I Became the Villain’s Wife

Chapter 9: A Deal with a God

Hari was the next to try after seeing the twins fail to recover Amara. But he had to face Apo Mumbaki with his life on the line. Unlike the twins, who were better at wielding weapons than sorcery, Hari is a master of the latter.

He read from the books that Mumbakis are vulnerable to light sorcery, so he held his hand in front facing the Apo Mumbaki, and then he chanted a spell:

”Apolaki, hear my prayer!In this world full of darkness and danger,I beg you to destroy evil with your power! ”

Haris hand produced a vast golden magic circle, and from that magic circle sprang arrows of golden light that flew quickly to strike Raha Sitan.

The Apo Mumbaki, to Haris amazement, did not flinch; he only laughed amusingly at Haris mahika.

The glowing arrows failed to scratch him and can even get close since everything disintegrated in the air in a second.

”Not bad, ” Raha Sitan remarked softly, ”but your mahika isn very consistent. You need to meditate more and clear your mind. I also think you were too frightened when you attacked me; you need to relax next time. ”

Hari was caught aback by Apo Mumbakis comments. Even though Hari despised it, what the Raha Sitan said was correct. Hari was apprehensive, and he hadn meditated in over a month. But why is he speaking to Hari in this manner?

Then it was Lakams turn to attack with a bolo. ”Don even think about touching my sister! ”

But Raha Sitan only gave him a sidelong glance before saying, ”Stay down, ” and Lakams body fell to the ground with a loud thud. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to move his body.

Raha Sitans gaze then shifted to Bagani Hiraya. ”Don get in my way, Bagani, or well have another war of light and darkness, ” he warned.

Baganis teeth were clenched. The Apo Mumbakis threat was serious, and everyone knew he wasn joking.

When Raha Sitan turned to look at Amara, his solemn expression softened.

Amara, on the other hand, was so out of her mind that she forced herself to stand up, but she still couldn move, and it wasn until now that she realized how much pain her chest was in.

Amara clenched her fists against her chest, smearing her cream-colored blouse with her own blood. She gasped for air and screamed in an attempt to relieve the stabbing pain she was experiencing. However, when she found herself in the arms of Raha Sitan, she almost stopped breathing.

With Raha Sitan so close, she couldn help but notice how his delicate scent lingered in her nose. His scent was fresh and floral, with a hint of sweetness. It is without a doubt the smell of sampaguita, which bloomed magnificently during the spring season.

It had nothing to do with the odor Amara had anticipated. It was gentle and treacly to Amaras nose, making her want to inhale more of it. But she came to a halt when she remembered that the person who smelled so good was the novels antagonist.

Raha Sitan held Amara carefully and gazed at her with ambiguous, gentle eyes. His other hand then rested on Amaras chin.

Amara couldn put her finger on what she was experiencing right now. She realized that the longer she stared at him, the more her heart ached, as if it was being squeezed too tightly. She couldn take the pain any longer and sobbed and screamed in front of him.

Raha Sitan raised an eyebrow. ”I must have been the source of your pain, my wife. ”

Amara has no idea what hes talking about, but she admires the way he blames himself so openly.

As the pain became more intense, she had to hold her breath once more. Her tears streamed down her cheeks, and she wished to speak, but she couldn .

”My wife, I can relieve the pain you
e in right now, and I won ask your permission because you require immediate treatment. ”

Raha Sitan leaned in and kissed Amaras lips before Amara could even ask what he was talking about.

Her eyes were wide and she struggled to get away from him, but Raha Sitan wrapped one of his arms around her waist and drew her closer to him.

”Mmph! ”

Wait a damn minute, I am not mentally prepared for this!

Raha Sitans lips were soft and pillowy against hers, almost silken in texture. He moved in such sweeping motions, as if coaxing and persuading her to follow him.

He gently pressed his tongue against her lips, causing Amara to open her mouth.

”No…s-stop–hmph! ”

Amara had already made a huge mistake, and it was too late for her to realize it. She felt his tongue slip inside her, and the sensation made her weak in the knees.

”R-Raha! ”

She has no way of stopping him, and he won even let her speak.

Amara felt as if she was drowning in ecstasy as a result of what Raha Sitan was doing to her. He wasn even violent in his movements. Instead, he was gentle, pleading, and cautious, as if he was extremely worried about her wellbeing.

Amara couldn take it any longer. She cupped Raha Sitans face in her hands and gave herself over to him. Raha Sitan smiled, unconcerned about Amaras blood smearing his pale skin. They appear to be in their own world because they are unconcerned about the fact that they are being watched.

The pain in her heart gradually faded away. Her heart, however, pounded so loudly that it almost leapt out of her chest.

Raha Sitan eventually came to a halt, and they both looked at each other as they chased their breaths.

Amara couldn stop herself from asking Raha Sitan, ”Why do I feel this way about you? ” after she had gotten her breathing under control.

He is the one who will kill her in this story, so she should be afraid of him. But why does she feel the need to be with him? Why does she believe Raha Sitan would never harm or kill her?

She had a strong desire to kiss him again, but she was jolted out of her reverie when she felt something wrap around her waist and pull her away from Raha Sitan.

Amara yelped as her buttocks landed on the ground, and strong hands gripped her shoulders tightly. Thats when she realized Lakam was the one who had dragged her away.

He cupped Amaras face and called her name, knocking her out of her trance. ”Return to your senses, ading ko! ”

Amara blinked a few times before turning to look around. She noticed that the twins had already drawn their swords and were aiming them at Raha Sitan. Lakandula and Lakam drew her to her feet and quickly hid her behind them.

When Amara realized what she had done to Raha Sitan was wrong, she exclaimed and turned pale. ”W-What have I done? ”

Kissing the novels antagonist replayed in her mind like a never-ending loop. Those sinful lips and tongue, as well as those unusually gentle eyes.

Argh! I just want the ground to break up and eat me whole right now!

”That jerk! ” exclaimed Lakam. ”How dare he assault my dear sister? ”

”Raha Sitan, you really have no shame! ” Bagani rebuked. ”Youve already ruined my familys reputation in the past, and now you
e out to harass my only granddaughter? Do you really want to die that badly? ”

”Good thing I became an immortal and was sealed at a young age, or else I would be as cantankerous as you, Bagani Hiraya. ” Raha Sitan spoke in the manner of an arrogant teenager disrespecting an elder. ”And I told you three hundred years ago that I would make Amara bear my children; what a powerful couple we would be, don you think? A Katalonan and a Mumbaki; it excites me to see the reaction of the entire Kapatiran. ”

Amara was stricken with shivers all over her body. Despite the fact that she is now of marriageable age, she cannot bear the thought of becoming pregnant with Raha Sitans child.

And he even said children!

Her stomach churned, and she felt compelled to vomit the food she had eaten for breakfast.

”Ha! You must be having false hopes, our sister is not a Katalonan! ”

Raha Sitan paused for a moment before turning to face Amara. ”My dear wife, answer me; are you not a Katalonan? ” he inquired.

Amara shook her head, as if hypnotized by his command. ”It was forbidden for me to study and use mahika, ” she said honestly.

She bit her lower lip, realizing she had remained motionless when he addressed her as his wife. She wanted to express her displeasure. But she was too afraid to say anything back to him. She couldn afford to make another mistake.

Raha Sitan was taken aback and stared at her in disbelief. ”Forbidden! ” he exclaimed, ”Why would you be forbidden from doing so? ”

Amara regarded him with a scowl and squinted eyes. ”Why else would I be forbidden? Its all because of you! ” she wished to exclaim.

But she stopped herself and just glared at him, not answering his question. She hasn moved on from the fact that they kissed, and she still feels strange about it. Its best if she doesn respond to his inquiries.

”Its obviously because you said to Apo Bagani that a direct Hiraya woman will one day bear your child, ” Manong explained, ”and after you were sealed, he amended a rule that forbids every direct Hiraya woman from becoming a Katalonan, let alone a Babylan, and that she should be married off at the age of eighteen to avoid your curse. ”

”Bagani Hiraya, how despicable of you to forbid your granddaughter from studying mahika. Have you completely lost your mind? ” Raha Sitan exclaimed, turning to glare at Bagani as he spoke.

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