arcoal. Kean sighs again and collects his things starting with his belt and revolver. He then opens the tin of dried meat and takes out a few pieces as he walks out into the winter wonderland around him.

He walks for several hours around the mountain side looking for the tacks of any magic beasts that are supposed to live out in this region. In his journey he has only uncovered a few more wolves and snow foxes which are useless to him since he already had the abilities of the wolf. He was hoping to find a yeti or a lesser snow wraith so he could return home. As he sneaks around a pack of wolves in the distance he finally spots one of his targets, a lesser snow wraith sitting on an exposed stone in the snow while wailing excessively. Animals were smart enough to stay away from it so Kean didn have to worry about the wolves.

The lesser snow wraith is a magical malicious spirit that takes on the elemental properties of ice. They vary in appearance but generally take the shape of a crying woman made from bloody snow and ice. They are considered to be extremely dangerous as they are capable of manifesting and shooting ice like projectiles from their body. If hit it will make the body freeze solid if not removed quickly or if the wraith is not killed. Kean was confident in his ability to take out the creature as his resistance to cold meant the spikes were no more dangerous than an arrow.

What Kean is more worried about is the wraiths speed. The creature could glide across frozen surfaces unnaturally quickly. Despite their weight they could walk on the surface of even powdery snow without disturbing it as if it were solid ground. So Kean knew having a means to counter the creatures speed is of paramount importance. He didn want the creature to get behind him if he needed to run or for it to escape if it felt too threatened.

Kean takes off his travel pack slowly then stealthily shimmies to a neighboring tree. He takes a small wood carving knife out of his boot and begins inscribing a magic circle into the tree. This magic diagram is much more complex than the one he used to set up his camp the night prior. He looks over his work while glancing at the snow wraith every few seconds to make sure it did not see him. Once he is finished he moves to a new tree a few meters away from the first and starts carving the same diagram. He repeats this process on three more trees until he feels satisfied with his traps.

He surges the magic energy in his body calling forth the power of the wolf. He feels his body get lighter and his senses heighten. His ears elongate until two wolf ears stick out of his long loose curly platinum hair. He uses his new agility to quickly and silently return to the first tree carved his trap into.

He takes out his gun and pulls out a small container from a pouch on his leg. Inside were six small stamps each labeled with different elemental magic and a complex but small magic diagram. The stamps are labeled fire, water, wind, rock, toxin and healing respectively. The stamps are temporary magic enchantments that will allow him to siphon magic into them for the desired effects. He takes out the one labeled fire and stamps the barrel of the revolver then on the handle of his machete before putting the stamp back in the container and placing it back in the pouch on his thigh.

He aims his revolver at the unassuming creature as it screams into the forest. He pushes his magic into the gun which reacts with the stamp causing the black metal to glow with a faint red light. The gun fires which hits the back of the creature causing it yelp out in pain as it turns around. The wraiths eyes dart the landscape, searching for its assailant. Kean fires again which gives away his position but hits the monster in one of its eyes. It quickly regenerates the damage as it absorbs the cold around it.

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