I Became the Villain’s Wife

Chapter 5: A Broken Seal

an incantation. ”With her own sanguine fluid, the direct Hiraya woman shall wake the Apo Mumbaki from his deep slumber. In this with the prophecy that they shall be one forever. ”

As soon as he said those words, he slashed the dagger into Amaras palm. Using his fingers, he tried to widen the cut as if he were tearing a piece of paper.

Amara felt like her hand was cut in half. She screamed in so much pain that she almost felt like she was going to faint. Tears fell from her eyes as she watched Manong position her bloodied hand on the earthen jar.

Manong then noticed that Amaras blood was not dropping from her hand. He took the dagger and slashed her palm once more to widen the wound.

Amara was not prepared, and she howled in distress as she saw her blood enshrouding the golden strings that sealed the jar.

”Amara! What is happening? ”

Amara heard Lakams voice and a few more footsteps behind her, but she didn have the strength to speak anymore. She watched the golden strings snap one by one, until the last one broke and the cover of the jar flew open.

Lakam and the others are already late.

Lakandula, who was present, was terror-stricken while excessively shaking his head. ”No, no, no, no. This can not be! ”

”Brace yourselves. Whatever comes out of that jar, attack it at once. Attack it like your life depended on it. ” Even though Baganis voice sounded bothered, he still composed himself.

Amaras brothers stood on their guard, their bolo aimed at where Amara was.

Hari then asked, ”What is happening right now? ”

The twins, Datu and Damian, observed the jar as it rang a bell for them. They then looked at each other in horror. Datu said, ”Are you thinking what I am thinking, my twin? ”

”Yes, its in one of the elders stories, the evil of all evil. ”

Hari also understood them, and his eyes also widened in horror. This can be happening right now. With uncertainty in his voice, he asked, ”The harbinger of bad luck? ”

The other Katalonans at the back shivered as goosebumps crawled on their skin. One of them even exclaimed. ”The Patriarch of the Sitan Tribe? ”

”B-But isn he imprisoned on Mt. Madugo? ”

Lakam shouted at them. ”Focus and don let the fear eat you! We need to keep the Hiraya Tribe safe. ” He turned to one of the sorcerers, and he commanded, ”Gani, notify the elders, prepare for battle at once. The Apo Mumbaki has escaped! ”

The sorcerer immediately nodded. As soon as Gani left, a powerful gust of wind surrounded the area. It was so strong that it almost knocked the Katalonans off their feet.

Lakandula suddenly shouted at them, ”Focus in the front, the earthen jar has opened! ”

They all stared at where Amara was. They weren able to see anything because Amara and Manong were covered in a heavy rotating black mist that closely resembled a tornado. But on a closer look, the black mist was actually a kaleidoscope of black butterflies flying about in the air, surrounding something ominous yet extremely formidable. The butterflies dispersed and flew away, revealing a person dressed in all black.

Lakam stood on his guard, his hand holding his bolo started to shake uncontrollably. He can perceive the strength of the newcomer, but he knows that he, and even his father, Lakandula, were no match for this black-clothed person.

When the butteflies completely disappeared, no one moved. They just watched the person in front of them.

The person in question was a tall, young man. His body was not too muscular, unlike most men from the Hiraya Tribe. The young man was wearing a black robe that looked similar to the robes used by a Babaylan. The only difference was that this young mans robe color was the very symbol of bad luck, black, with designs of glowing red strings that criss-crossed on the robes edges. The robe was closed by a red sash, covering his entire body.

The young mans hair is extravagantly long, its length oddly longer than that of a typical womans hair length. A few strands lazily flowed down to his hips, but a few also fluttered, giving the young man an air of majesty and beauty.

This young mans face was even more questionable! His skin was pale white as a clean sheet of paper, with lips as red as a rose, a fine straight nose, and jaws that looked like they were finely sculpted.

From afar, everyone would assume that the young man standing before them was a woman. But the Katalonans knew better. He did look like a woman, but he stood imposingly like a prince. He has the appearance of a young man of noble descent. It is actually odd for a person of this beauty to be sealed inside an earthen jar.

Apo Bagani was quiet as he glared begrudgingly at the young man.

Lakandula stepped backwards, while Lakam and the others also followed.

For a few moments, the surroundings were quiet; even Amaras little whimpers were not heard.

Suddenly, the young mans face raised to look at them.

Lakam Hiraya dropped his own weapon, making a clanging sound. It was obvious that Lakam was horrified at the eyes that stared curiously at them.

Who wouldn be scared? The young mans irises closely resembled the color of blood, like a pair of rubies that glowed under the moonlight. There was clearly no mistaking it, from the young mans robe, body build, hair length, the way he stood, and his facial features that almost looked like a woman.

This young man is none other than Apo Mumbaki himself, Raha Sitan!

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