drawn into the gun including the remaining magic in the machete. Fire flows around Kean like glowing ribbons rushing into a single chamber in his gun as he loads a single round.

The wraith finally stands up and shows itself with an angry screech. Kean has to jump out of the way of an ice javelin which manages to slice through his pants as it zoomed past but otherwise caused no damage. As he lands he takes a low tactical marksman position with one knee digging into the ground and his other leg steadying his body. His eyes are locked directly on target. He pulls the trigger and the force from the shot rattles the forest. The wraith is blown in half, killing it instantly and sending the pieces all over the forest.

Kean lets out a long breath of relief as he slowly lowers his gun. This was his first time fighting a snow wraith alone and he admonished himself for such a poor performance. Still all he needs is to find a single piece of the creature to steal an attribute from it and he could finally return home. Suddenly he feels a tremor shake the mountain. Keans eyes open wide as he sees snow and ice tumbling from the peak of the mountain down towards him.

”Avalanche! ” Kean yells.

He starts running down the mountain face searching for some shelter he could use to protect himself from the approaching rush of mother nature. He is unable to find anything that could protect him as trees and rock are ripped up and toppled by the weight of the wave of snow and ice. By sheer luck Kean is pushed into a cavern instead of being buried alive. The fall knocks him out cold.

Kean wakes up a few hours later with a few bruises and a headache. He takes stock seeing that he lost his travelers pack at some point in the avalanche. Leaving him with just his machete, pistol and the clothes on his back. He was in a cavern at least fifteen meters deep with no clear way to climb out. The cavern extends into a deep cave network.

”Thank the Batri I am still alive! ” Kean says as he laughs in disbelief. ”Now, how do I get out of here? ”

”Come… ” a weak voice echoes from the cave.

Keans head snaps around looking at the dark caves in the distance. He stares into the darkness half expecting something to hop out and attack him. After staring intensely at the opening for a minute with no changes he turns back to the cavern walls looking for a way to climb out.

”I must just be hearing things. ” Kean says to himself.

”Come… child… ” the voice once again echoes this time much stronger but still weak.

Kean turns back to the caves and sees a faint light shining from one of the cave entrances. As soon as he sees the light he feels warmth radiate out. Before he could register what was going on his legs started to move him in the direction of the cave. He takes out his pistol and cautiously looks inside. The light he was seeing along with the warm seems to retract further into the cave as he approaches.

”Okay this obviously a trap of some kind. ” Kean says to himself. ”Lets see what this could be? I am hearing voices, feeling heat magic and possibly seeing hallucinations. Could be a weather witch or wraith mother. Either would give me telekinetic magic and possibly illusionary or light weather control. I have six shots and my machete… should be more than enough. Okay, looks like I am going in. ”

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