Kean follows the light further into the cave; it always seems to be just far enough away to keep him from seeing the source. The warmth continued to get more intense until it felt more like a hot summer day than the dead of winter. After following the light for what felt like hours, Kean finally came to what looks like a wall of bright light.

He can not see what is on the other side of the light but it looks like the light itself is an absence of reality. He walks up to the wall of light and reaches out his hand cautiously. He touches the light which should be impossible but he could feel what could only be described as a pool of semisolid light. He retracts his hand back and sees ripples in the light extend out to the edges of the cave like water in a pond.

”Come… ” the voice calls again.

This time the voice sounds like it is on the other side of the wall of light. Kean could hear what sounds like weak breaths echo after the voice. He readies himself to fight whatever is on the other side. Hopefully it is strong enough to allow him to make the trip back home after he steals its power. Kean tightens his grip on his gun and machete as he steps forward. He walks into the blinding wall of light and feels it give way as it passes around him.

He opens his eyes and is surprised the inside is a vast open field of flowers impossibly large to be underground but with no mountain or walls for as far as the eye can see. Above is a clear cloudless sky with a sun beaming down overhead. David turns and the entrance he used to get in is no longer there. He reaches out his hand to where the path should be and feels nothing.

”I might have messed up here… a weather witch or wraith mother can not do this… ” Kean took in a dry gulp as he realized his is far over his head. ”Well nothing to do now but… ”

”Come… ” The voice called out again.

”Yeah that. ” Kean says as he walks deeper into the field.

The place Kean found himself in did not seem to end. As far as he could tell there the valley went on in every direction forever. Kean just followed the voice for hours until he could make out a structure in the distance as little more than a speck amongst the field of flowers. It looked like it was over twenty miles away. After a few more hours of walking the building barely looked like it got any closer that is when Kean realizes it is much further away then he originally thought.

”Rest… ” the voice says.

Kean didn have to be told since he was extremely tired by this point. However, as soon as the voice said to rest, Kean suddenly collapsed to the ground fast asleep.

”Wake… ” the voice cuts into Keans dream.

Kean wakes up in the field rested but confused. He didn remember falling asleep. He rips up some of the flowers until he cleared out a small patch of dirt. He drew out three interlocking magic circles and held out his hand over the drawing pouring his magic into it. Suddenly the flowers around the circle started wilting slowly extending outward from the circles until every flower within three meters withered away. Water collects in an orb floating above the circle which Kean drinks from.

”Come… ” the voice calls out.

”Yeah-yeah… ” Kean sighs.

Kean continues forward, marching towards the building in the distance all day before being told to rest once again and passing out in the field. This continued over and over for six days. The building is slowly growing in size day by day however Kean is starving by this point only subsisting on water he extracts from the flowers. Kean realizes that however long he has been in this place he has never seen the sun move it is always directly over him. At first he thought it was some form of illusion however there is no creature that can create entire falsified planes like this and he was trained to prevent lesser creatures from being able to use illusions on him.

He pressed on as six days turned into seven then eight, nine and finally on the tenth day what he thought was a single building he realized was a palace larger in size than the mountain he was on before he came to this place. The massive door stood over one hundred meters tall and wide open. Inside he saw the same blinding light that blocked off the cave when he first arrived.

Kean let out a tired breath as he looked at the wall of light. There was nothing left to do but push forward. He steps into the light, feeling it pass over him. As his senses readjust on the other side. He opens his eyes and sees an impossibly large all white room. In the center he sees the being that had called out to him for the past ten days. He turns to run as the massive dragon sits up and looks at him; however he runs into a wall not allowing him to get any further away.

”Welcome… I am System. ” The dragon says weakly.

System is an impossibly massive dragon, her head alone over three hundred meters tall even while she is laying down. Her body looks more like a mountain stretching out endlessly into the distance than a living creature. Her scales are black and each looked to contain trillions of tiny universes swirling with countless stars. Even laying down she towered over Kean who stood pressed against the wall with the strange room gun in hand but knowing it wouldn even scratch the massive lizard.

”I am glad you survived… ” System says, her voice is weak and labored as she looks Kean. ”Fear not, I will not hurt you… ”

”What are you? ” Kean asks keeping his gun trained on her mainly as a comfort to himself. ”Dragons have not been known to talk… and they
e kind of extinct. ”

”I am not a dragon… well not entirely… I am the Administrator… ” System says coughing as she lies her head back on the ground. ”By random fortune you have found me… may I have your name? ”

”My name is Kean Strome. You aren a Dragon? Where am I? ”

”It is nice to meet you master Kean Strome… We are in the Reality Crucible… my home… I invited you… ” System says. ”I am The Administrator after all. ”

”Why did you invite me? ” Kean asks.

”I am dying… I do not have long… you are a practitioner of forbidden magics… you can kill me… take my power… become the administrator… ” System says.

”What, you want me to kill you? ” Kean asks as he lowers his gun. ”I don think that is even possible. Why not just die on your own? ”

”When an administrator dies, so do their creations… ” System says.

”That doesn sound bad for us honestly. I can imagine anything a dragon made being good. ” Kean says.

System laughs then starts coughing up blood from her mouth which moves like an ocean and drenches the space beneath her in a sea of red. The blood begins to dissipate in beautiful scarlet sparkles of light until all of it vanishes leaving the room once again clean.

”My creations… are grand… and I love them as I love you… ” System says. ”At the very least you can end my suffering… take my power and do with it as you will… I only ask that you protect my creation… I will warn you… my power comes with responsibility mortals are not ready for. ”

System starts wheezing as her breathing becomes staggered. Kean walks from the wall he pressed himself against and towards System. Her eyes follow him as he walks around her massive form. He holsters his gun as he reaches her wings which are limply sprawled across the floor for miles. A single scale from her body is larger than a house.

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