voice became clearer … Suddenly

Arion: ”Ah !! ”

Everything around me became very bright in an instant …And I was in a vast field of grass..

”Arion !! Here !! ”

The voice is right behind me. When I was about to turn my face towards the sound …

”Stop !! Don face me !! Just like this !! you can see my face now ”. She said spontaneously.

A very soft voice … And I could feel the touch of her hand behind my back …. I nodded my head a sign I agreed to her will

Arion: ” Who…are you?? Am… I recognize you? ”

”Hmmm … you don need to know who I am … Its not a time for us to get acquainted … Because there are still many things that will happen and you will experience … But … I will be here … And accompany you …. When you fall asleep and when you need me ”

When I heard her words just now I suddenly felt something inside me … But I didn know what it was …

And when I realized … It turned out that the wound on my body disappeared…

Arion: ”huh ?? What the hell !! ”

”Ah … You must be surprised isn it … It was me who made your wound disappear … Because I can use magic ….. Hehehe … ”

She laughed… And i can hear her voice so Clearly…..

In the past … Mama said … When people laugh…its a sign that shes happy ….

Arion: ”Are you laughing? Is that a sign that you
e happy? ”

When I ask that question … I suddenly feel like someone is hugging me from behind.

”Yes … You
e right … Im happy … Because I can be with you now !! That makes me very happy !! ”

Arion: ”Happy? How does it feel? I … I don understand at all !! ”

She tightened her arms when she heard my words just now … Then answered my question

”Happy is the feeling we get when we are with someone we like and care about… But for everyone has a different meaning … ”

Arion: ”Then why? Why are you happy when you are with me? Mama said no one would be happy when they were with me … So … ”

When I was about to finish what I said she cut it …

”So she locked you in…right ?? Its enough … Its enough that you suffer because of her actions !! ”

Her voice …. Sounded trembling …

Arion: ”But … I deserve it … Because this is all my fault !! ”

”Thats enough !! Don blame yourself again for everything that happened Arion !! From now on promise me not to blame yourself again like this !! Because….I will always pay attention to you!! and always be here for you!! ”

Her voice made me pause for a moment and the wind blew hard blowing her hair …

Even though at a glance … But I can see her hair clearly …

Her long hair …. And pink … It really stole my sight …

”Now … Its about time you wake up arion !! Ill stay here … Until we meet in the real world… See you soon ”.

she said while releasing her arms ….

And right then I woke up from my sleep ….

Arion: (hmmm !! My eyes don blur anymore !!)

When I look around me … This place looks familiar to me …

(prang !!!)

I heard the sound of a glass held by a woman standing at the door…

”Pr … Prince !!! You
e awake … Thank God !! W-Wait there I will tell His Majesty right now !! ”

Rather than answering … I just silently looked at her who ran out.

Arion: ”(looking at his hand) The wound is gone? ” .

Its strange that all the wounds on my hand have all disappeared.

And not long after that the woman entered with the man who hugged me yesterday …

Because now my vision is no longer blurred

I can see his face very clearly right now…

Hair color is almost the same as mine …. But he has a little dark … The same eyes … He is very similar to me ….

”Arion !!! ” He shouted while running towards me and hugged me

”Son … Papa … Papa is very grateful that you are fine … Papa is very happy !! ”


End of this chapter !!

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